A Poem by HeWhoJives

I am told that the tree of liberty must be refreshed 
From time to time 
With the blood of patriots and tyrants 
The trouble is i'm no long sure who the tyrants are 
And i am not a patriot  
How would jefferson have me bleed 
Washington would have me believe 
That every post is honorable  in which a man 
Can serve his country 
I recognize no country 
Were i such a person i would ask 
Are men my only comrades 
Is every post a woman fills not also honorable 
Where is the child's honor 
What honor is left for the non-binary 
In this rigid realm  
In which there is deference to carnage 
Where is the adulation for tranquility  
I have never known 
A soldier for peace  
Franklin has urged me to light candles 
Rather than cursing the darkness 
How now am i to find a candle  
When all its components are patented  
The product sealed away
Who will lend me light for my search 
Is this capitalism  
A father reminds me often that the right to freedom 
Is the gift of god almighty  
But his servants would bind me  
This is a christian nation, they cry  
Outraged, outrageously  
Would that adams had brought truth  
And not allowances  
I will not carry the burden 
Of that debt 
Nor the shackles of gratitude  
My freedom is my own 
An ultimatum is offered 
Liberty or death 
Henry, you will find me ill-mannered  
In the face of manufactured options  
There can be no emancipation for our souls  
Atop the graves of the out-gunned 
Nor will freedom be found amongst the enslaved  
What kind of independence is there 
Betwixt the coerced and the deceived 
Our american dream has turned nightmare 
For all those who explore their own consciousness 
For those who do not love between the lines 
How is it that liberty lies in the imprisonment 
Of dissenters to power
How can children of liberty  
So readily hinder the efforts of those 
Who bleed for their autonomy  

© 2013 HeWhoJives

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Added on July 5, 2013
Last Updated on July 5, 2013
Tags: poetry, founding fathers, liberty, justice, freedom, autonomy