The Sunshine Thief

The Sunshine Thief

A Story by Hatter at Heart

Delirious musings of a mad man.


He came to me in the form of a cat. That thief.

The ability to see beyond those eyes, acting as if he were drifting off to sleep. I almost had to laugh. Just what aim was he coming from? Acting like he was my cat. As if I couldn't tell the difference. I only raised that cat for eight years now. Even the tiniest of changes is obvious to me. His eyes, in his eyes, just as they were about to close " a yellow spot! No, no, my Tiger had no gold spots before. Nothing but pure green, they've been these eight long years.

The nerve of him, whoever, whatever he is! Waking me up in the dead of night, cuddling up to me like it's nothing. Being ten steps ahead of everything else, that's how I've survived this long and I'm not gonna lay here and stand for this deceit.

“Get off, you!” I swat at the damnable white cat. It was awake then, for sure. Its eyes widened, no longer droopy and clouded over. Now more alert to the world around it, the kit flew off my lap and skittered across the floor. Now with a mere sliver of a stare, it cocked its head and leered back at me, flicking its tail as casually as it walked, directing towards the door.

“Yeah, you saunter away, little one.” I spat. “As if I didn't know what you were planning. Gonna cut up my neck in my sleep, you were, like the damned devil you are!”

Not noticing that I had sat up somewhere along the line, I slammed my upper body back down onto the cushions of the bed, a defiant snort soon followed. My arms found themselves crossed and I evenly stared into the pale green ceiling above me. Little tufts of dirty blonde hair were in my line of sight but weren't bothersome enough for me to waste the energy in moving.

Now, I've had my suspicions before. Someone was watching me, stalking even. Taking things from me. Small things at first. Those little details that not very many people would notice, but oh... oh, I noticed. Even saw it happen right before my eyes. The very sunshine that filtered into my room had been stolen, right in front of me. As if a genie had clapped their hands at some other person's request, if that person had wished to leave me in total darkness for hours on-end. Of course, I dare not go near the window to find out what may have happened to see if there are clues there, for its whereabouts. I do not approach the panes, in fear that I may disappear myself.

Oh, what a terrible thought!

The very notion makes me writhe in my sheets. Though, it wouldn't be the worse thing to happen, I'm sure. Sometimes little things crawl up the side of my bed, sticking to the ceiling, and dropping upon me from silvery strings which " I swear, don't think me crazy for thinking this " must have come from the black creature's rectum. There is no other possible explanation for such a strange form of nature, as that.

I shoot the corners of the ceiling a look of fright, expecting to see the little creatures with hundreds of thin legs (because there were at least a hundred of them), but thankfully nothing stirs from the little shadows. Able to relax, my shoulders loosen from their previous tenseness. I no longer feel on-edge.

Well, look at me! Rambling on about ten or twenty-legged creatures. Psh. Such things would be seen as rantings of a mad man! Of course, there are no such things as tiny critters that appear from holes, skitter along walls, and who shoot silver threads from their a*s. Let alone, having the ability to drop upon me without so much as a sound...

I have to smile at this thought.

Yes, a sunshine thief is much more likely. What a marvelous imagination I must have. Eight legged creatures... how ridiculous.

I get up, shut the door, and lie back down. Still not going to trust that cat, though... I know he must be the thief. Since there is no other living creature in this house but myself. I'm certainly not going to give him the chance to steal some more of my light. He may very well take off like a bandit!

The thought of the cat running away into the night with my side table lamp made me frown. Oh, the stresses of life.

Finding comfort in a closed door, into safe sleep I go.

© 2013 Hatter at Heart

Author's Note

Hatter at Heart
A little drabble that I wrote up for practice. Kind of just sat down and allowed my fingers to flow wherever they so chose... I am also deathly afraid of spiders. So that may have played a part. :)

All comments and critique appreciated.

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Added on April 23, 2013
Last Updated on April 23, 2013
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