A Short Essay on how Today's girls are growing up in this fake new world.

A Short Essay on how Today's girls are growing up in this fake new world.

A Poem by Harri

Growing up in the new century 2000.


A Short Essay to read.





How does; Today’s Girls grow up?




Todays girls are growing up in a filthy atmosphere of internet and digitalization, where they watch movies, advertisements from several junk sites where there is no sense of human value.




 There is crime, mocking, copying, undigested pornography, misapprehending sexual content, misleading, unwanted videos, speeding information, fake acting, fake government, fake news, idol worship, wrong worship practices, video manipulation, useless chats, rape, suicides, earning money through illegal activities, wasting of money, eating lots of fast food and junk food, huge gross materialism, mis-usage of narcotics and drugs, crossing the bridge of luxury lifestyle, divorce and separation, aggressive feminism, false information of depression and anxiety, male gender abuse by females at workplace, work load, male sterility, malfunction of ejaculation, transgenderism, manipulation of both men and women, ignorance, immaturity and foolishness. Particularly, transgender and gay acts are strongly disliked by living God and these transgender and gay acts are punishable for eternal death. Like in Hindu religion; satanic idolized Shiva form and satanic idolized Vishnu forms supports all these transgender and gay acts among ignorant Hindu people. Also, in idiotic Pope’s culture; gay marriages are also promoted which is against the Holy Scriptures and which is against living God’s nature. Why is Pope becoming so foolish so as to lead all Catholics astray; that we do not know about? Is Pope a liar or a boasting sinner; even if he gets so much warning from living God? Hindu people are being so foolish, mockers and ignorant that they are away from the truth and all girls nowadays follow Hindu culture even if they are Catholics.




Brainless girls from this latest century of 2000, and who were born from the year 2000, are watching all these and they all think that, what they act and think is the true thing and they forget that there is an actual God who created them.




These girls in their stupor drags their companion foolish fakely depressed boys to them and these boys who are mostly feminised to these type of idiotic girls and all of them are misleading this world that was created by an actual God. Today all stupid people think that women and girls are ruling the boys and men. This is a very wrong idea. Actual God is against this practice. Women are only made for helping men in their works.




But, now what all bad words and things are taught to these brainless girls, by their elder brothers, that past teenage boys do not use in their lives, when they were of these little age as of these little girls. Now, all brothers of these little idiotic girls are being feminised for nothing. And these lives of boys are ruined by such fakely depressed girls and these boys do not react to it and these boys become very gay and bisexual in nature.




The parents of these type of girls are tensed and cannot sleep at night thinking of their future life with their husband and these parents are thinking of giving psychiatric treatment to cure these illness of these overly thinking fake depressed girls.




Actual God is watching all these transgressions. 

© 2020 Harri

Author's Note

The actual God is being forgotten when internet and digitalization arises and stupidity among girls rises which makes the whole world upside down. Present girls have no obedience or respect to their elder parents and teachers; in the present scenario of digitalisation and social networking; growing up girls think that their teachers and their parents are of their equal ages.

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