A Poem by Chris

Based off of the novel Frankenstein.


In Ingolstadt an experiment was conducted

To bring the dead back to life,

A spark given to the dead matter constructed

Into a hideous human form.


And with that spark did the creature live,

Eyes opening, heavy breathing,

But no love did the creator give

To the thing he had created.


Scared was Victor at its sight,

Forsaking the creature

To run away into the night,

And escape from what took months to create.


And then was it left alone

To wander out into the world,

To face the hatred on its own

That unjustly awaited it.

Into a town did it wander

With no intentions of harm,

But no time could it squander

When the humans gave him harm.


Attacked, it ran away,

And came to a cottage

Where in its hovel did it stay

To watch the family that lived there.


There, knowledge was gained

Of the lonely fate it would suffer,

And it was from this that it was pained

To know that it was nothing but a monster.


It visited De Lacey to end its despair,

But when the others came home,

They treated him so unfair

And sent him running from the cottage.


To Victor it went at one last attempt

To end his pain and suffering,

But his creator only showed contempt

For the murder it had committed.


But once it told its tale,

And with persuasion,

It managed to prevail

In getting Victor to make it a companion.


But its hopes of love were destroyed

When Victor went against his words,

And hatred began to fill the void

Where love couldn’t grow.


Wanting to get payback

On Victor for the pain he had caused it,

It went to attack

A friend that was close to him.


And Victor began to chase

His creation to the north,

The monster that gave him a taste

Of the loneliness it had to endure.


Vengeance the monster soon got

When Victor deceased,

But it was not like what it had thought

How vengeance would be.


Feeling the need to atone,

The monster left his dead creator

To go into the north alone

So he could kill himself there.


But through it all was it the monster,

Or was it the people?

For hatred is what will foster

The hate inside the monster.

© 2010 Chris

Author's Note

I tried to follow the monster's storyline for this poem. I know it's not the best; I'm not that great at poetry, but I do feel accomplished with it since I got a hundred on the project (I had to create something for English based off of the novel, and I chose to do a poem) and since I spent about two hours writing it.

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Awesome write

Posted 10 Years Ago

Amazing write! Two hours was worth it; this is incredible. I recently wrote an essay after reading Frankenstein... Poor Frankie, what a misunderstood creature he was...

Posted 11 Years Ago

I've always liked Frankenstein, this is an amazing write

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 15, 2010
Last Updated on January 15, 2010
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