My last good bye

My last good bye

A Story by Quattro Hall

I wrote this about a girl I passed up in high school

I want that chance in time again, my chance of a once upon a time and a ever after story. So I write this. I glace at her from a distance want to just say hi? I try harder ever day just to get close, close enough to be a friend. I have wanted her since the first conversation. The way she looked away from you conversation and stared right at you at the same time. Like she didn’t want anyone to know she was looking. As I got closer I liked more of the simple beauty. It’s as if she held that so high. The way her butt moved, the way she poked. The thing I cared for most was the art. She was better than me. She was the girl I wanted even to this day (I know she not the same but I wish I had a second chance). Now I wonder if I had asked her a second time. What would of happen? I wanted a dance at prom. I went for a chance to see her. I hate what I have done. If anything comes of this I hope she reads this in a sick way. I feel I need to say I’M SORRY. Sorry for not seeing what may have happened. Sorry I’m a f*****g stupid s**t hole. Who does not get a lucky day and is use to everyone shitting on him. Sorry I feel that I have to let you know. To anyone who feels the girl of who I speak needs to read this go on let her please. Not like I will see her again. So pass it on. Tell me if you did, I like to know. Thanks from the people inside my head that hide the world horror but its seems they are the ones who yell at me for not taking the chance.

Sincerely Grant

© 2013 Quattro Hall

Author's Note

Quattro Hall
Her name was Angela

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Added on March 1, 2013
Last Updated on March 1, 2013


Quattro Hall
Quattro Hall


I'm not a good writer. In fact I would say I don't know many people that are worst at grammar then me. Yet I know this, I am dyslexic. I had to teach my self almost everything I know in the ways of r.. more..