A Poem by HarmlessLove

The feeling of cool silk
Tapestries hanging
In a long forgotten
Crumbling church
The sound of wind
Rushing through
The halls, quick and quiet
Taking the last
Specs of light
In its gnarled hands


Suffocating, smothering
Oppressing, leaves you gasping
Crushing, leaves you broken
Now unfixable, one part missing
An incomplete puzzle
An unsolvable riddle
The answer whispered
In your ear
Only to have the inevitable
Wind snatch it away


As eyes try to find
Something to focus upon
Anything, something
Other than the terrible black
They fancy the idea
Of light at the corner
And as they turn to look
The light disappears
It was only wishful thinking


Is the reason for the study of stars
Radiant pupils of energy
Daring to retaliate
Cremate, then dissipate
Fighting against
The frightening absence
Though they collapse
Eventually as well
Exploding as supernovas
Turning into


Terrible black holes
Fear bubbles up
Causing alarm
Silencing your cries for help
Taking away
Your instinct to fight
Leaving you paralyzed
An empty shell
To fill with grandeurs of light
Only to be disappointed


Luring you inside
The secure walls
A cozy blanket
Blocking the outside world
Those walls are closing in
Lined with barbed wire
By letting your guard down
You’ve let their’s go up
The blanket leaves you chained ~ trapped


Trapped inside
You try to escape
Rub your skin raw
Against the chain
Though it leaves you insane
And incoherent, confused
Sudden noises in the
Silence, make the heart speed up
Or stutter or hiccup
Slowing to a stop


Heart beats
Thrumming in your head
Ravaging your senses
All you see is darkness
Pushing, pulling
Tearing at your consciencneas
Feel your pulse race
Your veins pop out
As you realize that this beat
Is not as your mothers
Calming heart beat was


This distress
As you realize
This is your heart
Trying to outrace the darkness
Your sanity and irrational fears
Fester inside
Weaving around in a never ending spiral
Creating monsters that aren’t there
Hallucinations in your imagination
Hands around your throat
Making it hard to breath


The fog
That clouds your sanity
Still choking your thoughts
But you realize
That the darkness isn’t real
Your eyes are closed
Your eyelids like mirrors
Reflecting your own darkness
As they open you can see
The light all around you

But you were

Too focused
On beating the dark
To just stand up
And let it go
Too focused
To see those who try to help
Too focused
Too determined, disciplined
Into not observing
Not seeing the pain

You inflicted on yourself

Trying to escape your chains
Rubbing your skin raw
I stood watching
Unable to assist


You’re you own worst enemy.

© 2012 HarmlessLove

Author's Note

I wrote this one night when the power went out actually. Sorry for it being so long, I just kept writing and writing. Might be doing this for a poetry reading.

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I like the imagery in this one!
For the last one it should be "You're your own worst enemy" not you own worst enemy.
Again wonderful poem! Great job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 2, 2012
Last Updated on June 2, 2012
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