Work in progress

Work in progress

A Story by Heather

Just a story I'm working on, I need opinions, ideas and criticism please.

Craig ignored the noises coming from Roxy's room as he sat with Ian and Mark. Craig didn't know how much more he could handle them two..then he decided to yell, "You BETTER be using protection!! We do NOT need another child in this crazy house!"
An audible gasp was heard and Craig groaned. He took that as a sign that they weren't using protection...and in another nine months, another child will be here. Craig HAD to do something...he couldn't stay here.

Craig threw his hands up and said, "Fine, I do love Roxy. However, I'm not getting in between your relationship that you've worked so hard for! If I would've known she was pregnant when we started 'going out', I wouldn't have even thought of being with her! Gah, you and Roxy both have that annoying quality of not knowing when to keep your mouth closed! Go to your child and fiance and leave me alone." 
Derek looked at Craig shocked before backing off slightly. 

derek: 'in case you forgot im not scared of you. im just protecting roxy, she makes me happy. blood or not.' he said then rolled his eyes at craig. 'scared? you're one to talk, you cant even admit you still love roxy although its been a while since lissie died, now how about that?' he said with a smirk.

Craig just looked at Derek like he was stupid. He swore under his breath. Craig said, "I'm not arguing about this. I've got enough problems on my hands. I'm not dealing with this as well. If you're so scared of me" he paused to laugh and then continued, "getting Roxy, then get you three an apartment and leave me alone." 

derek tells the truth that actually craig was drunk and trying to seduce roxy. 'how do you think i feel knowing you're trying to take away my baby? i love her craig, you know that.' he said and sighed
Craig was laying on his bed when his door was slammed open. He looked up to see Derek and said, "Look, this isn't really your house. Anyway, I'm more than positive she blamed me for everything. Whatever. I don't really care. However, just so you know, I slept on the bathroom because SHE was trying to seduce me. Don't even look at me like that."
Derek continued to glare at Craig, which irritated Craig to no end.

the punch didnt effect derek, derek asks roxy whats wrong, she tells him, he isnt mad at her but at craig for not controlling himself.

Craig growled, "Ask her." Then, he punched Derek in the face before walking to his room and slamming the door.

roxy pushed craig out of the way and tends to river soothing him, she rocks him to sleep and he stops crying.

derek looks at craig 'what the f**k is your problem? stop yelling at her! shes a young mom, shes 15 for gods sakes!' he slaps him.

Before Craig could continue, he heard a door close and pushed away from Roxanne and went to the fridge. Derek walked in to see Roxanne  against the wall breathing heavy. He grew protective, "What did you do, Craig?"
"Nothing, Derek. We got into a little fight. It's nothing." With that, Craig walked towards his room when he heard River cry. He poked his head back in the kitchen to see Derek and Roxy lip-locked. He spat, "Your child is crying. Stop making out and tend to him."

roxy begins to run her fingers through his hair and the heat was intensifying a lot, she began to moan in pleasure and lose control. 

"Nothing, Roxy. Just felt like hugging you. Where's Derek?" Roxanne shrugged as finished cleaning up. Before Craig could blink, Roxanne attached her lips to his...and this time, Craig didn't fight. He kissed her and pushed her against the wall.

roxy is in the kitchen cleaning up then craig walks in walking towards her and hugs her 'what is it craig?' she asks and smiles softly

Craig looked at Ian sadly...thinking, not another person I care for. With a sigh, Craig stood up and hugged Ian brotherly..because that's how Craig saw him...his big brother. "Mark, I'm sorry as well. I should've stayed quiet. Hope things turns out better for you two..instead of how it did with me." With that, Craig disappeared..


ian: 'like it matters, im dying..go get roxy before its too late' he says then tears roll down his face.

mark kisses ian and rubs his back 'shh baby its ok.' 

Craig mumbles, "Sorry, Ian. If I would've known, I wouldn't have said anything. You gonna be okay?"

mark: 'ian has health issues if you dont mind him smoking that weed for a reason..' mark snapped.

ian: 'shh baby its fine.' he rubs his hair and it is falling out...

Craig says, "Ian, we're in a park..with kids. Do you always carry that stuff around?? Anyway, it doesn't matter. Derek is in love with her, she's engaged and she has his kid. No way am I getting between Lissie." 
Mark looked at him shocked, "Dude, it's been over six months.." 
Craig snapped, "You don't think I don't know that!?" 

Mark: 'Well if i must say so myself you're an idiot! haha! we all know how much you like her. stop denying it.' he said in the most truthful way.

Ian: 'marks right if you dont get roxy back you're miserable without know we're right.' he said then smokes a joint
Craig grumbles, "you didn't have to follow me. Anyway, Roxy was trying seduce me on our little sibling bonding trip and it was SO hard to resist her. I slept in the freaking bathroom because I didn't want Derek to be upset."
Ian looked at Craig shocked as Mark walked through the woods to join them. Craig shook his head and moved to lay down on the grass and look up at the sky, seeing that the sun was about to set. 

Roxy and derek are eating supper.

Ian waves at craig 'hey whats up?' he asks and puts an arm around him

As Craig walks around the park, he sees Ian and Mark walking around happily. He gives them a half wave before walking in the opposite direction, to his favorite spot that's hidden within the woods and surrounded by a small pond. He had only brought one person there..and that was Lissie.

Roxy kisses derek and smiles at him, she doesnt know what she wants..

Craig hid his angry thoughts. How could she be like?? He didn't understand Roxanne at all and he decided to go the park before he lost his cool.

Roxy feeds River and Derek, 'well Derek are you excited about the wedding?' she asks and rivers on her breast drinking breast milk

Craig attempted to push her away, and once she was back some...he said, "Derek called. He misses and loves you. So, let's get going. I'm sure River wants his mom." Roxanne attempted again when Craig had his hands full, but he only turned...still fighting all of his dirty thoughts about her. 

Roxy wakes up and kisses Craig again, once again he didnt fight the temptation, her hands were in his hair. 

Craig wasn't sure what to reply but said, "She's okay. She's asleep now, we'll be home soon." After that, Craig hung up and began packing before waking Roxanne to leave. Since Craig knew she would still be half asleep when he did, he didn't fear her trying to seduce him once again.

Derek: 'Hey Craig hows Roxy doing? I miss her so much.' he said sounding sad.

The sound of a phone going off woke Craig up the following morning. He grumbled as he stood up, completely stiff from sleeping on the bathroom floor. He saw that Roxanne was still sleeping. The phone continued to ring causing Craig to hurry up and answer it. He looked at the called I.D to see that it was Derek calling.

Roxy still wanted Craig and so she was asleep like a baby 

Craig was leaning against the door as he slowly fell asleep waiting until morning so Derek can get Roxanne back. 

roxy sat in the bed watched tv and sighed.

Craig stood up and walked out of the bedroom. He entered the bathroom and locked the door, knowing there was NO way she could get in here. With a grunt, he did his business and leaned against the door to make sure Roxanne wouldn't try to get in. 

Roxy: 'just ease up a bit tiger.' she winked at him and smirked.

Craig sighs into the kiss before he thought about it. He rolled over and pinned Roxanne to the bed roughly. She said, "Yes, this is what I want." 
Craig tightened his grip on her wrists as he held her legs down. She couldn't move at all. She started to whimper causing Craig to get up. 
He asked, "You okay, now?" 

Roxy: "i want you craig a lot." she says and kisses him deeper.

As Roxanne continued to kiss Craig, his fighting became weaker. He whispered, "Roxy, please stop. You don't want this." 

Roxanne kisses craig but craig quits fighting it, he touches her body, amazingly shes managed to keep a healthy weight.

Craig groans and says, "Rox, no. Stop this. You picked Derek. Now stop trying for this. I don't need Derek hating the both of us or you might lose your child. I'm doing what I can to make you happy, but I'm not having sex with you. Go to your room and sleep. Now." 

Roxanne gets in the bed with Craig and cuddles him. "make me happy please.'

Craig enters the kitchen and does a double take. Why exactly was Roxanne in...lingerie? He asked, "Is Derek coming over? Should I leave?" 
"No, silly. This is for you." 
"Um...No. Roxanne, stop this. What's up with you lately? Aren't you happy with Derek and River?" 
"I need something else." 
" don't. I'm going to my room, Rox. You need to think about what you're doing or find out what's wrong. We leave tomorrow at six. Be ready." 

Roxanne gets a nice golden tan, she gets her belly button pierced, dyes her blonde, her hair is now wavy and full, she still has big tits thanks to her pregnancy, it is night time and she is in the kitchen with lingerie on making dinner for her and craig theres candles and wine.

Craig was still upset over Lissie even though it's been about six months. He loved Lissie and didn't want anyone else. He was laying on a towel a little ways from Roxanne when she started to flirt with Craig who said, "Roxanne, chill. You're engaged, your wedding is soon. You have a child and fiance back home. I'm not interested." 
Craig's voice took Roxanne by surprise. It lacked all emotion except irritable. Roxanne sighed and laid down to tan...trying to think of ways to seduce Craig...although, she knew it wouldn't be easy. 

Months pass and roxys body weight is going down quickly. shes back to her normal 125 pounds and shes still five foot two. she kisses derek 'i love you' after that, roxy goes on a vacation with craig only. she is in a sexy bikini, she sunbathes topless around craig which secretly she is trying to seduce him.

Craig snapped, "She's not dying. She's sick." 
Derek and Roxanne didn't believe him but went back to their child leaving Craig to care for Lissie. A doctor walked in so Craig instantly told him what was wrong with Lissie and the doctor took her to a separate room. 
About five hours passed before the doctor showed up. He placed a hand on Craig's shoulder and said, "I'm sorry, son. She had a tumor that was going directly to her heart. How it wasn't discovered before now, well, i don't know. I'm sorry...there's nothing that could've been done. She's gone." 
Craig dropped to his knees as tears fell from his eyes. The one girl he loved..was gone. 

Derek: 'no offense but i think lissie its time for you to pass on' he said and sighed
 roxanne: 'give your blood to a donor lissie' she said and smiled.

Gagging noises could be heard from the bathroom, causing Craig to worry. Of course, there's no way she could be pregnant. Her tubes are tied so they didn't use protection when having sex. However, as he walked into the bathroom, Lissie looked terrible. Pale and tired. 
"Baby, are you feeling okay?" Craig asked worriedly. 
"I...I don't know.." Lissie replied before puking again. 

Derek: 'no need for her to act like a b***h, just saying.' he sighed and held his son.
Craig smiled as he held his nephew. Lissie was standing beside Craig when she looked at the baby with envy. Suddenly, she ran to the bathroom.

Roxanne: After she spends like 5 hours in labor, Derek comes in and holds the baby. 'look how beautiful and sweet he is Der.' she said and smiled at him.

Derek: 'he has a lot of my traits but your eye color that's for sure.' he said and rocked the baby to sleep. He says to Craig, 'meet River Meadow Krane.' he hands the baby to him.

Craig jumped into the driver's seat as Derek soothed Roxanne. Mark and Ian stayed at the house to get things ready for the baby and to take the car seat up to the hospital after the baby is born and they can bring him home. Lissie was in the passenger's seat holding on for dear life as Craig pulled into the hospital. No one knew why Roxanne was in labor a month before her due date, but no one can question it anymore. Craig assumed the baby was ready. Roxanne was quickly seen and the doctors allowed all three of them to go in there with her. 

Roxanne: 'oh no my water broke!' she panicked and began to breathe heavily, 'im close to 8 months!' she screamed in pain and derek just held her hands and kissed her to calm her down.

Derek: 'oh my word, do we have a baby room ready for him?!' he asked while getting roxy in the car.

Craig sat in the room with Roxanne as Derek went and got her something to eat. Craig massaged her shoulders when she groaned. Craig didn't think anything of it...and neither did Roxanne. About twenty minutes passed until Derek returned and stared at them wide eyed. 
Derek said, "Um, Roxanne, did you pee on yourself or did you really not notice that your water broke??" 
At the same time, everyone screamed, "DO WHAT?!" 

After Lissie finds out shes pregnant a week later she loses the baby, a few months after that she loses another baby, on the last and third try she doesn;t make a successful pregnancy. Ian however donates his sperm to a surrogate mother from New York, shes black and beautiful, she gives Ian a healthy black and white baby boy with curly hair, Caramel skin, light blue eyes, he looked like Ian, Lissie is fixed now, so she can't have a baby, and since because she was arrested for lightly slapping Derek a year ago, its making it damn well impossible for her to consider adopting a baby. 6 months pass and Roxannes seven months pregnant with a big strong healthy baby boy thats she intending to name River meadow Krane because since it's Dereks last name.

Roxanne: 'I'm hungry Derek.' she said as he massaged her feet with lotion. she was so sweet even more sweet as she got bigger.

Lissie replied, "It's fine, Derek." 
Craig watched Derek tend to Roxanne's every need or want. He has even heard Derek get up at one in the morning to go to the store for when she had a craving. Craig knew Derek would be a wonderful father. With a sigh, Craig stood up and said, "Thanks for looking after her, Derek. I'm happy you didn't walk out. No, I don't want a speech as to how much you love her. That's none of my business. I just want what's best for, just like i did when all this...craziness wasn't happening. I've known for years how much you two loved each other..but being siblings took that away, well, it did at the time." 

Derek smiled at Craig as Craig hugged Roxanne gently. Lissie yawned so Craig said, "Come on, Lissie, let's get to bed. It's pretty late." 
Everyone agreed and got into bed. Lissie and Craig were in his room, Derek and Roxanne were in her room; Mark and Ian were in 'their' room. 

Craig's house has become the new hang out area for the gang ever since Roxanne moved in. No one minded nor did their parents care about 'sleeping separately'. Because obviously, Derek and Roxanne were able to sleep together, and from Roxanne's own admission, quite a lot. 

Craig wrapped his arms around Lissie in a protective embrace and kissed her gently. Lissie kissed him back with just as much passion and things started to heat up. However, Craig stopped, "Baby, I don't have any condoms." 
Lissie shrugged and said, "I don't really mind..I want a baby.." 
"Babe, I don't think that's a good idea." 
"But, I love you, Craig.." 
Craig stared at Lissie shocked. She tried to get up but Craig tightened his grip around her waist and kissed her. He trailed to her ear and whispered, "I love you too." 

Craig and Lissie began kissing once again and decided that they were ready for parenthood. 

Roxanne: 'i think im having a boy.' she said because all signs of roxy having a boy were very easy to spot, she was glowing and that doesn't happen often unless a girls having a boy, roxy smiled and was wanting to have the baby soon as possible.

Derek: 'lissie sorry i got you arrested that one day.' he said then shook her hand. 

Craig just gave up on saying anything... He just wanted his sister to be happy. If that's with Derek, then so be it. Lissie walked over to Roxanne and felt her baby bump before smiling at Roxanne and Derek. 

Derek: 'me and roxy are just a couple years apart, besides shes 15 years old give her a break, i love her and i love this baby thats coming, thats all that matters.' he kisses roxy with tongue and his hands are rubbing her tiny little baby bump.

Mark: 'aww.' he sighed in happiness.

Ian: 'first off we need a baby room.' he said thinking of some ideas.

Craig said, "Ian, no offense, but I'd actually like to see my baby sister alive. And wait a second...DEREK!!" 
Craig shook his head and stood up with Lissie with him. He thought Roxanne was too young..but then again, she's also too young to be least Derek didn't walk off and leave Roxanne to deal with this almost on her own 

Ian: 'ah ah ah Craig no need to be spoiling the romance.' ian pointed his finger at Craig.

Mark: 'I so wanna throw them a baby shower.' mark blushed and hid his face. He wasn't used to being girly gay.

Roxanne: 'derek you know i love you more ever right?' she said then hugged him.
 Derek: 'Roxanne I love you with all my heart and well...' he trailed off as he got down on one knee and pulled a baby blue diamond engagement ring. "Roxanne will you marry me?" he asked and roanne said yes.

A groan escapes Craig's lips as Lissie pressed her lips against his. When she pulled away, she smiled at him lightly. Derek and Roxanne were still kissing...Craig said, "You know, air is also important. Especially since she needs to be alive to give birth to the baby." 
They both pulled apart with red tinted cheeks causing everyone else to laugh. 

Ian: 'Yeah well I came out to my family just last monday, they accepted it, said as long as im happy then they're happy.' he said and held marks hand.

mark: 'to be honest being gay has allowed to do as what i want freely without getting judged.' he said then kiss ians cheek

Roxanne: 'well i am happy about everything, im very content.' she smiled then kissed derek.

Everyone then stared at Mark and Ian. Craig was the first to get over the shock. "YOU TWO ARE GAY?!" 
Everyone just sighed before Derek said, "What does you two being gay have to do with this? It shouldn't really matter if you're gay...and screwing around with your brother or cousin." 
Craig nodded in agreement and said, "It's not like you can get pregnant." 

Ian: 'Now now you're born into a very normal family, s**t my familys the same way.' he said and held marks hand. 

Mark: 'yeah me and ian used to be closeted gay but now we're dating.' ian and mark kiss.

Craig rolls his eyes. He can't believe what a sick family he was born into. Marrying your siblings/cousins?? Like seriously? Lissie placed her hand on Craig's shoulder and kissed his cheek sweetly causing him to momentarily forget about his 'sister' and 'cousin'. Ian smirked at them as Mark faked gagged. 

Roxanne: "I love you Derek." She kisses him and shes getting close to being 2 months pregnant.

Ian: 'i'm happy for the couple, im gonna be the god father.' ia smiled and hugged lissie and craig.

Craig didn't reply. He wanted nothing to do with Derek. Roxanne, maybe..but that meant seeing Derek. So far, Craig has avoided seeing Derek for a week. He's been seeing the gang as usual and found out Lissie was out of jail. Lissie and Craig started to date over the time they avoided Roxanne and Derek. However, Roxanne will be living with him soon...and he knew exactly what that meant. Seeing Derek. 

Uncle Jimmy: 'Well well Craig, how do you feel? you're gonna be an uncle!' he poured him a glass of champagne.
Aunt gina: 'well Craig no sour grapes, you help roxanne with the pregnancy ok?' she asked and ruffled his hair.  

Craig couldn't believe it... Is this why she was trying to have sex with him? Because of hormonal problems?? A pang of jealousy swept through Craig as he watched Roxanne and Derek. He then walked out...and didn't return.

Roxanne: 'but yeah me and Derek have been having sex for a while now, i found out im pregnant 2 weeks ago.' she said and smiled as she rubbed her stomach. Derek: he picks up roxanne and kisses her. 'oh sweetie you're having my baby?' he asked and rubbed her little belly, roxanne shook her head yes and smiled.

Craig looks at Roxanne like she grew another head sitting there. He asked, "What did you just say?!" 
Roxanne smiled and said, "The reason I fainted...was i haven't been eating much causing things to become disrupted...that's why i needed blood. The doctor told me when both you and Derek left." 
Aunt Gina looks between all of us and smiles as Craig and Roxanne's parents walk in. 

(There Uncle jimmy and aunt Gina are Dereks mom and dad, uncle morris and aunt maria are craig and roxannes mom and dad)

Derek: He was drunk off some wine, he nearly choked on his drink and busted out laughing 'haha! you're kidding right?' he drank more wine. 

Roxanne: 'Well I think I'm pregnant with Dereks baby.' She said and smiled.

Aunt Gina: 'well derek you're so cheerful about all this.' she said and kiss his cheek

Craig listened to his aunt and uncle explain and then asked, "Why were you two so happy when Roxanne and I were dared to kiss that one time?" 
Uncle Jimmy laughed and said, "Because in this family, cousins or siblings get married often and is not a surprise when it does happen." 
All of their jaws drop and no one knew what to say. 

(Uncle jimmy is craigs and roxannes uncle, then gina is craig and roxannes aunt, uncle morris is dereks uncle, and aunt maria is dereks aunt)

Uncle Jimmy: 'Hey Roxanne and Craig.' he hugs the both of them.

Aunt Gina: 'Well your mom thought that Roxanne should have a better home and that at the time she was forced to give her up for adoption.' she explained it.

Craig sighs. He didn't want to return to the fact..he didn't know what he wanted at the moment. He knew he should be figuring out why his 'sister' was giving up for adoption and when and why weren't they told??? His aunt and uncle seemed SO thrilled that they kissed that one time...Man, this is so confusing. After another hour of walking around the park, he decided to go back to the hospital. 

Derek: 'I'm sorry Craig, it's just you got me in so much trouble being in and out of jail for the past 2 years and I can't get over it. I'm just an a*****e.' he said and sighed. 

Craig just shook his head before heading out of the room. He couldn't take Derek saying crap like that. Derek would've done the same as him. Heck! He actually did have sex with her! So, Craig just walked out of the hospital...and at that point in time, he didn't care for Derek. Derek has gotten on his last nerve. Craig has ALWAYS supported him in dating Roxanne, and then when Roxanne picks Craig, Derek throws a hissy fit like a child. 

Lissie sat in the back of the cell, just watching the officers talk and play cards. She had to resist the urge to bang her head against the wall because she surely didn't want a concussion. With a sigh, she looked at the clock, twenty-four hours before she could leave. Curse you, Derek, was her last thought before her eyes slipped close. 

Craig found himself in the park watching all the family laughing and enjoying the last hour or so of the sun before heading home. Craig isn't comfortable being around all the happy families after what he just found out. He couldn't take it. All of the guys and the girls were his family..and things are just changing for the worst. 

Derek: 'At least I wasn't obvious about it.' he said and sat beside Craig.

Roxanne: 'I am very confused.' She said and was trying to order something to eat.

Ian: 'Still you don't slap anyone Lissie.' he said and the police keep her for the weekend.
Craig snaps, "Like you have room to talk. He's our...first cousin? I think? This is all too confusing really." Roxanne spit water all over Craig and Derek after hearing what Craig said. Both Derek and Roxanne look at Craig in wonder...trying to figure out how he knew. Craig shrugs his shoulders and pulled his cell phone out. 

Lissie glares at Ian and says, "I don't see how he had the right to get me thrown in jail for a light slap! It didn't even leave a mark. Besides, he never called I don't how this is different." 
Now that Lissie pointed that out, Ian started to wonder as well. 

Derek: 'Well cousin, trying to f**k your sister? tsk tsk what a bad boy.' He said being a smart a*s and Roxanne was drinking some water.

Ian: 'Derek had a right to do what he did, you're crazy.' he said and sighed.

Roxanne: 'How's Derek kin to us?' she asked and smiled at Craig

Lissie says, "No, I don't. Derek is the one that put me here because I was trying to know some sense into him." 
Ian shook his head at her and began talking with the police. 
Craig looks at Derek and Roxanne, thinking of when to even ask...their family about all of this and if any of it was true. Craig had a gut feeling...that this was going to take a whole lot of explaining. 

Derek: 'Well since we're all related how about a family reunion?' he asked and ruffled Craigs hair

Ian: He visits Lissie in jail and is disappointed. 'Young lady you're needing therapy bad.' They all stare at each other, not knowing what to say...Craig couldn't believe Roxanne and Derek STILL couldn't be together...some things just don't seem like it should happen Meanwhile, Lissie was sitting in a jail cell with the cops looking at her. She said, "I have no idea why I'm even here. I smacked him because he was about to kill Craig, his best friend. His sister is needing a blood donor, and he went crazy and tried to start a fight with Craig." 
The cops looked at her and shrugged causing Lissie to lean against the wall and sigh. 

Derek and Craig grumbled under their breath. Things never seem to go right.. 

Roxanne: 'How shocking, I kinda find it hard to believe.' she kisses Dereks hand. 

Doctor: 'Oh yeah and Derek you're Roxannes cousin, Roxannes moms sister son.' he said that and Derek looks At Craig. 'Hey cousin.' he smiled and shook his hand.

Craig smiles slightly and says, "Roxy, I'm your real brother... I'm assuming you were put up for adoption not long after you were and you aren't related." 
Craig watches Roxy's face go from surprise, shock, happiness, and basically every emotion as the doctor walks back in. 
He says, "Oh good. You're awake. You gave everyone a scare. How are you feeling?" 
"I have a headache but other than that, I'm feeling fine." 
The doctor nodded as Derek walks in with a grim smile on his face until he sees Roxanne up. His face instantly lights up. 

Derek: 'Oh what a damn ending to this!' he yelled inside the waiting room. He storms off and begins to question everything. He calls his real mom and dad 'Why did you not tell me I had an adopted sister!? I f*****g hate you both!' he screamed.

Roxanne: As she waking up shes a little dazed and confused but fine. 'Hey Craig, whats going on?' she asked and smiled.

Craig just watches as they do what they need to so Roxanne's life is saved. He couldn't believe...he actually...had..a sister? Derek stares at Craig in wonder and then smirks at him. Craig just glares at him as he thought, i can't believe it...i was TURNED ON by MY sister. Derek and Craig sit in the room with Roxanne until she wakes up. 

Derek: He calls the police on Lissie, she gets arrested, mean while the doctors are testing Craig, what they find is a match, Craig is Roxanne's real sister, Roxanne is from a hippie family that had her in the late 90s. 'I can't believe shes not even related to me.' Derek sighs and shakes his head.
Craig replies calmly "Dude, I'll tell you later. Find someone that can donate to her! Stop wasting time!!" Lissie jerks Derek back and slaps him, which causes Derek to shake his head and he pulls his cell phone out. The doctor looks at them with a questioning gaze but decides to not even ask what that was about.  Craig watches Derek walk over with a pale face, "We need to find a donor. My parents aren't in town."
The doctor says, "I can do a blood test on you all and see if you match..unless you know your type." Most of them backed away, only Craig was left standing in front of the doctor and at this point, they were all hoping Craig could save Roxanne. 

Derek: He looks at Craig and grabs him by his shirt collar, pushing Lissie out of the way. 'What the f**k is wrong with you?' He asked Craig and just glares intensely at him.

The doctor replies, "The issue is, you are not compatible with her blood type. I need some that is O negative. You're AB. Worry about that later and find me someone that is O negative or this girl will die." Craig was able to hear all of that...He couldn't believe it...Roxanne and Derek didn't have the same blood type?? If she's O negative, and he's of them is adopted... Lissie looks at Craig questioningly as she sees this goofy grin appear on his face.

Derek: 'What the hell is going on here man?' He asked the doctor getting very frustrated. His bloods boiling,his hands are balled into fists, and hes shaking from getting so mad. 
Lissie says "Derek, I think she needs to go to a doctor. She's really pale and looks really bad." "I agree." Craig says quietly as he watches Derek rock Roxanne gently as her eyes slowly closed. Derek nods at them before vanishing. They all get ready to go to the hospital to see what's wrong with Roxy. After about two hours in the ER, a doctor comes out and says, "Are any of you family? Her blood levels are low and we need to know what type she is." Craig watches as Derek jumps up and goes towards the doctor. Now, they had to wait even longer..

Roxanne: 'Mm I don't feel so good.' She moans in pain and Derek holds her in his arms, cradling her like he does and shushing her to sleep.  Derek: 'It's ok baby." he says to her and just rocks her to sleep. 

Craig doesn't reply to Roxanne, except for kissing her back. Derek glares at Craig as Roxanne continues rubbing Craig. Lissie sighs and picks Roxanne up and leads her out of the room. Lissie was waiting on the day Derek punches Craig. Roxanne got out of Lissie's grip and ran to the nearest bathroom and puked once again. However, before Craig could move, Derek ran to the bathroom to check on her. Craig and Lissie walk to the entrance of the door to watch Derek. He places his hand on her forehead causing Craig and Lissie to stand there impatiently.

 Roxanne: 'I love you Craig.' she kisses him. After that she sits down on his lap and she can feel a boner because she smirks at Craig, 'well hello to you too.' She rubs the boner. Derek: 'who wants to get out of this town to go to New York this weekend?' He asks and looks up hotels online.

Craig watches the different expressions flash across Derek's face. Craig starts to wonder what exactly is the issue when the guys walk out along with Lissie. Lissie instantly goes to Roxy to check on her, but Roxanne held Craig tighter causing sadness to flash across as Roxanne starts to sob even more. 

Roxanne: After she is done puking she hugs Craig tightly and whine a little big. 'I don't know whats wrong with me.' She says that and sighs. Derek: "I hope I didn't..oh no..' He begins to worry he might have gotten her pregnant.

Craig walks into the kitchen the minute he smells food and notices that Roxanne is a little pale. Derek looks to Craig and shakes his head, indicating he didn't know what is wrong with her. Lissie comes bounding into the kitchen with a bright smile on her face until she sees Roxanna run past Derek and out the back door. Craig immediately took off after her to see her puking. He pulls her hair away and rubs her back soothingly when Derek comes out with worry written on his face. 

The morning quickly approaches, Derek yawned softly as the sun shined bright in his room, A few minutes later Roxanne wakes up, shocked to know she was in Dereks bed, she goes downstairs and has a terrible headache. Derek comes downstairs 5 minutes later, seeing Roxanne not feeling good, he walks up behind her and hugs her. 'What's wrong baby?' Baby is a nickname he has given to Roxanne over a couple years ago. Roxanne replies 'Nothing, I just don't feel good.'  Ian: 'Craig go get Roxanne an aspirin, some water and a light breakfast since she don't feel good.' He ordered as he made breakfast, his specialty was eggs, french toast and hash browns. Roxanne: 'Ugh, I don't good.' She sighs as Derek kisses her shoulders. 

Craig walks upstairs to see Derek and Roxanne cuddling. He sighs and lays the gift card on Derek's dresser. He knew Derek would do this..hopefully their parents don't find out like that time we were playing truth and dare and their parents walked in right when Derek was dared to kiss Roxanne. Lissie walks out of Roxanne's room to see Craig standing in Derek's doorway. She walks over and looks in to see Derek and Roxanne cuddled together with a soft smile on both of their faces. Lissie said, "Craig, we need to see if there's anyway to get them together." Craig said, "Trust me, I've been trying to find out a way." 

Derek: The buzz started to wear off and he said to Craig 'Let me go before I give you a black eye like last month.' He walks over to Roxy, picks her up and cradles her like a baby, she begins to go to sleep so he takes her to his room and cuddles her in his bed. Ian: Clearly high and not thinking anything of it, he gives Craig a gift card that was meant for Roxanne to go get her belly button pierced for her birthday. 'Here since you're dating her, give her that.' Ian crashes on the recliner. 

Craig decided to not tell Derek that because usually remembers these conversations and that's the last thing Craig needs. Mark quickly grabs Derek's attention, saving Craig from a horrible fight. Suddenly, they hear the floor boards creaking and knew Lissie and Roxanne were goofing off. Craig knew that Lissa wasn't sleep...but Derek obviously didn't as he glares towards the stairs. Lissie and Roxanne was talking about anything and everything. However, Lissie now knew for a fact both Derek and Roxanne like each other more than they should...and she had no idea how to help them because she wants her best friend happy. Craig watches as Derek tries to go upstairs before Ian said, "Derek sit your butt down and let them be. They've been with us all day and I'm sure they want time with one another. They don't have to be around us at all times." 

Roxanne: 'Oh man Lissie you know that I do.' She said that and played a pink floyd cd that Derek had gotten her for her 14th birthday. She smiled and began to dance. Meanwhile downstairs Derek and Craig are kinda getting along. While high Derek asks Craig, 'So how many times did you get a boner from Roxy?' He looks at Craig with a smirk. 

Craig sat there listening to Roxanne questioning her friend and Derek being rude. He couldn't believe Roxanne didn't just at the chance to hang out with Lissie like she would usually do just to have 'girl' time. Lissie stared at them and looked at Roxanne. "Roxy, come on. We haven't had any girl time." Lissie pleads with Roxanne, using an old nickname for her. Roxanne looks at her before agreeing. Before she got out of his lap, Craig kisses her forehead causing Derek to grunt. Lissie and Roxanne head upstairs...and he knew things were about to turn ugly. Lissie and Roxanne go into Roxanne's room. Lissie looks at Roxanne and notice that she seems out of it. Hopefully, Lissie thinks, she won't remember this conversation. "Roxanne, do you like Derek? You know, more than a sister should?"

 Roxanne: 'Why do we need to go to bed now?' asking Lissie as she just leans against Craigs chest listening to his heartbeats, the gentle beating made her relax with the heavy tension going on. Derek: 'Oh I'm sorry Lissie but not everyone is tired like you.' He said and was eating junk food because he just now got the munchies. 

Craig just grumbles at Ian before walking out to see Lissie in his spot. He picked Roxanne up and placed her on his lap as Derek glares at him, making sure Roxanne doesn't see. Out the corner of his eye, he sees Ian walk in shaking his head. Lissie looks between Ian, Craig, Derek and Roxanne, feeling the tension build up. She knew that a knife could probably be broken in half if someone tried to cut through the tension. Lissie says, "Hey, it's starting to get late. Why don't we all get to bed..?" Everyone just looks at her, knowing something was wrong since she likes to stay up's usually Roxanne suggesting sleep before ten or eleven...and it's only eight…

 Ian: 'Hey young man you need to quit fighting with Derek, or I'm gonna send you to therapy.' He said and looked Craig dead in the eyes. Craig just looks at Ian in the eyes before Derek chimes in and says Derek: 'Heh Ian it's no use Craig just can't help that Roxanne gives him to many boners and that he can't control himself when around her, he puts on the brave act when in reality he's just as shy as Roxanne is.' He drinks a beer.  

Craig sighs at Derek's 'flirting'. He heard Lissie start crying and looks at Derek. He asks, "What did you do to, Lissie?" "Nothing, I just told her I didn't like her." Derek replies, but Craig knew that isn't the only that was said between the two. He looks down at Roxanne shaking his head. Craig couldn't believe Derek gave Roxanne a joint. Sure, everyone else, aside from Lissie and me, was smoking, but that didn't give Roxanne the right. He sighs before going to the kitchen to get something to drink when Ian walks in behind him, closing the door and locking it. Craig ignores him as he opens the fridge to find something else to drink. Lissie walks back into the living room to see everyone smoking. However, she didn't see Craig. She only shrugs before sitting next to Roxanne. Lissie watches as Roxanne gives Derek a smile that no one else has ever received and shock enters Lissie. She finally figured out who Derek likes. 

Derek: "Lissie are you high? I don't like you, now stop it!' He yelled at her and walked outside his bedroom, steals a joint from Mark, pays him $40 of his allowance from helping out around the house the past few weeks. There's no way in hell he could do that to someone.  Roxanne: "Hey Craig I want some of that weed Marks having but he won't share." She pouts giving Craig the puppy eyes. Derek gives Roxanne a joint and smiles at Roxanne in the most genuine way he always has. He plays with her hair and kisses her forehead, a plan of revenge to get back at Craig before he snapped on him. 

 "Derek, chill out. I do like her, I just think, never mind." Craig says as he walks back down to see Roxanne smile sweetly at him. However, he notices that it's not her breath-taking smile that she gives Derek. Lissie jumps up from the floor when she sees Derek and smiles at him before going to him. Craig starts to ignore them as he walks to Roxanne. She asked him, "Is everything okay?" He only nods before wrapping his right arm around her shoulders. Lissie grabs Derek's hand to stop him. He looks at her with no emotion, but she doesn't back down. She says, "Derek, it's going to be okay. I'm sure the girl you like will like you back in time. Have you ever thought of making her jealous?" Lissie starts to play with her hair again, a nervous habit. She didn't know how Derek was going to react, and she knew this plan is mean and cruel. However, she wants to see if Derek can move on to someone else.

Roxanne: 'Craig you okay?' She asked in her sweetest little girl like baby voice she's known for having since shes the youngest. Ian: 'Mark I'll take some of that weed man.' He said and Mark slips him a small joint that measured 3 inches, the weed was purple but still green. Derek: He could feel his blood boiling with anger as Craig walked in and he pushed Craig up against the wall and said 'I know you're feeling regret right now for dating my sister, the least you can do is act like you like her, I know you do Craig, I'm not stupid as you want to think.' He let Craig and sighed. 

Lissie just sighs as she hears a door slam causing both her and Ian to go to the living to see Craig and Roxanne share a kiss. Craig starts to feel awful. He is always pushing Derek to tell Roxanne his feelings..and he goes and starts to date her. When Roxanne kissed him, he felt nothing but regret. However, he knows Derek likes or even loves Roxanne, and they would be a good couple...then again, they are related and it is frowned upon. Craig stares at Roxanne before kissing her forehead again and heading upstairs to talk to Derek, hoping things will end well.

 Ian: 'Look I'm not trying to be a jerk for telling you this, just calm down. God you're sensitive.' Ian sighed and put the cigarette out in the ashtray.  Derek: 'It's quite rude to whisper Craig, Why don't you just be secretive about things next time when I'm not around?' He gets up, turns the game off and marches to his room, he's starting to regret telling Roxanne to tell Craig how she felt. Roxanne: 'Me and Alex just wasn't meant to be, that's all. And I like you Craig a lot.' She gives a kiss on the lips, a small kiss.

Lissie stares at Ian and nods in understanding before saying, "I know. I bet it's hard for him...maybe even her." Ian shrugged as Lissie continued looking over the grass, wishing something could go right for her best friend... Unless, she really does like Craig. Craig stares at Roxanne as she stutters before placing a finger on her lips and kissing her forehead. He also notices the slight glare Derek is sending his way before whispering in Roxanne's ear, "We can try dating, but if you're ever uncomfortable, just say so. I think you like someone else, but until you figure your feelings out, we'll try. Alright?" Roxanne nods as Derek grips his controller tighter, something that doesn't go unnoticed to Craig. He knew good and well this is going to affect Derek emotionally, even if Derek never says anything. Craig then asks, "What exactly happened with Alex?" 

Ian walks in and just sits on the recliner, opening up his empty guitar case and counting his money he had earned today for playing music for 4 hours since the crack of dawn. 'I made $45 today what a waste of time I guess.' He sighed and pulled Lissie aside outside on the porch and smoking a cigarette, 'You do need to take it a down a notch with Derek, you're wasting your valuable time trying to get what you want, but time to face reality, Derek just has his eyes set on another girl. It's not you Lissie and I don't want you to get hurt.' Roxanne: 'Craig I have something to tell you..I like..I like..' she began to stutter and get stuck on her words, Mark chimes and says 'We know we know, you like Craig damn make a move and stick with it.' Mark eats some candy and he smells like weed. 

Lissie's jaw drops after hearing Derek say that, but she refuses to let them know that it bugs her. Craig walked back into the living room with soda and taking his place on the couch. Lissie turns to him and asks, "What's up with Roxanne and Derek? I thought Roxanne liked you?" Shuffling could be heard coming towards the living room so they become quiet to see Roxanne thrown over Derek's shoulder. Lissie actually started laughing as Derek set Roxanne beside Craig before taking his place beside her. Craig looks down at Roxanne seeing her looking at him with a slight blush on her face. 

Derek: 'Girls just don't know when to take a hint Craig, it's like you have to be harsh or they keep on flirting with you until you snap.' Derek said from the living room with a loud voice, he pauses the 'Halo' game and walks up behind Roxanne giving her a hug from behind, he whispers in her 'Craig knows about you feel little one. So make a move.' He then gets some kool aid to drink. 

 Craig chuckles at Roxanne's blush before saying, "Not much. Lissie is flirting with Derek again." He could see a flash of hurt go through her eyes but didn't say anything as Roxanne continued to eat. 

Roxanne: 'Hey Craig, whats up?' She asked while her bread for the sandwich, she drank some kool aid, and as she reached for a glass in the cabinet, she ran into Craig, she blushed because for a while now she started to developed strong feelings for Craig.

Lissie pouts as she sticks her tongue out at him as Craig begins laughing. Lissie turns to Craig asking, "What's so funny?" Craig only let out a laugh before shaking his head and going to the kitchen to see Roxanne thinking deeply. 

Derek: 'Thanks Lissie but I still beat your a*s at 'halo' too.' He says to her joking but kinda harsh. Derek is always outspoken so he could be an angel or a devil in disguise.

 Lissie walks over to Derek after saying hey to Roxanne. She sits close to Derek, commenting on how good he is playing while twirling a piece of her hair. Craig is sitting on the couch watching Lissie try to flirt with Derek, knowing all of her flirting was pointless.

Derek is in the living room playing 'Halo' with his friend Mark. Lissie comes in the room and Derek just waves at her but continues playing his game. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I pulled the toast from the place where popped up from the toaster and dropped it just as quickly as it burned my fingers. I licked them absently and stuck my knife in the jam. Toast instead of bread. This should be interesting. I don't usually like PB and J but I was bored, I was hungry, and I wanted me a sandwhich. "Is that food?" I heard a tired voice yawn. I looked over my shoulder to see my brother Derek padding down the stairs looking very just-woke-up-from-a-nap-and-I-need-food like. He wore nothing more than a pair of black skinny jeans, a belt, and a red zip up hoodie, open over his bare chest as if he had absently thrown it on out of habit. His black was in small tufts all over his head, looking like duck fluff and I was pretty sure he'd been drooling and his breath probably stank. I stuck out my leg and held him at bay as I finished my sandwhich. He pouted and went to the living room. "I just wanted a bite." he said turning on the Playstation and flipping the tv to the right channel. I rolled my eyes and came into the living room to watch him cuss fools out. But just as I was enjoying my first bite of my sandwhich, the doorbell rang. I set my plate down on the floor and opened the door up to Mark Priest, one of my best friends. He had shaggy brown hair and was wearing a gray t-shirt over white skinny jeans (which he was sagging). He had black rimmed glasses on and was grinning down at me confidently leaning against the doorframe. I looked back boredly. "Hello little children. Would you like some candy?" He asked only half joking. I grinned and nodded my head. He rolled his eyes. "You're supposed to say no you idiot." He said pushing his glasses up farther on his nose. "Then don't offer." I said pouting and letting him in. I followed him into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of Kool-Aid. Or at least he did. I wanted water because Kool-Aid had the word Aids in it. So that's why I drink water. Because soda is unhealthy and Kool-Aid gives you Aids. "Hey Mark, did you finally get your Mom to stop harrasing you about .... Derek!" I yelled at my brother as I inspected my empty plate. "What?" he asked brushing bread crumbs off his six pack. It would have been hot if he didn't burp obnoxiously afterwards. "Hey Roxy, if you're still hungry I have that candy." Mark chimed from where he was unraveling a game controller. "Dibs on the red and black one!" He called over his shoulder to Derek who was rubbing his stomach. Derek's eyes snapped wide and he plowed into Mark's back. I laughed as it turned into an all out brawl over a game controller. "You two are very uncivilized. Unnaturally so. Maybe I should take you in to see a specialist." a calm voice crooned from the door. It was Ian Knight (I had left the door unlocked for the rest of our friends) who was the oldest in the group and had his infamous guitar case strapped to his back. "Back from a gig?" I asked looking at from where I was perched upside down in my chair. He nodded and the conversation ended. I rolled my eyes as he set the case by the door. "I see the idiots are at it again." Another voice chimed from behind Ian. Lissie Crock. My best friend chimed from the door where she was letting her purse plop down on the floor. I nodded and we both looked at Ian, waiting for him to do what he did best and give the two of them a common enemy. He sighed and mummbled something incoherrant. He walked over to where Derek and Mark still hadn't noticed the two new guests as they pulled on the controller like children. Ian plucked the controller from between them, plugged it in, and sat beside my chair. The boys blinked and looked at their empty hands. Then they looked at Ian where he had his cheek leaning on his hand watching them with the stank eye. Let me explain. Ian is six foot something, at least a 180 pounds of muscle with long black hair and tattoos covering his entire torso. Derek sighed and decided he didn't want to ruin his face today. He snagged the blue controller instead and Mark grabbed the silver one. "Has Ian already become peace keeper while I was gone? Damn. I wanted to watch the b***h fight." Craig Rite said walking into the room with his lower lip pouting out at the fact he missed the action. I smiled. I liked Craig. He was good guy. Even if he did get my brother arrested every other week. Mom was always worried about him. My dad didn't like him though, considering he found him kissing me once. In truth it was a dare and neither of us had enjoyed it. At all. It was horrible. "So," Lissie said as Craig came over and sat on me. "What was up with you and Alex today?" She asked leaning forward, her blue hair falling onto Craig's arm. Craig raised an eyebrow at me looking curious and questioning. I scowled. Alex was my very blonde, very egotistical, very ex-boyfriend. I had caught him making out with some cheerleader in the hall today. During passing period no less so when he looked over, saw me and quickly tried to make up a story, everyone saw. The skank just smirked at me. I'm not saying I yelled and cried and made a scene. I didn't realize it til then but I knew that he wasn't worth it. He never had been. I didn't even know why I was going out with him. I looked over to Derek without thinking. His eyes were on me and his body was stiff. The way it always got when we talked about Alex. I don't really know why but he seemed to pretty much hated my boyfriend. Whenever I brought him up he would go quiet and space out. If he was forced to be a part of the conversation his voice was tight and he would give short simple answers. He nodded his head and I knew he understood. I didn't want to talk about it right now but I would need to vent sometime. And when I did he would be there to listen. Just like he always was. Once again, I was shocked by how much my brother knew about me. I flashed back to when he first ended up in the hospital for breaking his arm. I was the first person he asked for because he knew how worried I was about him. "Well? Hello?! Roxy!! Tell me." Lissie insisted from beside me. I sighed, shoved Criag off me because my legs were going numb and said, "I'll talk to you about it later." "What happened?" Craig asked from the floor where he had been to lazy to get up from. Lissie through a look at me asking permission to leak info and I nodded as I looked back at Derek. Having given his turn back to Ian (who powned at Halo) he got up and went into the kitchen. Mom started to walk downstairs at the same time in her bathrobe. She didn't look surprised to see four extra people in our living room. They were over too often. "Okay so who's staying tonight?" She asked casually. That would be everyone. My mom took a head count and made sure everyone's parents knew where they were and that everyone had clothes and pajamas. Everyone was over so often they either already had clothes here or had brought their own. And if not, they could always borrow something from me or Derek until my mom washed their clothes for them and gave it back. I followed her into the kitchen to find Derek wrestling with his spilt Kool-Aid trying to clean it up before it got sticky. He was hopless. He would have to use the sponge eventually. "Hey Mom." he greeted as he threw yet another paper towel in the trash. "I'll take care of sleeping arrangments." he promised before she could ask. "Girls sleep seperate." She warned. There were loud noises of protest from the living room and I laughed loudly. Mom grabbed her now fluffy bag of popcorn from the microwave and went up to bed. Unfortunatly that meant we all had to be quiet now. We weren't very good at that. As I listened to everyone whispering and then ruining it by laughing loudly, I looked back at Derek. He was already watching me. He smiled and his eyes were sad. I stepped into his warm arms and leaned my head against his bare chest feeling safe for the first time all day. He kissed the top of my head and leaned his cheek agaist the top of my hair. Derek was my best friend and I loved him so much. Sometimes I wished he wasn't my brother. 

© 2014 Heather

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Interesting and captivating tale, truly enjoyed your style of writing and your story telling...

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