Chapter 12: A Silent Plea; An announced Pledge

Chapter 12: A Silent Plea; An announced Pledge

A Chapter by Sairek Ceareste





“Up ahead, I think I see it!”


“About time… My feet are killing me.”


Just as Cyial had predicted, they managed to get to the Inn at around midnight. Although they couldn’t run, Sairek suggested that they walk as fast as they could when night had been falling to minimize the time they were exposing themselves to the dangers of the night. The effort paid off, as it was near Midnight when they arrived at the wooden building off to the side of the road.


“After you, Prince!” Nayleen said jokingly, waving her hand at the door to motion Sairek forwards. He chuckled a little, knowing this was just a joke by her. “I would go in Nayleen, but there's the matter that the Inn right now is closed. Being the Prince though, I don’t think that matters to me. With my title, we’ll probably get the beds for free.”


“You’re kidding, right?” Nayleen scoffed. “You just get everything for free? And people offer it to you?”


Sairek glanced towards the quiet Cyial who stood a little distance behind Nayleen. He hadn't really spoken much on the way here. In fact, he only spoke when addressed to except for maybe asking a quiet question now and then. Despite Sairek trying to calm the other boy down from his title of Prince, it didn't seem his efforts were having very much of an effect. In a way, it seemed as if he was more than just shy being around Sairek like he had originally thought, but that he was actually intimidated by Sairek. Whenever Sairek had addressed him as friendly as possible, the boy would always stammer and stutter. But when Nayleen asked him something, well, he still stammered and shuttered but did not seem to be nearly as overwhelmed by such questions compared to Sairek's own responses in general.


Well, there was not much he could really do about it anyways. They would probably split up by the time they get to Lamen anyways. Sairek looked back towards Nayleen when he saw Cyial fidget from his stare, being lost in thought as he was. He didn't want the other boy getting unnecessary ideas. “Watch, you will see why I hate my title at times with the way people interact with me.” Sairek said. The boy lifted his staff, tapping on the door three times. The knocks with his staff were slow, but loud. They somehow seemed to produce a sound that expressed authority in them. Sairek waited about 30 seconds before giving out another set of 3 knocks. These ones were slightly louder, trying to grab attention now in case nobody at the door was nearby.


This time the door was answered almost instantly which caused Sairek to step back in mild surprise. A young man at the door had opened it. When he had swung it open, he took a step back instantly recognizing Sairek, who stood there in his formal stance. The man bowed down, as if on instinct.


“M-Master Apprentice! I had no idea…!” The man said, trailing off. Sairek looked at the man who was now at even height with him for he knelt to him with one knee. “May I get your name?” Sairek asked him. He seemed somewhat confused at the question, but answered almost immediately. “Alwor, Master Sairek Ceareste! My name is Alwor Jahdi, the owner of this here Inn.”


Sairek turned his staff to the side in both hands in his lap, and bowed, just like he had done with Cyial in the cave. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Innkeeper Alwor. I apologize for the sudden appearance at your door.”


“I don’t deserve such respect to be bowed to, Master Apprentice!” The man said, obviously flustered at such respect.


Sairek rose his body erect after he waited the proper allotted time, despite what the man said. He looked at Alwor, with a small smile on his face. “All people and living creatures are equal in my eyes. It does not matter to me if I have the title of Prince and you the title of an Innkeeper, Alwor. I care for my fathers' people and if they treat me with respect, I shall return it all in kind.” He looked at the man who was still kneeling down to him. He let out a short friendly chuckle “…Which means you may rise and look at me, sir. We are all friends.”


The man did as he asked, although it seemed he did so only because he thought it was an order and to please Sairek. Sairek looked behind him and motioned with his left hand for the other two to come forwards.


“Ah! Acolyte Cyial, it is good to see you again!" Alwor soon spoke out. "You have been in excellent company this time I see!”


Cyial smiled shyly and nodded. “…I met master Sairek at the cave, with his other friend…”


Nayleen blushed slightly and bowed her head a little bit. "My name is Nayleen… Huntress in training, that’s me!”


Sairek looked back over to Alwor, speaking again. “Nayleen and I were on our way to Lamen when we met Cyial. So we decided the three of us should go to the city together. But it is night now and we are in need of a safe place to retire until dawn. Do you have any rooms available?


Alwor nodded. “Yes, there is one room available, and then there was one reserved for Acoylte Cyial. But Cyial’s room is only one bed." He looked at Sairek and then Nayleen. "I can however arrange for another room to--”


“Cyial and I can sleep in the same room together. I think we are small enough as children to be able to share one bed for an adult together just fine.” Sairek then frowned a little. “Unfortunately though, there is not much I can do to return the favor. My Father, err... didn't give me any money.”


“That is fine laddie! Being the Prince and then being accompanied by Acolyte Cyial, there is no way I could refuse you three! Would you like some food as well?”


Sairek was thinking for a moment, before Nayleen whispered to his ear quietly enough so only he could hear it. “Sairek, I don’t know about Cyial… But the both of us haven’t even had much of breakfast today… We skipped lunch and dinner now that I think about it…”


Sairek realized she was actually right. He had been so preoccupied with trying to make it to the Inn, and then there was also the monster troubles they had before meeting Cyial, they hadn’t had much to bite down on today. Even with that, they didn't know if Cyial had breakfast or even lunch, but the boy certainly had not eaten any dinner. Even more, he was not even carrying any kind of food on him. Only that book and bottle he used.


“Yes, that would be most appreciated Alwor. Thank you for your hospitality.” Sairek didn’t like the fact he was asking for food when he already had food on him, just that Alwor couldn’t see it, but he had to admit that free food was simply free food. Sairek wanted any possible food troubles that may occur to be far back away as possible.








*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *







Sairek closed the bedroom door that was his room he shared with Cyial after they all had eaten together in the same room, Nayleen had went to her own room to retire for the night. It was past midnight now, and Sairek felt much more relaxed now that he had actually eaten and they were in a nice, warm, comfortable place. Sairek moved over to a spacey corner of the room, where he let all the supplies out of the jewel and let out a sigh of relief at the weight he had been carrying being gone and away with for the rest of the night. He would not need to worry about hunting for some ethereal in the morning.


That reminded him, he and Nayleen did not even fill in any containers with the ethereal that they did find. Although he had to admit, there was no way he could really release the energy with his back paralyzed as it had been. He wouldn't have wanted to take any of the water with the bits of slime (and himself) having been sitting in it either. They could have waited for it to settle down at the bottom of the pool, but then they would have gotten here even later. He sighed a bit. Perhaps they would come across a place where they could get some more, without it being so far out of the way.


Cyial had sat on the bed and watched with interest at the trick Sairek preformed. He didn’t ask anything about what Sairek had done, though. Sairek began rummaging through some bags and such for a few minutes and Cyial still watched him. Eventually curious enough, he spoke. “What are you looking for?”


“I may not have a change of clothes, but I still brought my pajamas.” The Prince answered. "My clothes are still damp, but at least I will be able to sleep dry and comfortable." Cyial then spoke again. “Why didn’t you just change into your sleeping wear when your clothes were wet?” The Acolyte asked curiously.


“…I am not going to walk along the road in my pajamas.” Sairek answered in a dull tone. Cyial only let out a small “Oh…” embarrassed he even asked the question. Sairek then sighed a little. “Besides… I’m... um... too shy to er... to shy to change with a girl nearby..." he mumbled.


“Any girl?” Cyial asked simply but still in an kind of intimidated tone. Sairek nodded his head. “Yes, almost any. I am comfortable in front of my maid at the castle named Laure, though. After mother died, she had been pretty much babysitting me. She still helps me change into my formal clothing or out of it back at the castle, although I am capable of doing it myself, I have to admit these clothes are hard to put on and just as hard to get off. It can take a long time too. Having her help takes a lot less time. Laure has seen my body since I was a baby nearly every morning and every evening. But Nayleen and I just recently met not even a week ago."


Cyial listened to the Prince, and then tilted his head some. “What about me? You’re not shy to change in front of me?”


“You’re a boy and I’m a boy. It’s not like anything you see will be news; I am not going to strip myself bare here.”


“Sorry… Just nobody really trusts me…”


Sairek managed to find his sleeping wear and pulled them out of the bag, but he slowly stood up and turned to Cyial. His eyes blinked in curiosity. “…Why, if I may ask? You seem like a nice person to me. You helped me with my spine before you even knew I was the Prince.” Sairek cocked his head to the side curiously. "And... well, you're a kid like me and don't seem at all like the mischevious type."


“I guess it’s because I look very weird to other people… I would have thought Nayleen and you would think the same way… I believed that at first when Nayleen was shouting at me when I entered the cave. That’s why I sleep in a different room than everyone else in the Monastery. Only the Father Abbot and Alwor here have not cared about how odd I look. Everyone else says I look weird and avoid me… or worse.”


Sairek frowned at this. He turned himself around, paying full attention to Cyial now. “’Looking ‘normal’ and looking ‘weird’… that is just but one selfish premonition that people have. I do not share that philosophy. I do not believe that you look ‘weird’, Cyial. I simply believe that you look different than what most people do. And, to me that is perfectly normal. Besides, after reading probably a thousand or more books, I already know it is foolish to judge one by nothing more but its cover. That philosophy directed from ‘book’ to ‘person’ is quite honestly no different and fits accurately.”


A faint smile formed on Cyial’s face as he listened to Sairek’s words.


“Um… Sairek…?”




Cyial was silent for a moment, but then he shook his head. “No… never mind… I’m sorry... it's just... well... yeah, neve rmind.”


Sairek frowned at Cyial; not because it seemed that the other child did not trust him, but rather he was struggling with himself. Sairek did not press the topic on. The other child on the bed looked down at the floor as if ashamed he was hiding something from Sairek. “…I will tell you when we reach Lamen. Nayleen too will probably know too. Someone will probably point it out… although I hope that is not the case. I want to explain it to you two at the Monastery, if possible…”


“…You are afraid that the secret you are keeping from us will instantly change my opinion about you and possibly Nayleen’s as well… right?” Sairek asked softly.


Cyial slowly nodded on the his head as he fidgeted uncomfortably on the bed. He clutched the book he always seemed to keep close to him, perhaps uncomfortably close, to his chest tighter. Sairek believed it must have been rather hard for him to admit that was the case, even with his strange eyes, Sairek could see the emotion in them.


“It would be foolish of me to say that there is no way that won’t happen; because I obviously don’t know what you are hiding. However, I do know this much, Cyial: You helped Nayleen and I in the cave for no particular reason other than the fact you wanted to help us. The very least I could do is to be your friend until we reach Lamen…"

Sairek took a deep breath. He couldn't leave it at that. That's not exactly how he felt. "…And… aside from all of that. No matter what your secret may be, whether it is something terrible you have done in the past, or something you may believe you will do in the future, know that I will at least keep a hold of that action in my heart. Not as the Prince of this kingdom, but simply as who I am; Sairek. To me, even if you are a bad person, deep down inside, you are a good-hearted individual. Nobody else decides who you wish to be; only you make that choice. If you are afraid of who you are, then the world you live in will never start to change. You already have people who want nothing more but to see you succeed, even if that number may seem small. To them, they see something in you that other people aren't willing to observe.”


Cyial was still looking down at the floor, his eyes looked extremely soft and wet. Sairek moved over to him, and patted the top of his head in a caring way; a soft smile formed with his lips.


“While I said I cannot be certain, I want to believe… and I do believe that you are a good person Cyial, no matter who you are. I won’t ask what you are hiding. Only that you tell us until you are ready to speak, if you wish.”


Sairek placed his nightwear on the bed, as he turned towards the door and walked to it. He placed his hand on the doorknob and then looked back to Cyial who was still staring at the floor. “I’ll give you a while to calm down. I’ll be talking to Nayleen. Come get me when you’re ready to go to sleep, okay?”


Cyial looked slowly at Sairek and gave a slow nod, before looking back at the floor. Sairek mentally sighed, opening the door, and gently closing it behind him.







“…I feel so bad for him…” Sairek whispered quietly, as he leaned against a wall in Nayleen’s room, as she sat on her own bed for the night. “…I don’t think I have ever seen a person this damaged before… I think… he feels even worse than I do about mother; and believe me, that is saying a lot."

“…It can’t be over something trivial then just looks, can it? I mean, that’s nothing but bullying. I used to get bullied but I wasn't so depressed."

"How did you handle the bullying?" Sairek asked.

"I punched the jerks in the mouth to shut them up!"

Sairek just rolled his eyes at her. "I hardly think Cyial is like that Cyial. He seems more like a pacifist to me."

Nayleen shrugged. "I mean, whatever his secret is… well, that has to be the root of the cause for why he is feeling so down so easily obviously, and he doesn't seem to be a very confident person. These are all symptoms of bullying, which would not be uncommon for someone who looks different to suffer from. But it seems to be rooted down deeper. Perhaps there is a deeper connection to all of it. Even after what you had said to him, he still is refusing to open up… Maybe it may be best for us to just not know?” Nayleen sighed and flopped back on the bed. “He seems like such a sweet little kid to me. It makes me wanna punch someone to know that he is being mistreated by others in Lamen! I’m not gonna leave his side when we get there y’know! I’ll spit on anyone who insults him!”


Sairek gave a faint smile, as he crossed his arms over his torso and closed his eyes. “To be honest... I kind of want him to stay with us…”


“Are you sure that’s a good idea, Sairek?" Nayleen asked him cautiously. "This is our mission; not his. Besides, he works at the Monastery. He can't just up and leave... ...Well, actually he can, but that is beside the point. I doubt he'd want to leave whoever this "Father Abbot" person is, who has been a trusted friend of his for what seems to be his entire life. He seems to protect Cyial, and I don't think that is a comfort zone Cyial will likely give up so easily.”


“I know that and you are right. All of those reasons are why I am unsure… but I will be honest about how I feel; I want to protect him." Sairek shifted on the wall he was leaning against as he thought as he spoke. "I don’t know what his secret is, but I think it is something that he alone is scared of, or that others may be scared of. If he is like this now, then I fear that his mental state is not going to be able to take much more strain if this keeps up. He needs to be away from his current atmosphere. Away from the people who are feeding his fear and lowering his confidence. He needs time to think and choose for himself… and the only way for him to do that is to search for himself… that is what motivated me to leave the castle in the first place. Your letters sort of helped persuade me, yes. But in the end seeing what is wrong with Yggdrasil is not my primary goal. It's to find out what happened to my mother.” 


Sairek opened his eyes halfway as he let out a sigh of his own. “However, the fact he is from the Monastery means that we can take him since we are going to Yggdrasil… even if the Monastery refuses, my commands overrule any of theirs. Looking after Yggdrasil is their job; and if I say there may be something amiss, then they have no choice but to take my word for it, even if I am wrong… but, I will only do that if Cyial wishes to come with us and the Monastery itself denies him of going. I don't think I will have to do that, though. If anything, the Monastery may become happier if he leaves since they seem to despite him so much.”


“What do you think he wants?” Nayleen asked him.


“I don’t know…" Sairek muttered honestly as he lifted his gaze from the floor to look back at Nayleen. He half shrugged as he spoke. "If I was to take a guess, I would maybe say acceptance… Or maybe, after what he has seemed to have gone through, maybe he just wishes he could be ‘normal’ like everyone else? I suppose that still falls in the 'acceptance' category, though. Perhaps his situation and my situation are very much the same, Nayleen. I want people to just accept who I am, not what I am. Perhaps he wants no different?”


“Yeah, I would take that guess too. I guess we will have to see how Lamen goes tomorrow…”


Sairek and Nayleen fell silent for a few moments, before a soft slow knock on the door came. Sairek pushed himself away off of the wall. “That must be him… I will see you in the morning, Nayleen.”


“Alright,” she said with a nod.


Sairek moved over to the door, opening it. Like he had guessed, Cyial was standing at the door, although looking at his feet as he was tightly holding the dark brown book with both hands to his chest. Sairek mentally frowned that he still looked extremely depressed.


“Are you ready to sleep?”


Cyial gave a small slow nod. Sairek glanced back at Nayleen who was watching, before walking out the door with the other boy, and closing it behind him gently. Cyial lead them back to the room.


When they got in, Sairek began to change into his sleepwear. Once again, Cyial sat on the bed, watching Sairek, as the child first removed his gloves, then hood, which he had to pull a bit as it actually barely the correct size for his head. Sairek then had to uproot his entire shirt with the white tabard, cape and hood still attached. He put his clothes on top of their supplies; rather then leaving them on the floor. He had squirmed a bit, struggling to dip his head inside of the shirt so he could pull it over him. He shifted around a bit, nearly knocking himself over on the bed. He let out an exasperated sigh.


“See, this is why I didn’t want Nayleen to see… I can’t even get my own clothes off of me! She would be making fun of me for days!” Sairek said out loud; mostly to try and lighten Cyial's mood.


He was pleased to hear a slight childish giggle coming from Cyial. Sairek pulled and tugged his baggy pants down. His hair was slightly ruffled from the battle of the damp fabric and his hands quickly went up to comb it back into place. He turned around towards Cyial, and blinked at the child who seemed to be looking at him strangely.

Cyial spoke first before Sairek could respond. "Your body looks different."

"Huh?" Sairek could only let out in confusion.

"I mean--" Cyial quickly tried to come up with words to correct himself. "I mean it looks like you've been exercising. But you said you have been locked inside the castle all the time?"

"Oh." Sairek soon let out with his cheeks blushing a bit realizing what Cyial meant and towards the compliment.
"My formal clothes are really heavy because it also doubles as battle armor… and I do practice swinging my staff a lot since I find it to be more effective than any of my current spells and because I believe I should be able to defend myself if I have to use melee combat… I guess you could say with carrying all the weight around and practicing, I get a good work out everyday whether I try to or not.”


Sairek shivered slightly at the air touching his bare skin; it wasn’t something he was really used to, being left only in his undergarments temporarily. He slipped the dry sleepwear on. It was a simple white, but smooth silky clothing. There was no design on the clothes whatsoever. What it lacked in design, it did make up in comfort though. The shirt, which thankfully for Sairek he was able to wear and put on without much of a fight since it was able to be buttoned up. Like his blue shirt, it was long-sleeved as well. They looked like robes, although thinner. The upper part had another layer of cloth that opened up in the middle but fell over Saireks' arms, cutting off slightly past his knees.


Cyial scooted himself over to the other side of the bed, while a lit candle in the room was the source of light, Sairek looked at the candle where he stood and a weak smile formed on his face.


“Look at how hopeless I am with magic without my staff. I won’t be able to blow out this candle with magic.”


Doing his best he really could, Sairek tried to concentrate the Ethereal energy he could find in the room to him. He almost felt nothing; but not because of the lack of it in the room, but simply because he was so inexperienced at it without his staff that he could hardly sense any except the energy that was only inches around him. Sairek knew the energy he did manage to scrape up was insufficient but it was the most he could manage to keep a hold of so he let it go anyways as he spoke out ‘Wuaie.’ Sairek felt the energy launch from his hands, and then only let out a snicker as the candle’s flame just danced around, mocking him at the terrible attempt. The Prince walked up to the candle and just pinched the flame out. He nearly jumped when he turned back to the bed and saw Cyial’s eyes glowing as if the light had been on. He tried to hide the surprise but it must have shown on his face. The child on the bed closed his eyes and spoke.


“I’m sorry. My eyes must have surprised you." Cyial apologized quietly. "The glow dies down when I get sleepy, or if I have been in the dark for a good while. That's why it was not so bright when I had entered the cave, I kept mostly to the shade of the surrounding land.”


Sairek slowly moved his way over to the bed, sliding himself under the covers along with Cyial, who placed his book on a nearby table beside the bed. Sairek felt instant relief lying down on the mattress of the bed; it felt good to sleep in one again even though he only had been off of one for one night, though the sleeping bag was not uncomfortable by any means.


Sairek then blinked in confusion as he glanced over to Cyial, speaking. “You sleep with your acolyte robes on? Doesn't that become too hot for you?”


“Sometimes I don’t, if I am alone. Sometimes I do either way. It depends on how cold I am feeling.”


“I can understand. I slept with my formal clothes on last night, after all.” Sairek replied.


Cyial turned himself around in the bed to look at the Prince. He was quiet for a moment, before he let out a quiet “…Goodnight, Sairek…”


The Prince let out a small smile and gave a short nod. The other child closed his red glowing eyes, which soon prompted Sairek to close his own, as he felt weariness take over him. He was asleep only moments later.








When morning had arrived, the three of them had eaten a larger than average breakfast, except for Cyial, whom seemed to opt to only eating almost all that was required for him to eat. Sairek and Nayleen ate more then usual, due to the fact they barely ate the entire day. Sairek felt a little satiated, eating more than his stomach wished, but Nayleen told him he should eat a little bit more anyways, since it was his metabolism and stomach acids simply being slow making him seem less hungry than he really was.


The three of them headed out in the late morning; having had slept a little extra due to the fact they walked extra distance during the night. Cyial seemed to be in a much more positive mood than he had been during the night. He lead the way, at one point, leading them off the path temporarily for a shortcut he often took, which cut past a cliff they would have had to walk around. Cyial estimated the time saved was maybe about an hour or so depending on the walking pace.


Sairek was extremely pleased, that despite all of the interruptions they had had for the past two days, that by early evening, Lamens' walls were in view and just beyond a hill. The journey from the inn had been, thankfully, uneventful.


When they neared Lamen’s walls, Cyial’s mood seemed to have change back a little bit more to what he was like at the Inn.


“Sairek, you should lead on ahead now.” Cyial suddenly offered and the three of them slowed to a stop. Sairek looked at the boy curiously with a raised eyebrow. “Why?”


“…Sometimes I have a hard time getting back into the city…” Was all the Acolyte muttered. Sairek and Nayleen exchanged a look towards each other.


However Sairek did not question it any further, like he had promised the night before. He gave a nod to Cyial and began walking again, leading the way.


The three of them walked through a large opening which was a hollowed area inside the walls, where inspections took place to gain entry to the city. There were guards at the other end, which held another large door which was the entrance to the city. Sairek lead first, with Cyial behind Sairek and Nayleen behind Cyial. Sairek heard Cyial let out a small gasp and then whispered “Oh no… it’s those two…” under his breath. Sairek frowned at this, but only for a moment.


Sairek approached the two guards that stood at the door, until one of them yelled “Halt!” All three of them stopped in place. Sairek stood in his formal stance, wearing no expression on his face. After a brief pause both of their eyes widened.


“P-Prince Sairek?” One of them stuttered out in shock. "M-Master Apprentice!" The other one greeted in surprise. Then they looked to Cyial, then back to Sairek. Then Cyial, then Nayleen and then one final time to Sairek.


“I trust that everything is in order?” The Prince asked the both of them. They saluted in unison.

"Yes Master Apprentice!”


“…That’s not what I have heard.” Sairek responded in a quiet mutter.


They both hesitated for a second, looking at each other. “…I… don’t understand Master… what is the problem?” One of them asked. His tone of voice expressed that he was truly, sincerely confused at what the young Prince found to be wrong.

Sairek’s eyes gave a stern look. He tensed his staff tighter. He needed to stay firm...

“I’ve been getting word that Cyial here, has been having problems with getting into the city at certain points. I may not visit Lamen often, in fact, this is my first time in a few years. However, under the constitutional rights of the Kingdom, a citizen of a city will and can enter the city that they are a resident in. It is my understanding that Cyial is an Acolyte if the Monastery in Lamen and that deduces him as a citizen of the town. You have no right to deny him access now, or any other time in the future unless he removes himself from being a citizen of Lamen on his own accord. As it is of the present, Cyial is a citizen of the city. You will no longer deny him access unless he has been judged against a crime with certainty." Sairek lowered his head some, but his gaze stayed direct at the other soldiers. "I repeat. Judged against doing a crime. With certainty.”


The two soldiers at the door were shrinking back slightly from the child's authority as second in command of the kingdom they lived in. The kingdom that was under his surname as his voice became threatening, despite his rather petite figure. “If I hear of anymore dishonest acts from either one of you two, or any other soldier in the city for that matter, I will be forced to withdraw you or their positions and you will be stripped of your titles. I won't listen to any argument you may raise at me, I won't hear it. Those are my father's laws and you will abide by them as long as you inhabit his country. Have I made myself clear, soldiers?”


One of the soldiers slowly nodded, the other one gritted his teeth, balled his gloved hands into tight fists and then hollered out “No, I do not understand!”


“...What?” Sairek thought to himself in surprise, turning his body to face the soldier. Was he truly being objected against? He was more than sure he had made himself rather clear. The soldier who spoke then pointed an accusatory finger at Cyial, who backed behind Sairek as he did so due to the soldier aggressively stepping forward. The Acolyte held the child Princes' left arm firmly for support. Sairek instinctively lifted his staff in front of him in preparation in case the soldier happened to have lashed out.

“How can you even take sides with that... that ‘thing’!?" The soldier hissed. "He must have performed some kind of charm magic act on you!”


“The lands? Charm magic?..." Sairek let out in a tone that supported his disbelief at hearing such an accusation. "...Are you questioning my decisions soldier?” The child replied to the man in a now distasteful tone. “I assure you, this is no trick of any sort. As far as I see it, Cyial has done his best to perform his duties to the city and kingdom, that is, without attempting to bring dishonor to his title with petty childish tricks and slander like you have done. Have you no shame to harass a child simply because he may look or be different than you or I? You are a grown man... Grow a pair and act like one.”


“My job is to not allow any monsters into the city and that includes him!” The soldier hissed back.


“Monster?” Sairek questioned, glancing back at Cyial, who by now had his crimson red eyes closed. The soldier continued to spout in clear hate and disgust as Sairek looked at the Acolyte.


“He hides his tail, to try and fool himself to thinking he is one of us! He is a Incubus Master! A filthy Demon! He must be simply seducing you in some way! Just like he tries to seduce our defenseless children inside the city!”


Sairek watched as Cyial shifted slightly where he stood. His hand left Saireks' arm now to grip the book with both hands tightly to his chest. He looked down and away from Sairek despite his eyes still being closed, as if he was ashamed. “…I… wanted to tell you when we were inside Lamen… inside the monastery…” Cyial spoke softly. While his eyes were still closed, tears were beginning to stream down his cheeks.


“…Incubus... he is a demon, huh…? A demon that is an Acolyte…?”


“I cannot imagine how hard this must be for him… As long as people treat him like this, there is no way he will ever be happy with what he is… The way people are attacking him, they are attacking with what and who he is... How can you be happy when you are stereotyped to be the total opposite of what you feel is right on the inside…?”


Sairek turned away from Cyial, as he looked back at the soldier. Sairek’s mouth felt dry. Dry with anger. He gripped his staff tightly. He licked his lips to wet them, in fear that he might crack them from speaking. He spoke in a low, threatening tone.

“…And tell me… What has Cyial ever done to anyone…? Do you think a demon that was evil... that meant any harm would be crying right now?!”


Sairek’s voice raised into a near shout, barely unable to contain his anger. “How sad is it, that you have damaged this child’s self confidence so badly, he is afraid of who he is?! We humans happen to murder each other, to fight each other, to cause each other harm, do we not? But we can allow each other of good nature into the city. Tell me how this is any different for a monster of good nature? You deny him as a good-hearted being just because he is not a human? Cyial has done nothing to cause me harm and I am more than sure he has not caused anyone else in Lamen harm as well. Accusations mean nothing!  I met Cyial on my way here to Lamen, at one point I had gained myself an injury. Cyial helped cure me of my injury, not even because I was the Prince, but as a simple act of kindness! And yet... you harass him even worse than that of a criminal, simply because for what he was born as?! You cannot possibly tell me somebody who practically helped saved my life last night before they even knew who I was did so out of malice for some kind of a larger scheme!!”


Sairek took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. He stepped back, turning to Cyial, as his left hand took the other boy’s left hand gently. Cyial opened his eyes, which were filled with water as he looked at Sairek, in an almost dazed way. Sairek turned back to the guard, anger still hot in his bright emerald eyes.


“You are a disgusting wretch... The worst kind there is...! Nobody can decide what they are at birth, but we however can decide who we are… I for one, had I the choice, would have rather been born a peasant than as a Prince so I wouldn't have to deal with the world's arrogance made up of people exactly like you...” Sairek growled angrily at the guard, who was stunned at the Prince’s words. “You are lucky I don’t strip you of your position now... I only still myself from that action for the fact you probably have a family to feed. Know I do it for their sake, not yours. I dare you to try and answer my anger and the way I speak so sincerely, as me being seduced...”


Sairek looked at Nayleen, who stood a bit back and motioned her to follow him with a tilt of his head. She slowly walked forwards with him, as Sairek gave a gentle pull with his hand to signal Cyial they were moving. Sairek walked with Cyial hand to hand as if he was the Acolytes parent, while Nayleen followed close behind. The Prince pushed the door open. He stopped when he heard the soldier mutter ‘foolish Prince’ to himself.


Sairek turned around and a hint of worry showed in the soldiers' eyes noticing Sairek heard him.


“Is it foolish?" Sairek asked in a voice that hinted his anger despite it being a low, quiet growl. "I don’t know. If you are so much object my opinion however, you can feel free to leave the kingdom my father and I provide you shelter under, and set up laws so people like you don't get your head chopped off with your arrogance. I will be King one day, sooner or later; and my opinion will never change how I feel about others. That opinion of mine is that all living beings are equal to each other, whether monster, human or just a mere animal. Do you truly think my vision is that foolish? I really don’t care what you think, either way. I personally tire with your ostentatious arguments. I have made my point clear... And so, anything you say beyond this point will not reach my ears, and will only be lost within oblivion. I am not going to waste my time arguing with a 'grown man'. Perhaps your mother did a poor job raising you, tolerating your crap. You may do that crap to someone else in another Kingdom and get away with it, but let me tell you that you will not get away with it so easily in MY kingdom doing that to MY friends!”


Sairek turned around and continued his walk without another word, with Nayleen following close behind him. The gates shut behind the trio and Sairek let out a shaky breath, as they walked further away from the wall. Sairek’s grip on Cyial’s hand degraded away until the boy eventually pulled away on his own accord. He used his left hand to wipe his eyes using the sleeve of his acolyte robe, as he sniffed a couple of times. “I’m… I’m sorry Sairek… I didn’t mean to get you… involved into this…” The younger child apologized, before giving another sniff with his nose as he struggled to hold back sobs that fought to come forth.


Sairek looked at Cyial and shook his head slowly as he closed his eyes, trying to compose his anger down. “No, do not apologize to me Cyial. It is my job and duty as a Prince, that much is true... but I didn't do it just for my 'duty'... I did it because that is what I truly, and strongly believe. Nobody should get away with acts like this. You are a citizen to my father’s kingdom, my kingdom, Cyial. That is a fact and nobody’s opinion will change that fact, no matter what they say or feel. Only Father and I have the ability to change that fact; I for one will not agree even if he tried to. Thankfully, our believes are shared..."


Sairek turned his body fully now towards the boy who was still wiping his eyes with his robe sleeve. “You were worried that we wouldn’t like you because you were a Incubus, right?” Sairek asked quietly.


Cyial gave a small slow nod, along with another sniff of his nose. “…I wear my acolyte robes… to hide my tail. The situation is getting bad enough that I fear I may be kicked out of town… Father Abbot doesn’t want that… he’s been trying to protect me… Nobody wants a demon inside of a Monastery after all… they think of it as an insult to Yggdrasil…” Cyial's voice cracked, as he shivered and stared down at the ground, tears still streaming down his face. "I... I never hurt anyone, ever... I swear on my own life that I haven't done anything to anyone... but nobody wants to believe me just because I'm an... an Incubus...!" He wailed out before breaking down into sobs once again.


Sairek frowned at the child, before he glanced over to Nayleen as she suddenly spoke.


“Well I don’t care what other people think!” She soon announced, strolling over to Cyial. “I for one care for who you are, not what you are Cyial. And I think you are a pretty cool and kind person! That is what matters the most.” As she spoke, she made a fist and placed it on her chest. “Like Sairek said to that jerk earlier; nobodies opinions matter! You do what you want to do, whether you are a Demon or not. Forget what others think of you! Show that you are determined to live along with the rest of them and be their friends and if they still want to be like that? Then forget them! They are not people who are worth being friends with!”


Sairek smiled a little bit at Nayleen’s words. She hadn’t said anything for a while and was glad that she too accepted the Acolyte for who he was. Cyial slowly nodded, before breaking out into quiet sobs once again. Sairek felt himself moving on his own without any thought. He stepped closer to the boy and soon wrapped his arms in a sympathetic hug, where Cyial cried into his shoulder. Sairek stayed like this for a few moments, giving time for Cyial to calm down, before the acolyte slowly pulled himself away.


“Let’s get you back to the Monastery,” Sairek soon suggested. "I want to meet the Abbot."


“Oh…Okay…” Cyial stuttered slowly, his voice still shaking but but was at least no longer sobbing. Sairek took his free hand, and began walking the young Acolyte in hand towards the Monastery. Nayleen followed Sairek on his other side.


Sairek soon remembered Laure’s words she had said to him a few days ago.


Remember Sairek. You may be the Prince, but you are still a child. While I know you envy the other children who are out and about, playing freely and you feel trapped within the walls of riches you and your father own... just remember that it is too early for you to act like an adult. You only get to be a child only once in this life... it truly is just a short time that you will be able to experience this. If you’re too curious to satisfy your questions instead of live, then you will miss that opportunity until your next cycle of birth.


Sairek mentally sighed at the memory.“’Too early to be an adult’… but I know how to be one… If I were to be a child, would it be selfish on my part when there are people like Cyial I need to comfort? Is it right to ignore them for myself? …Or is it right to ignore myself, and help them instead?... Perhaps, this is the kind of choices kings must make… Selfishness, or selflessness.


…Laure is right… I am growing up too fast for my own good… ...but... it would be a crime to feign ignorance... no... as much as I would wish it, I am not a child... I am a Prince...

Princes don't have a childhood..."

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Sairek Ceareste
Chapter last updated on: July 5th, 2013


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