A Poem by Quattro Hall


I hate the world that I live in. Thanks to the people showing me the love don’t exist.

I hate my life. Thanks to the woman that ruin me. Fault in loving someone with my whole heart.

I hate my friends. Friends that only see themselves. They only care about how they get life there way and never holding a hand for a brother or sister.

I don’t know if I wish live. Why you ask? I feel the tears of those I care for. I feel there pain as they need comfort. Yet I never receive in kind.

I empathy is my greatest weakness. I will give my all and see nothing, have no avail.

I hate my ruins and scares. The life ripped for my hands. That grip of life is all I have.

I hate… no I loathe my insistent of wanting love.

I have won something it is not what you would think. I won the right to live. Yet… That right is ill in my mind.

This is a confession of my life. I have never felt alive. I have always felt as if I have been dead in a living world. I came close. Many times my wretched heart starts to beat as if I was meant to live.

I have not cried a signal tear in 8 years. Not for a fallen loved one and not for myself

The world rains down a pawn me. Never letting me forget what pain is like.

I have beaten, battered and bruised. Stabbed, choked and broken to an inch of my life. Yet I still stand.  Pain of my flesh is nothing to my mind or heart. I guess most would say they are one in the same.

I leave this confession. Not knowing what will happen. Truthfully I don’t care. I just had to let someone know.

You may find this. You may say that is crazy yet I know someone will find this and find strength in it. Someone will gain valor and I just hope that helps.  It’s enough for you to make the right stand.

I leave you with a hello and goodbye. 

© 2013 Quattro Hall

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Yes Cat I am OK this was just an odd way of speaking aloud. as it says I just wanted someone to see it. maybe it will help them maybe it will do nothing.
In a nut shell that day was a bad day. I just wrote what I felted like. so I OK, thank for caring

Posted 6 Years Ago

Quattro, when a poem is this real, it's powerful in its ability to wake us up, scare us into wondering and worrying about you, and take some action as to what is going on with you. Do we all feel like this from time to time? Absolutely. Are some of us stuck in this zone for too long, and have some of us become so imprisoned by our own responses that we can no longer see it clear? Yepyep. I can critique this, and I will, but before any of that I need to know where you are on that spectrum, alright? So clue me in: u fine, or not so fine? Because I care, and I want to know.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Quattro Hall
Quattro Hall


I'm not a good writer. In fact I would say I don't know many people that are worst at grammar then me. Yet I know this, I am dyslexic. I had to teach my self almost everything I know in the ways of r.. more..