You must Obey

You must Obey

A Story by Storm of Shadows

Brook, a siberian husky, has had a very brutal past. Whne she leaves the terror fighting pack called "Chasing Cars." She leaves her sister and mother there, and she has to find them.


Chapter one-

Clouds crossed the sky in the mid-summer day. I yawned and stretched. I heard howls in the distance. My mind filled with horrifying memories of Chasing Cars, and I shivered. My sister and my mother were there, still suffering. As soon as thought of them, I couldn`t stop. I thought of how Bloodsoul was going to kill us, but then I escaped and everything changed. I had to go back.

“Hey! Brook, what are you doing this early?” Spots, a local friend hopped over his fence and walked toward me.

I just whispered in his ear, “I`m leaving home.” 

“Why? Your life is perfect! You have food, owners, and even a collar!”He yipped.

I itched where my collar was stretching, and then bit it, and it snapped and fell off.

“Why`d you do that?” Spots said, following me.

“I`ve already told you, I`m going home. I can`t have that annoying itchy thing on me.”

“C-can I come?” He asked quietly. I stopped and looked at him. He was only one year younger than me; he had blue eyes and short light brown husky hair. He was strong and smart too.

“If you can keep up with me!” I said, suddenly charging to the last fence, and running to the field. I soon stopped, out of breath, and looked back. Spots was right behind me. 

“I can keep up, I used to be in a rescue team, and man and you have to be fast.” Spots panted.

“Good. Now let’s find something to eat.” I said, looking around quickly, a squirrel was eating a nut at the side of a small tree. I decided I should try. I barked loudly at it, and it shot up the tree, which was only three feet tall. I quickly bit it, and I heard a soft crack, and the squirrel was dead.


“That was really good!” Spots yipped.

“I know, I haven`t had squirrel in an awhile.” I muttered. Something caught my eye. I whipped around and chased it, It wasn`t very fast. I pounced and pinned it down.

“Please don`t hurt me!”

I realized it was a dog. She was pure white, with a pink collar. She seemed much pampered.

“What is a dog like you doing out here?” I wondered. Spots came up from beside me.

“I escaped from a hotel. My name is Kink.” She growled. “Where are you heading?” she said escaping from my grasp.

“Umm, I`m not sure, but last time I saw Chasing cars, they were heading to the Riverside Valley.” I said, sitting down.

“My pups are at Riverside valley with there father! Can I come with you?” She pleaded.

“Join the club.” Spots murmured.

“That`s Spots, and I`m Brook. Can you help us find more food?”

“Oh! Defiantly, I know where some rabbits are. I`ll be right back!” Kink yelled.

Kink came back with three rabbits. I was extremely impressed.

I sniffed it, and it reeked of poison. Kink was about to devour her rabbit.

“Don`t eat that! It`s poisoned.” I yelled. I heard a choking cry behind me. I whipped around, and Spots was gagging and spitting. I looked at his rabbit, and there was a huge bite in it`s back. Spots threw up, desperately trying to get the poison out of him.

“Get a drink! Then spit it out! Please! Please!” I cried. I dragged him to the rushing stream and lapped some water on him.

“I-I Hope you make it to Chasing Cars… I can`t make it. Goodbye, you`ve been a good friend.” Spots whispered.

“No! I- l-love you! You can`t leave me…”

“I won`t leave you. I`ll always be with you.”

“No…” I cried. I don`t know how long, but I cried long enough that the sun went down. Not a word from Kink.

“Where did you catch those rabbits?” I asked after hours of crying.

“I caught them near a black river… I thought it was mud. I`m so sorry... It`s all my fault!”

Suddenly, Spots threw up again. His breathing returned, and he opened his eyes and got back up.

“Spots!! Oh Spots! You`re back, you`re back...” I rushed over and licked him on the nose.

“I told you I`d be with you, no matter what.” He whispered. Our eyes met in one, and from that moment I knew he would never leave my side.

“We`ll have to eat nothing here, since we can`t tell if its poison or not. So we`ll have to dig through garbage in the next town.” Spots said bravely.

“Garbage!?” Kink complained.

“It`s pretty good. This one time, behind a restaurant, I found a whole steak! Except for the chunk of fat at the end, that was pretty gross.” I said licking my chops. I was still hungry, but we had to move on to find food. I nudged Spots to follow me, and he summoned Kink.

We traveled for hours, and no sign of garbage. We made a den inside a huge thick tree with a deep hole in the center of it after it starting raining, then hailing.

BANG! When Spots heard it, he took off out of the tree and where it came from. He came back several moments later with a duck in his mouth.

“Where did you get that?” I asked hopping out of the tree, with Kink following me.

“It`s hunting season, so that means they shoot the animals, and you steal them!” he replied happily.

“Awesome! At least we don`t have to dig through garbage.” Kink said happily.

“Oh yeah, and we have to find the bullet or you can choke on it.” Spots said flipping the duck over with his paw.  A deep, loud, viscous growl came from behind us.

I turned around, and a huge Rottweiler was growling at us, his drool landing on my nose.

“Listen ya` two ton flea bag! You were late on this duck and now it`s ours.” I snarled. I looked at his collar, and it said ‘Skippy.’

He deliberately ignored me and headed straight for Spots. I growled and gave him a warning. He still ignored me. I gave him a second warning, and this time he was playing tug-of-war with the duck.

I pounced and sunk my teeth into his shoulder. He growled and shook me off, but I was like an angry bee. Finally Kink joined in, biting him at they throat and paws.

“Ouch! Get of me, mutts!” He growled, reaching his head back and grabbing me by the neck and shoving me off, but that gave Kink an Advantech that could kill him. But right when she was about to pounce, Skippy’s owner came with a gun.

Spots dropped the duck and ran. Kink followed him. I quickly grabbed the duck and followed her. I wouldn`t give up my dinner to so some flea-bag without a fight. I ran fast, and soon I was up with Spots. I looked behind me, and the Rottweiler and his owner had gone elsewhere.

“There gone.” I yelled, dropping the duck and looked at the blood stain. I ripped the bullet out with my teeth and sank my teeth into the ducks` flesh. When I was done, Kink and Spots ate.

Something seemed familiar.

I sniffed the air, and I was sure there was something familiar about where I was. I looked around, and their, in the soft grass, was the shark tooth Bloodsoul had given to me, when I liked him. I sniffed it, and I had his scent.

“I have Bloodsouls` scent!” I yelled.

“Who’s Bloodsoul?”Kink asked with a mouthful of food.

“Bloodsoul is the leader of Chasing Cars, and Chasing Cars is a bunch of desperate and wild dogs like us looking for food. If I have his scent, then I’ll find him!”  I growled.

“Yes! Which way does it lead?” Spots said excitedly, licking the blood off his lips.

I sniffed the shark tooth again, to make sure I had it and it led to the cave me and him and slept in that night. It all came back to me.

We wake up one stuffy morning and hear a gunshot. Bloodsoul goes out and checks it. My mother is crying when she comes back from camp. She tells me my brother just died, so I follow her into camp. It`s true, he has a gunshot in his head.

I start to cry, in memory of my loving brother. Spots rushes inside the cave and asks, “What`s the matter? Are you ok?”

“Ye- no…” I cried, remembering everything about him.

“My brother died right there.”I whined.

“Oh.” Spots said quietly.

Kink ran over said cheerfully, “Who was you brother?”

“He was the most heroic, brave, smart, Fighter out there! His name was Cobra.”

Kink looked at me and screamed, “That`s my mate!!”

“What?! Did he have a dark brown coat and light green eyes?”

“Yup! And he has my pups so, do you mind if we get going?”

“What? That`s impossible! He-he died!”

“No he didn`t! I found him staggering in the woods and blood mark on his paw. He`d told me he got shot in the paw. He said another dog named Jack had been shot in the head, not him.”

“What? My mother lied… Or Bloodsoul did. The sooner I get to him, the angrier I get. Well then, come on! Let`s go!” I yelled happily, racing down a hill and following the scent. I soon recognized everything, from the dirt to the trees.

 “We`ll be there in no time!”

Kink and Spots were walking slowly behind me when I heard it. “Grrrrrr…”

I whipped my head to the side and gasped. It was Bloodsoul.

He hadn`t changed a bit. He still had his puffy German Sheppard hair, and the same blood red demon eyes.

“Long time no see.” He snarled, raising his haunches. Spots jumped ahead to protect me.

“Oh, you brought me dinner, huh?” Bloodsoul growled, looking at Spots and Kink.

“Where’s my mother?” I snarled, ready to rip his pelt off at any moment.

“Oh, you mean little Storm and Snow? There should be at the Cage Match tonight with Jaws. Fun, eh?”

“No!” I screamed, with horrible memories of my pups being put in the same one.

“You`ll regret this!” Spots snarled, pouncing and fighting with Bloodsoul with teeth and claws. Kink didn`t hesitate. I soon joined in.

“Get of me!” Bloodsoul ran off, but then, about to seconds later, he howled.  Next thing we know, were surrounded.

“Great…” Kink muttered.

“Get them!” Bloodsoul growled. Soon we were being dragged to a lone dog kennel, just as we were being thrown in; I heard something whimpering in the left stall.

 I looked under the small hole at the bottom of the wall, and two small puppies, which looked like Cobra and Kink, were whimpering and howling. Kink pushed me over and screamed, “You`re alive!”

“Sissy and fang, are you there?” Kink asked softly. I heard a soft bark.

 “Cobra? Are you there?” Kink asked.

“I’m in this one!” he yelled in the right stall.

“Cobra! It`s you!” I yelped. Soon Kink couldn`t stand it anymore. She barked like a mad dog, and tried to hop over the wall. I rolled my eyes, digging at the small hole. Soon the hole was big enough for me to fit through. I squeezed through and ran to my brother. Kink dug a hole on where her pups were and soon Sissy and Fang rushed to the safety of their mother.

“I can`t believe it… Cobra! I missed you so much…” I whimpered. I came close to him, and I looked in his eyes. His eyes were straight ahead, not blinking.  I looked at where he was looking, and I saw the huge white walls of the cage match towering above us.

I suddenly remembered Snow and Storm.



















Chapter two-

 Oh no, it`s almost sun-down, and the cage match is tonight!” I screamed. Cobra stared at me, still frozen.

“Well, we dug a hole to get to each other; maybe we can dig out of the kennel.” Kink suggested.

“Nope, I`ve already tried it, theirs` a metal wall.” Cobra put in.

“Well, we can just howl `till a guard comes, then we can kill him.” Spots said, playing with Sissy.

Cobra growled and pushed Sissy over to him, obviously he didn`t like Spots.

“You idiot, that would attract even more dogs!” Cobra growled.

“Hey, look! Look! Look!” Kink screamed at us.

I whipped around, and almost fainted. Bone, the huge white dog that helped me escape last time, was standing there, holding the gate open just for us.

“Bone, Thank you so much, Wait, whoa.” I suddenly felt small, so small. He had whip marks, claws marks, blood stains everywhere.

“What happened to you?”  I asked, moving closer.

“Don`t ask. Just go, hurry!” he snarled. Everyone rushed out and gasped.

It was a fire, smoke and the huge orange flames lapping at the trees.   

Everyone ran in panic.

“No! Stay together! Meet me a-an” I bumped into Bloodsoul; he growled and dragged me to a den.

“What are you doing here?” I coughed.             

“Saving you! Now wait here!” he growled, and dashed out into the smoke. I heard thousands of whimpers and howls. I got an idea.

I howled as loud as I could, over and over again. 

I heard someone cough, and then a loud ‘thump.’

I couldn`t stand it anymore. I ran out to the smoke, and saw Bone, lying on his side, motionless.

“No… no...” I whispered, dragging his heavy body to the den. When he was there, I ran out again. I heard whimpers in the kennel; I ran to them, ripped off the wood lock and sent dogs running away, far away. When I got the end, my eyes were burning, my teeth were aching, and I got a headache. I fainted, seeing the smoke grow huge over my head, far to the sky.


My eyes blurred when I woke up. Black ash was all over the ground, and nothing remained but the hard walls of the cage match and the kennel. I looked above the ashes, and saw the den I had been into, and dragged my legs to the den, to see empty dirt ground.

“Bone, are you here?” I asked out loud.

“Yes?” he said behind me.

“Bone, you’re alive! You`re- Hurt!!” I yelled, rushing over and licking his bleeding leg.

“Don`t worry about me I`m fine, honestly!” Bone yelled.

“Have you seen the others?” I asked worriedly.

“No, but I think… Your brother, left.” He said looking at his paws.

“What? What do you mean? Where is he going?” I asked, fear rising in my throat.

“He`s gone.” He said, walking to a small toadstool.

“I don`t understand.”

“He was killed in the fire.” Bone sighed, and my eyes blurred with tears.

“Are you sure? Maybe he`s alive…” I cried.

“No, I’m sorry. He was burned…”

“I don`t want to hear it. He`s gone, now I know.” I growled, rudely walking away. 

“Hey, where do you think you`re going?”

“I`m going to look for Snow and Storm.” I growled, running away.  A black and fastly moving mutt run into me, and then snarled and it ran.

 It was a Wolf.

“Stay out of my way!” I snarled.

“You’re on my territory.” He growled. Bone caught up with me.

“You don`t have to follow me everywhere.” I snarled at him.

“Sorry to interrupt you two, but leave, now!!” He said, snarling and pouncing at me. I grabbed his paw, and rolled over. While I was on the ground, he bit my neck and I was airborne. My head hit a rock.

Bone snarled and grabbed his tail, pulling him back. He twisted around and scratched Bone in the eye. Bone growled and pushed me up.

“I can get up on my own, thank you very much. Now let’s go, before grandpa over their gives us a real bruise.” I whispered quickly.

“Fine.” He growled, in obvious defeat.

“We are sorry we stepped on your land.” I said, bowed, and turned to leave. Bone followed at a quick pace.

“Where do you think you`re going?” He growled from behind me.

“Excuse me?” I protested, turning around.

“Is your name Brook?” he asked urgently.

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“My name is Thunder. My tribe has longed for you, please, follow me.” He said in a hushed voice.

“Can Bone come too?”

“If he wants too, but I’m sure Skye won`t like it.”

Thunder slowly ran as we followed him to a huge rock, with carvings at the top.

“What do they mean?” I asked quietly.

“Brook will save us when time is harsh. She brings light and joy for moons to come.” He read, his eyes concentrated on the strange symbols.

“That`s so weird. Do you think I`m the Brook their talking about?” I asked.

“I hope so. Now, follow me up this hill, and then don`t speak unless your told to.” He growled. 

I silently followed him up the hill, Bone following me and mumbling under his breath. I saw thousands of wolves, all howling and growling and snarling. On a huge rock on the center on the valley, were one large and rather handsome male wolf and a smaller female wolf were arguing and growling at each-other. I wanted to ask Thunder who they were, but he told me not to speak.

Bone ignored his threat not to speak. “Who are they?”


“I told you, we need more territory!” the larger black wolf screamed. The black wolf was a girl.

“Her names` Shadow, she`s the leader of the Black-night tribe. Serious hunters and fighters, that’s for sure. And that`s Skye, my leader. My tribe is called Endless dreams. We`ll protect queens and pups with teeth and claws, but only if necessary.” Thunder said calmly.

“Amazing…” Bone said his eyes focused on the leaders` arguments, mostly Shadows`.

“Look, we just had a queen give birth to more pups, right after Emerald did. It`s really hard for us right now, so when we get settled, we`ll talk about it.” Skye said quickly.

A huge grin spread across Shadows` face. “Like always, soft and unarming.” Then she howled, and ran off. And about half of the wolves left, and Skye just ran off the rock to us an angry look on his face.

“Who are they?” he snarled.

“Brook and Bone.”                       

The angry expression faded and he ran off to his pack.

“Pack, Brook has come!” He yelled, welcoming me like I was his daughter.

“Ok, now follow him. I`ll show Bone the way to go.” Thunder said, walking of to Bone without another word.

I ran up to Skye, thanked him, took a deep breath, and began to talk.

“I’ve never heard of these tribes, but if I’m really who the prophecy says, I will try my best.”

First there was silence. Then, a brown wolf howled, “Let her train!”

More joined in.

“Let her be a hunter!”

“Let her be a protector!”

“Let her train!”

“Calm down, everybody, She`s going to train anyway.” Skye added calmly.

I paused and looked back at where Bone was standing. He was gone, so I looked back at the wolf crowd.

“Where am I going to sleep?” I said quietly to Skye. Thunder ran up to the ledge and silently added, “Umm, your going to sleep in Skye`s den, since your so important, and he`ll sleep outside.” Thunder said, “Follow me.”

He led me to a dark tunnel, that was about as big as a fence, but really small. He climbed through it and I followed. The light was dim, but I let my eyes adjust to the light before I believed what I saw.  I blinked a few times and gasped. It was like an underground lair! The walls were hard like stone, and between the walls was thick, sticky, hard goo that I thought held the walls together.

     Thunder walked inside a gap in the wall which looked like a den. I was going to follow him, but he snarled at me.

“Go sleep in your own den! It’s right across from mine.”

I backed away and my back paw hit some water. I turned around, and a small puddle was their, at the bottom of the cave. I looked up and there was a bigger den, so I assumed it was Skye`s. I hoped over the small stone that guarded the entrance and, not caring if it was hard stone water or moss, I settled down to sleep.


     I blinked open my eyes and stared down at the water lapping at my chest. I got up and shook myself. I looked at the water, confused.  I wondered if I was dreaming. I looked at my moss bed, now soaked with water, and headed outside to investigate. Every wolf that I saw yesterday was gathered around the small water hole in the center of the cave. I butted my way through and gasped. The hole was breached to a side, and it smelled horrible.  I held my breath so I wouldn`t puke.

     I suddenly remembered what my owners complained and complained about before I ran away.

“Ewww, umm… This is a sewer, the place where humans go to make dirt.” When I said that, every single wolf in the entire cave yowled in disgust. Many left for the entrance. When some left, more followed and soon I was alone.

     Suddenly thousands of growls and snarls started up. I figured they were just being wolves, but then a new scent caught my nose. My head jerked to the entrance and I ran outside. The black wolf I remembered from the gathering was standing on a huge hill to the left, her warriors by her side.

“Well, will you give us territory?” She asked, looking back at her pack, summoning someone but I couldn`t catch what she said. Who came to her was devastating.

Bone was standing their, snarling at others, even me. Without another word, I jumped on a smaller ledge and suddenly whimpered,

“Bone, Bone! Why did you do this?” He slapped me with his paw, sending me flying down the rocky ledge, my side and my foot throbbing with pain. No matter who ever did something like that to me, I knew he was enemy now, I didn’t need telling.

“Stop this! We don`t need more war!” Skye yelled, with pups and mothers suddenly rushing to the cave, dirty or not.

“Ha! So you wish to fight? So be it!” Shadow spat, screeching a war howl and flexing her muscles. She turned her head to me, and leaped like an angry tiger.  I screamed in pain as she ripped cuts in my flesh.



















Chapter three-

I looked straight into her eyes, and yowled in pain. It started raining horribly, the spear-like rain drops piercing my skin. It lightningned fiercely, striking a nearby tree.

I saw it happen before my eyes.

 As the tree fell, I grabbed her fiercely on the shoulder and pulled her out of the way. The huge hollow tree fell exactly where she was standing before.

“Y-you saved me.” She whispered, frozen. I quickly got up and pounced on her, ranged with anger. The battle around me was a horrible sight. Many limp bodies lay bleeding on the ground, but many others were up and fighting with all their heart.  With her caught unguarded, she was on the ground. I paused. She blinked once, and I killed her. Thunder suddenly dashed to me, and the battle stopped.

“You killed her…” he said silently as blood poured out of her chest. Skye came angrily through the crowd and snarled,

“Leave now! All you have brought is death and blood, Leave!” Suddenly, out of the crowd, a very handsome wolf budged towered me. 

“Father, she has brought peace. When Shadow was alive, all there was bloody battles and horrible death. What do you think the prophecy meant?”

“No. Get back over there.” He said quickly.

“No father, I`m going with her, anybody care to join me on my wonderful new quest?” He laughed.  Some wolves looked at each-other and headed over here.

“Dawn! Mist! Oh, and even Scarlet! This is getting interesting.” He smiled as they headed toward me.

“Fine then, leave with that traitor I once called son. I don`t need you.” Skye snarled. 

“C’mon then, let`s go.” He growled, heading toward the small hedge.  Mist, Dawn, and Scarlet followed him. I glanced back at Thunder, who stared back. I turned my head and followed Scarlet through the bushes.

The handsome wolf slowed to talk to me.

 “My name is Zorro. I know he`s not my real father. My real mother and father were killed. Guess who? Shadow, I hated that wolf ever since I saw her bloody claws under my poor sister…” Zorro stopped and dug his claws into the earth.

A small tear fell to the ground.

“Well, that`s over now. I`m glad I’m here, Brook.” He smiled again, and headed back toward Scarlet. Mist glanced over her shoulder and stopped.  A growl launched in her throat and she shot off like a bullet, chasing something to dark to see what it was.

Before any one could say anything, she returned with a huge rabbit dangling from her jaws. She dropped it and Dawn hurried over to share. Then Zorro and Scarlet were gone; and soon they returned with birds and squirrels. When I tried to share with Scarlet she snarled at me pushed her food away.

“Come eat with me.” Zorro said quietly, walking to his food. I ran over and started gnawing on the head of a weird white bird.

“Oh come on! Rip its head off!” he yelled at me playfully. I suddenly ripped its legs off and sucked up the blood. I tore through the meat and bones and soon there was only a small lump on the ground on where the head lay. I grabbed a squirrel and a rabbit and chewed down.

“Ahhh…” I licked my paws and sniffed the air.

“Do you smell that?” I asked Scarlet.

“Yeah…” she said putting down her food and sniffing the air like I was. “It smells like a beast.” She said warningly.

“What`s a beast?” I asked nervously.

Scarlet glanced at me and started walking, assuming I would follow. When she disappeared through the ferns, I ran after her.

“Stay close, and is you hear a grumbling horrible noise, tell me.” Scarlet whispered cautiously. She quickly ran to a stream to get a drink. As I walked near, she spit out the water like a rotten piece of meat.

“Ewww! What is that? Water? Or…” her eyes suddenly caught the attention of a huge silver metal block that had black liquid running out the side, into the stream.

“That`s a beast. But normally, their on the gray road… And look! The master is still inside.” She said excitedly, walking toward an open flap where the master was. He had blood coming from his head and his chest, and his white shirt was now stained bright red. He groaned a little bit.

“Help me…” then he fainted. Scarlet was shocked; she backed away with her eyes wide. Her red/brown coat gleamed when it hit sunlight.

I walked toward him, and sniffed his shoulder. I sudden familiar scent hit my nose.

“This is Edward! We`ve got to help him!” I screamed at Scarlet, but she wouldn`t move.

“Who is Edward?” She asked, moving one paw step closer.

“My owner, before I ran away. Now, you bite the strap holding him in the beast. I`ll let him rest on shoulder while you`re in the back letting his legs rest on you. We have to get him back to camp.” I yelled at her, and she finally burst into action, glad being able to help.


“What? Who is…?” Zorro demanded after we got Edward back to camp, after three hours.

“Just be quiet! Let me do this alone.” I snarled. Everyone hustled back to the cave, and I heard Dawn whisper, “At least she`s becoming a wolf.”

I ripped Edward`s shirt off, to reveal a scar across his belly. I licked as much blood as I could off of his belly, and rested his head on a nearby flat rock. I layed next to him and drifted off to sleep, my own wounds stinging in the dirt. I found myself dreaming of Bone.

My head fell backwards. I looked up, and Edward was awake! I shot up and licked his face yipping with excitement.

“Whoa… it`s a wolf… licking me!” He said petting me on the head.

“Hmm… you seem familiar little buddy. Hey wait… Brook! Oh baby! We`ve been looking for you forever!” He got up hugged me.

“Oh wait! Stay here girl.” He told me directly. I layed down obediently. When he left, Dawn and the others burst out, terrified. I suddenly got up and paused.

“Where`s Scarlet?” I asked Zorro. 

“She got bitten by a snake, their`s nothing we can do.”  Zorro sighed.

Edward returned with a shiny brown collar. Before anyone could move, he ran over to me and tied the collar on.

“Awww look, you have friends!” he said walking over to pet them. Zorro flinched, but he didn`t move when Edward bent down and patted him on the head.

“So clam…” he whispered.

I growled and started biting at the collar.

“No! Bad girl!” he snapped, hitting me on the nose. With my wild instincts, I pounced on him and showed him I really was a wolf. Zorro and Dawn and closed up on him, but just to get him scared. With petrified eyes, he started to crawl up slowly. He reached for his back pocket, and pulled out a small silver knife. He held it up.

“Now nobody has to get hurt, now.” He half-whispered loudly. 

Zorro growled and stormed off the make-shift den they found, obviously Scarlet was inside. With puppy-dogs eyes, I walked slowly up to Edward as he put his knife away. I barked and whined, and walked toward the den. He staggered to me, avoiding the dangerous nipps of Dawn and Mist, who were guarding camp. Zorro walked out so Edward could fit in. I squeezed in and saw the dying body of Scarlet.

“Awww. What did you do?” He observed her leg, her left paw.  She shot her head up, but then, and weak as she was, put it back down.  She still growled and whined through it.  I walked out of the den and layed down on the patch of grass near the den. Suddenly, Edward came back out of our den with a small silver thing. He was talking to it. He said something about “reward for wild wolves” and then he crawled back into the den. He came back out with a brown stick, and he shot me with a longer bullet. 


My paws felt numb from running. My breath faded into the midst fog. I looked only to see from rocks. I fell to the ground, dehydrated.  Suddenly I heard a noise. Water.  I ran faster than the thunder flashing in the sky, racing toward the puddle of water, the only one I’d seen in hours of running through a thick forest. When I started lapping at the water fiercely, I locked my eyes ahead to huge black shape forming over the distance.

Suddenly red piecing eyes locked straight into mine, it was a bear.

I woke up with a scream, sending Zorro and Mist jerking their heads up to see what was wrong.

“What is it?” Mist asked cautiously.

I stared at her with dreadful eyes. “Bear.” I secretly looked around for Edward, but he had gone.

“What? What do you mean? Is one coming?” Zorro asked nervously.

“No. It was just a dream.” I said, getting up and shaking off the thought of a two-ton grizzly ripping me apart. Zorro growled. I turned and sniffed the air.

A familiar scent caught my nose.

“Spots is out their! See you later guys!” I yipped happily. I bounded to the bush where I smelled him. His scent was faint, but just good enough for me to find out where he was, or where he went. Spots scent was leading to a river. As panic rose in my throat, I quickened my pace to a run.  His husky brown fur was rising and falling under an old Oak tree.

“Spots!” I tipped excitedly, and he shot up and turned around.

“BROOK!!” He screamed, getting up. But just as he was about to walk over to me, he paused. His expression changed to happy, to angry.

I shot my head backwards, and Zorro was walking to me. Zorro growled at Spots.

I jumped in front of him. “Stop fighting! This doesn’t matter. Spots is one of my-“I stopped before answering. “Best friends. So just leave him alone Zorro.”

“So that`s his name huh?” Zorro growled. Dawn and Mist were hiding in the bushes, I could sense them.

“Oh stop hiding guys. I know you’re their.” I growled, walking past Zorro to the bushes. They burst out of the bushes, and stared at Spots.

“Hey get it, Intruder!” Mist snarled, circling him. He snarled back, and the hair on his back rose. Dawn followed Mist, and they were just about to pounce at him when the horrible shriek rang that made my ears pound and ring so hard that I wanted to pull them off.

I turned my head, and a huge beast with terrifying silver plates ripping straight through trees. Dawn and Mist ran back for camp, while Zorro and Spots nudged me to move. I wouldn`t budge. I was so scared of being ripped in half by the silver plates that I wouldn’t move. When the beast got closer, Zorro zoomed past me.  Spots turned around and sat down.

He knew something.

Suddenly the horrible noise stopped, and a rather fat man got out of the beasts` belly with a long thick (Or what looked like one) stick. I hid behind Spots, grateful that he was there. 

He pointed the stick at us, and Spots just stood their. When he pulled the trigger and long red dart hit Spots in the shoulder. He shuddered, but he still didn’t move. When a second shot was triggered, he fell to the ground. Before I could move, two darts were in my belly, and I fainted, again.

         When I opened my eyes, two humans with white suits on were touching me and pocking me with long sliver tools. I felt tired and drowsy, but I didn’t want to go to sleep, not in this unfamiliar place. To trick them, I just opened my eyes fast, but then slowly closed them. When one of them started talking, I jerked up and shot out of the bed. Something ripped off of me, but I didn’t care. I suddenly relised Spots wasn’t in the room. Raged with fury, I burst out of the doors and saw Spots had the same idea, and he was in the same situation that I was.

He raced to me, and the two humans were started to catch up to me. When one tripped the other knelt down to try and help the other get up. While they weren`t looking, I ran into another room, which was, thankfully, human-less. When we stopped to catch our breath, I heard I familiar bark. I looked up on the bed, and there was Kink! She jumped off the bed and licked me.

“Brook! It`s you! Oh my goodness! Kink yipped happily. 

“Stop hugging now! We have more problems!” Spots growled, leading us out. I saw the humans again, but they had sticks. Kink raced for her life down the hall and out a floor window. Spots and I followed her, every dart they shot missing.













Chapter four-

 When we were outside, Kink jumped a fence and landed on the other side safely. She yipped and whined, so I jumped over the wooden fence quickly. Spots jumped too. I gasped as Kink was being pinned down by a mixed mutt. I snarled and the dog looked up at me. I almost thought I was dreaming.

     His beautiful light golden fur glowed in the sunlight. His pure blue eyes wanted to make me faint. His paws were snow white, and claws were sharply long. His muscles flexed and he looked at Spots and me.

“Did I do something?” He asked.

I was still speechless by his beauty. Spots spoke up.

“Yes, you did. Kink, er, well she`s with us. Get your paws of her!” He backed up, and Kink up and growled at him. For a moment she looked flattered. I stepped in.

“We`re sorry, we were just passing through.” I told him, edging a hint that we should get out of here. Spots heard my call.

“What is your name?” He asked urgently.

“I`m Spots, That`s Brook, and she`s Kink.”

“My name is Miyax.” He said smiling at me. I blushed, at hurried out the entrance.

“Hey! Come back! Please!” I suddenly stopped, and paced toward him, sort of annoyed.  


“My owner has been looking for some more dogs…” before anyone one of us could move, Miyax howled loudly and a man stepped out of the door. With lightning fast speed, the skinny fast man ran past us and shut the gate.

“Good boy, Miyax! So that proves that dogs can understand humans and dogs can talk to each other! Well maybe at least… mad scientist journal entrée number one day three…..” He muttered, quickly scribbling something on a note pad. He ran back in the house and came out with a stick, and before we knew it we were out cold, once again.


When I woke up, It wasn`t because someone was poking me with a shiny tools, It was because something felt odd. My leg was bandaged up, and it felt loose. I got up and tried to walk on it, but it felt like a thousand bee`s were stinging it. I whimpered, and desperately looked for Spots. It was then that I realized I was in a cage, in a small carpeted room, with one door and a small water bowl out of my cage. I heard barking and growling in rooms beside me.

     I started barking too. Soon the barking stopped, and I got really worried. I heard a huge boom, and I started to whimper. The cage was bigger than I thought. I turned around, and their, standing the corner of the cage, was Miyax. I growled, and he smiled.

 He howled, and his owner came in. His owner laughed, and opened the cage for only me to come out. I raced past his owner, desperately searching for Kink or Spots.

“You`re friends aren`t here, I took them somewhere. You won’t ever see them again. Looks like they were dying anyway…”

I wanted to die. I wanted him to die. To pretend it was a dream, to wake up and be hugged by Spots…  The thought of Spots being dead angered me. I stared at Miyax`s owner. I started growling deeply, circling him.

“Whoa...” Was all he could say. I snarled and pounced on throat, knocking him over. As he fell, Miyax desperately tried to get out of the cage. I ripped open his shirt, sliced scars in him, ripped out a finger, and bit him in the throat again. Red blood gushed out everywhere, staining the white carpet. Miyax looked at me with horrifying eyes.  I opened Miyax`s cage, thinking of what the dirty little mongrel could do. He ran to the kitchen, and came back with a black thing in his mouth. His owner suddenly said over and over again, “911, 911, 911…”

Miyax dialed in the numbers, and I stood. Someone answered. Miyax started whining, and again, Miyax`s owner screamed something, “HELP ME! I LIVE IN MICHEAL ST. 23453 HELP!!”  And he managed to grab the phone, blood gushing out of him like a waterfall.  

About five tragic minutes later, people rushed in, picking up Miyax`s owner, putting him on a bed and running back out. Three people stayed.

“It looked like an animal attack… Hey! That`s a wolf! Get it!” They screamed.

Time to go!

I slipped out of there grasp and ran out the door. Strangely, Miyax followed me. I ran faster, pushing Brook out of the way and letting my inner wolf self thrive upon its running abilities.

“Wait up!” Miyax howled.

“Why should I wait up?” I snarled.

He stopped, but yelled back. 

“Your leg, how did you just go from injured to killer?” He asked. I looked at my leg, still bandaged, but I could run in it.

“I don`t know, healing fast or something.” I turned toward him. Miyax looked scared.

“I’m not that bad.” I said jokingly, but he was taking off the other direction. I turned around and a huge bear was racing toward me. I suddenly took off like a rocket, following Miyax and running away from the bear. 

I ran into a berry bush and hid the rest of the day. As I sat there I thought about what had happened. Cobra was dead; Kink and Spots were gone, I would never, ever, see my mother and sister again, and Miyax was lost in the woods running from the bear.

But something was wrong.

Something moved inside me.

Kicked, shoved. 

     Suddenly, I had a pup squirming under me. Another and another, I had pups! But they looked like me, of course, but who was the father? They were to dark to be Miyax, to dark to be Bone, but they did look like… Bloodsoul! I wanted to kill the things that were his pups.

Long ago, when I woke in the cave with Bloodsoul after the hunt…  I was so stupid then!

I sighed, but licked them clean and let them suckle. Four pups: two girls, two boys. Great, I just had pups in the woods with no home or shelter. I couldn`t raise pups in a holly bush! I looked around while they suckled. My eyes froze when I spotted a cave. I slowly got up and gently put them of a patch of grass. I ran to the cave and sniffed. It used to be a fox den, but it was long ago. Just big enough, I ran back to the patch of grass and slowly moved them to the den.

     As they suckled, I looked at them and thought of names. The two girls were different. One was darker brown, and the other girl was lighter brown, but they both had my white spots on their paws. The darker one would be Daisy, and the lighter one would be Petal. The two boys were more like Bloodsoul, the dark pelt, the strong spirit, the beautiful little eyes… Their names would be Robin and Sparrow.


      As the weeks passed, the pups grew. When they stopped suckling, I hunted and they ate meat. I never left the woods, this was my home now. Sparrow was the toughest, Daisy was the smartest, and Petal was the best hunter, and Robin was the fastest. All my little pups were growing up to be wonderful, and no one in the whole universe could take them away from me, ever.


© 2010 Storm of Shadows

Author's Note

Storm of Shadows
I wanted to post this one because I made it a long time ago. Its pretty long and I enjoy it myself. Tell me if you like it.

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Storm of Shadows
Storm of Shadows

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