A Poem by Quattro Hall

In one moment I have lived a life time. In that one monument I lived with her. I felt her hand, just as we brushed. I felt her hair, as the wind blow thought it playing at my face. I felt the monument as we watch the sunset and I tried not to hold her. I seen her go thought the door and I felt as if I would never see her again. I wait for a call, message, mail or something. I just wanted to know did she feel me? Did she think about us?

In a moment I felt my heart break. I now see she was with another. Did we mean anything? Didn't the moment mean something? I see how I felt that day… and I want it back. I felt a rumble in my chest I wonder what that could be? It’s her, it is the moment.

She wants me. The message read (please come get me!!!!! 1011 Stanley).

I have felt this moment in time; do I go for me or for her? I hope it is for both. I see her outside smoking and crying. She runs to me yelling and mean. Now beating on me, yelling, why don’t you love me? Why can we be together?

I felt the pain, felt the pain of a lie as I smelled alcohol on her breath. She gripped me tighter and looks at me all most though me. She cries out

“He wanted me, not who I am but what he see’s of me. Can you forgive me?”

I wait to reply, I need to feel this is real. She staggers out.

“I’m in love with you, I felt you that night of the sunset. I know you felt me too. Hold me, please hold me.”

 That monument I felt her I felt us she gripped harder than I ever have felt before. I feel her hand when ever she’s near. I feel her kiss every time I say I love you. I have a moment that is that once of a life time, that night.

The night we felt each other in that walk the cold night, the right time, the right places, she left him for me. she wanted… she wanted me. I know I felt her, I know I felt that moment. It is ever too late to feel the moment. Have you felt her or even him…?

© 2013 Quattro Hall

Author's Note

Quattro Hall
OK I know this one is not really a poem. but I have no idea what to call it but that. besides my little names for these thing Blurbs.
hope you like none the less.

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Added on February 23, 2013
Last Updated on February 23, 2013


Quattro Hall
Quattro Hall


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