The Last Leaf to Fall

The Last Leaf to Fall

A Story by Haunzwürthe

Noticing a trend with the perception bending, personification of simplistic imagery thing going on here...


    Two leaves flutter on a barren tree. Now brown and decrepit, the two had battled for the supremacy of life. Through wind, rain, frost, and even a few snow showers, they were at last living their final moments.

    The first leaf danced in the wind, back and forth, while the second drifted slowly. Considerably larger, the first leaf tried his best to prove that he was the dominant leaf. But the smaller second paid no attention. Again, the first leaf thrashed around in the wind to show that he could not be taken down without a fight. Still, the second paid no attention. Violently, the larger leaf raged about the limb, his appendages knocking in to the smaller leaf. Yet again, no reaction. The first leaf stopped his offensive against his adversary dumbfounded. He as clearly the victor, where were his spoils? The second leaf stood up in defiance of his aggressor and spread his arms wide. With a slight twist and crack of his stem, he grabbed a passing gust of wind, releasing himself from his wooded perch, and lingering in the air before reposing to the ground.

    The first leaf watched in awe as his partner in Life slowly gravitated to the leaf matted ground. He had succeeded in his bid to be the last leaf, but at what cost? He looked on as his lifeless companion now lay a commoner with the other leaves less fortunate. Now alone, he finally realized what he had missed. His time now gone, no last chance for reparations. His victory shrank in the realization of his failures and he became small in the world.

    His attention was turned as a crackling grew louder in the woods. A small boy made his way home running on a covered road nearby. He passed by the tree and stopped. A second he stood in thought then turned around and came back to the tree. He stooped down, picked up the recently fallen leaf, and placed it between the pages of a book. Stashing the book in his bag, he resumed his pace along the road. The now depressed leaf reached out one last time to his friend, an apology too late. His futile attempt caused him to lose balance. With a snap of his stem, his life came to a close as he descended into the breathless oblivion.


     His last vision was the sky and the dark storm clouds looming overhead.

© 2011 Haunzwürthe

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This is absolutely wonderful. It's short, but thoughtful. You've done a great job with this one, showing how being the victor isn't exactly what life is all about. When you're the last one standing, there is no one with you.... You put that idea into this story, and it worked completely!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 7, 2011
Last Updated on October 11, 2011
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