You're Going To Hell

You're Going To Hell

A Poem by Juria Kurosaki

This is a mix of opinions me and my friends had on this subjects and my feelings on how people like this have treated me.

I know that this'll probably offend some of you but I felt like I should say this.
So please don't hate. Thanks.

You’re Going To Hell

People will walk up to you,
They will find something about you they don’t like,
Whether it’s the fact that you’re gay,
You crossdress,
Or anything else,
“You’re going to hell.” They will tell you.
Admit it.
Accept it.
“There is no saving you.”
“God hates you.”
“You have strayed from the light.”
“You are a slave of Satan.”
They will say all of this
Because it’s fact.
But it’s not.
You are not going to hell.
Yes, you’re different,
Yes, you’re not the ‘norm’
But you’re not evil,
Not satanic
Not a devil worshiper.
But there will be those who do go to hell.
They are the ‘norm’.
They are straight,
They dress like their gender,
They are the gender they were born as.
They are society’s ideal vision of normal.
But they are the one’s who will visit the devil.
They are because they have a sin.
A horrible sin,
This befalling sin is
That they have not accepted this fact:
God loves everyone.
No matter who they love,
No matter their gender, or how they dress, or any other reason.
That is why,
If this is you,
If you have told someone:
“You are going to hell.”
“There is no saving you.”
If you have told someone:
“God hates you.”
“You have strayed from God’s path.”
If you have told someone:
“You are a slave of Satan.”
If you have told anyone any of these things,
You are the one
Who will be going to hell

© 2016 Juria Kurosaki

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Added on March 3, 2016
Last Updated on March 3, 2016
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Juria Kurosaki
Juria Kurosaki

St. Louis, MO

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