Chapter 16: Hopelessness

Chapter 16: Hopelessness

A Chapter by Sairek Ceareste





"...And still there’s nothing..." Sairek sighed as he fell back into his chair and closed his eyes to rest them. "We’re getting absolutely nowhere. We can’t keep reading these books; it will take weeks to go through them all even with the three of us not having a single moment to rest..."


Cyial, who had also been deep into the books slowly slumped down on the table and buried his head into his arms; wanting his eyes to not see any light as his too were tired. "I can barely read the words now... they’re getting blurry and sore..." he muttered, which was muffled slightly by the robe covering his face.


Even Nayleen, who had decided to join the two after they hadn’t found nothing for a while, had fallen back in the chair like Sairek had. "This isn’t working guys... we need a new plan to get information... Isn’t there like, someone we could go to?"

"I thought going to the Abbot here was the plan we had..." Sairek muttered.


"Maybe he knows someone else?" Nayleen asked.


"Can we really afford the time to go on a goose-chase going from person to person?" Sairek questioned.


Cyial rose his head up from out of his arms as he spoke. "Well, maybe if the person is still in the general direction that we need to head into..."


Nayleen looked back to Sairek. "Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?"


The Prince sighed as he opened his emerald eyes. "No, I suppose it doesn’t... I guess I can also ask when I can get these patches removed while I’m at it. They are beginning to itch..."

"What does that mean for the group then?" Nayleen asked.

"I don't know. I would have us leave now, but it's late afternoon. We could cover distance but I don't really want to camp at the edge of a forest. That's too dangerous for the small amount of ground we would be covering."

"There's been rumors around town that there's been a lot of bandit attacks around there recently..." Cyial noted cautiously, his face still buried in his arms. Sairek crossed his arms over his chest in his seat as he thought; but soon shook his head.

"No... there's nothing we can do today but prepare for tomorrow. We haven't made any progress with these books and we've must have at least gone through thirty-five of them in between all of us without finding anything of interest. I think it's safe to say that this idea we had was an absolute whiff. Ugh, d****t... I even said it back at the castle: 'There is no way that someone would be able to write the answer on how to stop the world from ending', or something like that. I don't know why we thought any differently here. It's pretty much the same thing..."

Sairek uncrossed his arms as he placed both hands on the table looking at the both of them. "That means today we will do nothing but rest and plan; we will push out as far as we can to get through the forest as fast as possible." Sairek then turned his head towards Cyial. "Are there any other rumors that we should know about that have to do with the forest?"

Cyial now lifted his head, blinking his crimson eyes a few times before pulling off one glove to rub his eyes with his knuckles as he spoke."There are also rumors that the forest is haunted as well." He answered.

"Haunted?" Nayleen asked. "Really?"

Cyial nodded. "It's not the kind of spooky ghost stories haunting either... There's a rumor of a particular old, ruined structure in the forest. It traps people who go inside. Apparently many undead 'live' in that house. You should already know about the last war this kingdom had. Many of the undead are restless spirits that have fallen on our side of the country. I'm especially afraid for you Sairek in this case; there's been stories of kings, queens and princes to have been scratched onto the walls; the spirits looking for revenge of those connected to royalty, since the king refused to pay them, the soldiers couldn't buy food and then starved to death, the economy at the time wasn't really that great. Soldiers were paid a lot, but had to get their own ways for supplies. We should stay away from any sort of buildings in the forest; it would be too dangerous for you."

"...What happens to those not related to the crown that come in?" Sairek questioned in a neutral manner. He found the story to be ridiculous but he never hinted as feeling such a thing.

Cyial shrugged. "Too many different stories to tell. Some say nothing, some say the undead come to try and drag you into the the underworld... Some are just... well, um... stupid. The variety is too different to tell either way..."

"What about any monsters in the forest?" Nayleen asked Cyial. And the Acolyte thought for a moment.

"There's some mutated spiders and then your occasional bears and wolves... there's been rumors of some slimes now as well, although sightings say they are smaller slimes right now -- not even close to what you two encountered. The number of animals has been drastically increasing though; the place is being littered by the undead according to the rumors... It sounds very hostile."

"...Mutated spiders? I never encountered anything really mutated." Nayleen said as she raked her hand through the back of hair blonde hair. "How do spiders, or animals in general become mutated?"

"Pollution via magic." Sairek answered. "Sometimes Ethereal used from spells cannot be completely used, so it's kind of left in the air, fragements of the spell can float and combine into other fragments of other spells, which can cause all sorts of weird reactions. It can mutate more sensitive creatures, generally smaller animals. It's also how slimes are animated even though they are really just... a sticky substance. It has certainly caused its own set of dangers to the world."

"...Sairek, I'm beginning to have second thoughts of going through the forest, and I usually think I can take on anything..." Nayleen admitted in a mutter to him. Sairek exhaled as he thought. "I'm getting second thoughts too... but the only other way through is by the road; and that would lead us in a completely different direction. We need to go more inland; not out along the outer edge of the mountains. And the only other way to avoid the forest is to scale up the mountains, which would take far too long and probably be just as dangerous. The other option is to backtrack, and go back the way you came from. That too would be too dangerous; we would be without any civilization for maybe a week or more; aside from also taking way too long. It wasn't so bad being able to feed yourself off of hunting; but we can't find enough game for the three of us, despite how much food we have now, we may need that food for a time where we may be left without civilization for a long time."

Sairek soon glanced towards Cyial once again. "There is a specific cave that leads under the mountains and will take us straight through, right?"

"Yes, it is a major short cut." The demon Acolyte began. "The forest gets wider at first, but after around the half way point, it will begin growing narrower the deeper we go through. Once we reach the mountains we can venture along the mountain walls until we find it. The mountain range at the end is pretty steep, so we will know when we reached that point. I also heard that the forest is a fair bit less dense at the end as well, so finding it shouldn't be too hard... But that would mean neither would be finding this apparent ruined haunted place. Also mind you that it is a pretty big forest, even though it is boxed in."

"Then anything about the cave that we should know about?" Nayleen asked.

"Sorry, no. Nothing that I know off." Cyial said apologetically as he brought his tail up from around him, and began rubbing the flat iron tip of his tail as he continued to speak. "You see, most people don't go that way. I do know for a fact it is a shortcut as far as distance goes... But how long the cave is, and what's inside, I have no idea. As long as it doesn't take us more then six days which it would normally take to walk around the mountain range on average, then it should hopefully be worth it."

"Assuming we don't die." Nayleen quickly added. Sairek rolled his eyes at her comment. He went back to thinking at what Cyial said. "...So... it is a question of whether we take the short but difficult route... or the easy but long route..." he pondered out loud. He stood up from his chair and stepped away from the table, interlacing his hands behind his back as he began to pace slowly around the room. Cyial and Nayleen watched him without saying anything. Sairek's hands eventually went to cross over his torso as he thought and thought. Eventually leaning against the side of a book case as he stared at his own feet. Cyial's mouth soon opened to speak but Nayleen quickly shushed him before he could.

"He seems to do this a lot when he's thinking hard. Just keep quiet." She whispered to him. Cyial only blinked curiously in reaction.

Sairek thought hard for a few minutes more. Eventually uncrossing his arms as his left hand came up with his gloved fingers pressing against his forehead."...I'm sorry. I just can't come to a conclusion on what to do... We need to make up lost time... but I am not sure if the danger is worth the risk for the reward..." Sairek finally said at last in frustration. "If something happens to us, then that's it; we're done."

"If you can't decide," Nayleen spoke out. "then why don't you just try flipping a coin? The decision made is the one we stick with."

"I'm not really too keen about a coin deciding our fates..." Sairek mumbled quietly. "Besides, I will be getting problems like this all the time when I become king. I can't decide things like these based on just a coin toss, can't I." It was more a statement than a question and the tone he gave suggested it at so.

Nayleen sank back down on the table, not saying anything. Sairek closed his eyes, thinking some more. Eventually he pushed himself away from the book case.

"We will have to brain storm this and divide the decision up. Cyial, I want you to think of reasons why we should stay away from the forest and go on to the path. Nayleen, I want you to do the opposite; think of reasons why we should go into the forest and why we shouldn't go on to the path. Think of anything possible. I'm going to go out and have a look around town, see if I can find out anything more that could be useful to us, whether about Yggdrasil or the forest and cave. Besides, while I am here and am Prince, I should do my... "royal duties" and stuff, see if everything in the city is okay." He then gave a dull look. "Although after that confrontation with that soldier I highly doubt it..." He then soon grinned. "...And, since I am the Prince, maybe I can get us a few free supplies, if I am lucky enough. But before I do that, I need to speak with the Abbot about these bandages first. If I don't get them off soon I'm going to be itching the wounds open again."

"Sounds like a plan, for now at least." Nayleen answered, standing up in her chair.

"I'm in," Cyial said, also standing up from his chair.

"Good, let's commence it now then." Sairek ordered. And he soon began walking towards the exit to the Library. Cyial motioned Nayleen to follow him so that way they could get paper and something to write with to brainstorm ideas.

Sairek moved his way towards the alter where the Abbot had taken his staff and did the ritual. As he guessed, the Abbot was indeed there.

"Hello?" Sairek called out to him to get his attention as the Prince slowly stepped forwards. The Abbot turned around and seeing Sairek, smiled warmly in welcome.

"Ah, Young Laddie, have you been able to come with a decision yet?"

Sairek closed his eyes and shook his head slowly. "...No... I have the two of them brain storming for which way we should go right now. The cons and pros for either direction. And if that wasn't bad enough, we haven't found anything useful in the books either."

"I'm sorry the books have not helped. I also apologize that I do not know the forest very well myself. I've already told you all that I know."

"That's not why I came to speak with you though." Sairek responded.

"Mm?" The Abbot let out in curiosity. Sairek's left hand came up to the collar of his hood and shirt, as he pulled it down and out some revealing a bandage patch on his shoulder.. "When can I remove these? I plan to go out to town and look for information, but these really itch. I'm afraid I can't look formal if I am constantly distracted with the urge to scratch myself..." Sairek scrunched his face up some. "I won't look very royal like to get the information I need..."


The Abbot chuckled a little. “Well, it should really be by tomorrow. But you have been exposed to a large concentration of Ethereal yesterday that would have helped heal the wound… I suppose it should be alright by now to remove them. What you really need is just some extra sleep. If you promise to go to bed after your expedition around the town, then I will say you can take the bandages off.”


Sairek grinned at the answer. “Alright, great. It's a deal. Thank you Abbot. You don’t mind if I go into Cyial’s room temporarily then to remove them?”


“I don’t think he would mind.”


"Alright, thank you." Sairek said, bowing his head forwards slightly in thanks. He began turning around, but stopped half way though and turned his head to look at the Abbot again.


"Which way will you be going?" Sairek asked curiously.


"You shouldn’t let my decision make yours, Prince." The Abbot responded.


"No... I’m just curious." Sairek said back.


The Abbot smiled a little. "I will be taking the long way Sairek. My mission is to gather information. Maybe if I am lucky I will meet a few people who may know something. Fellow travelers It is not like I will meet many people in a forest."


Sairek thought a moment and then nodded, and resumed walking away from the Abbot.


After Sairek had went to the privacy of Cyial’s room to remove the bandages, he was making his way out of the monastery, when another Acolyte walked by him. They lightly brushed against each other; against Sairek's shoulder. Sairek felt a sharp sting that made him yelp out and clutch not his shoulder -- that wasn't where it hurt, but instead the side the Acolyte had touched him on. His vision flashed green for a split second when the pain seemed to have jolted even more painfully. The Acolyte spun around hearing the Prince yell out and was immediately at Sairek's side who had fallen to one knee and dropped his staff, panting.


"M-Master Apprentice! Are you alright?! I apologize, I did not mean to hurt you!" the Acolyte said almost in a panicked voice.


"No no... It wasn't that..." Sairek muttered as he caught his breath. "...I feel like something just stung into me..."


"Stung you?" The Acolyte repeated quizzically. "...That is very strange... A brush on the shoulder cannot possibly sting you... And you are wearing thick layered clothing. Something should not be able to sting into you so easily."


"The sting wasn't even on my shoulder, it was in my side..." he corrected.


"Your side? Maybe a wound has opened up? Do you wish for me to see?"


"...No, it's alright... The pain is subsiding now... maybe I just pulled the wound a little too much, but I don't think I opened one. I'll be careful when moving around. Thank you for your concern however, Acolyte..." Sairek managed through heavy breathing. Holding his side for a moment longer, the pain was a little more then a faint feeling and he went to pick up his staff before slowly pushing himself to his feet.


The Acolyte stepped away slightly from Sairek and bowed his head. "If you wish, Master Apprentice. Good day."


Sairek nodded his head back in departure, and soon turned around. He rubbed his side a little again, making sure it was alright. Perhaps he was indeed doing this moving around a little prematurely? Maybe taking the bandages off was a bad idea.


Sairek made his way out of the Monastery and out into the city streets. He had walked around for only a few minutes before he spotted a small people chatting to each other. Sairek walked up to them, wearing his formal expression. He asked them if they knew anything about the forest, but there was not much, and not anything Cyial had explained. Sairek thanked them for the information anyways and patrolled around the town some more.

He was not very fortunate at all though, even spending a couple hours into the port city, nobody had information regarding the forest, and often times would pester him about things as well, usually disputes about other people, most of them being ridiculous. Eventually after a while, Sairek was giving the response of something akin to "Write to my father about it, if he sends me word back, then  I will have permission to handle it. As of now, that is not my business for being here. Sorry for the inconvenience."

It was a total lie because by the time even if his father did send such letters back, he'd be long gone. He doubted many people believed his response anyways. It was often clear he was giving the message of "That is not my problem to deal with for you."

Sairek sighed as he soon walked along a rather isolated and as far as he could tell, hardly ever used road, which was why he began opting to taken it to move around the city. He had walked up and down a few times already in the past couple of hours. Too many kept coming to him rather he come to them and he found it hard to get anywhere if he didn't isolate himself some. But before long, soon two young women began sprinting up towards him that were in front of him. He blinked curiously and slowed to a stop as he watched them, sighing inwardly.


"Can I help yo--" Sairek began.


"Oh my, the Prince!" One of them let out. Wearing a green dress, with butter blonde hair. She curtsied to Sairek in greeting and respect. The other one, wearing a similar dress, although purple, and having lengthier black hair that went down her back did nothing to greet Sairek other than a small smile, although it was hardly shy. If anything, it almost looked sly. Sairek thought nothing of it though and bowed his head and torso forward to return the gesture to the blonde female. Her eyes widened slightly in light amazement. It was an honor to be greeted by anyone in royalty; it was usually reserved for special guests. Sairek though, following his belief that everyone was equal, did it to anybody he met. It generally caused confusion by a small amount of people.


"We heard you've been asking about something around town, may we ask what it is?" The black haired woman asked Sairek. Despite her lack of manners by not gesturing in greeting to him other than a simple smile that kind of put Sairek on edge, her tone of voice seemed friendly and sincere enough that made Sairek soon reconsider.


"I’ve heard word that at the end of the forest outside of town, there happens to be a specific cave that I may need to investigate. Would either of you know anything about the cave, whether it be rumors, or anybody who may know anything of the sort? Any information at all?"


"You are in luck Prince. I happen to have a friend who goes through the cave system to go to Lamen from Daceia now and again... It does save nearly a week of travel after all. She is a trader; she knows the woods very well too. I am sure she would be more then delighted to guide you through the forest and through the cave to the town so you can reach Dandoran quickly to reach Yggdrasil."


"Really? That would be most excellent-- wait, what?" He let out in sudden realization what she had said. His teeth gritted some as he took a few steps back, and brought his staff up, holding it into two hands as he stared at her.


"Who tipped you off? How do you know I was planning to go to Yggdrasil? Only certain people should knwo that." Sairek demanded through clenched teeth.


"Oh, nobody told us anything." The black haired woman spoke with a smile.


"We’ve been lurking in the Monastery for a little while now..." The green-dressed woman spoke in a sly tone. "All you have to do is steal a couple of robes and you’re in. I don’t usually like doing ransoms for children, but for a Prince, yeah, I think we can make an exception. Talk about your staying in the Monastery spreads the news on what you have been planning like wild fire. I tell you, we’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while..."

"You have, huh..." Sairek muttered in disgust. "I’m not a helpless child. Had you seen me in the duel, you would know I am very capable of defending myself..."


"Oh, we saw your duel. But believe me; you won't be able to defend yourself. Not this time." The blonde one taunted Sairek, smirking.


Sairek didn't like their confidence. He gritted his teeth. Perhaps he should make some sort of rather noticeable sound or explosion... Vulkenhei would be the best for that.


Sairek raised his staff up, intending on chanting the spell and swinging the staff down onto the ground to make the explosion.


"Vulke-- URAGH!!"


Sairek's swing stopped half way as the stinging sensation he had before shocked his entire body. He gritted his teeth, struggling to move his muscles but they wouldn't respond in any sort of way. Sairek groaned out in effort to move even the slightest inch; but he was incapable of even doing much more than that.


"Gh... I... c...can't... move... ...W-What's... wrong... with... my -- body...?!" he grunted out.


"You should have received a sting earlier from one of our undercover friends in the monastery..." The black haired woman explained smirking. "It looks like it has finally taken effect now. It's a stealthy poison that almost instantly infects the entire body once it is triggered by the white blood cells in the body trying to attack it. Once it overcomes the blood cells, in a shock, it will take over your body and render your absolutely helpless. Luckily for us, it triggered just at the right time."


"Oh, Bull~" The blonde one called out. Sairek soon heard footsteps behind him, but he couldn't even turn his head to look. His body was frozen midway swing. His eyes craned to the side to see a big man step beside him. He couldn't get full view of the man though, other than the fact he was probably rather built. Fear began gripping Sairek as he fought with all his might to move, but his body was not responding to one single command. It was a struggle to even blink his or move his mouth.


"Let's escort our prize into the house, shall we?" The black haired one suggested.


Sairek felt his arms lowered forcibly, as he was grabbed by the back of the hood which made Sairek grunt out from the fabric choking him. Seconds later, he felt himself beginning to be dragged away.


"Nayleen... Cyial... They won't know I'm missing until hours later...! S**t.... s**t s**t s**t!!" Sairek mentally cursed out in his mind. There was no way they would find him... He was absolutely on his own.


He was soon dragged into the house, as the man was dragging him and the women followed. They looked around making sure nobody was present on the streets and able to see them. Sairek's stomach churned when they shut the door and stepped inside of the house. He knew he was doomed the fraction of the second that door closed.


"Hmm, this could be dangerous, let's take it from him, shall we?" The blonde woman spoke out, reaching towards Sairek's staff. However, when she touched it, she cried out, snatched her hand back and gripped it. "Ouch! What the hell?!" She shrieked.


"Of course it would burn." The black haired woman lectured. "Think! The spell the staff is holding hasn't been launched yet, so all of that Ethereal is just swirling around the staff. He can't even release it even if he wanted to, not when his body is stuck like that." She said as she crossed her arms. "We can't disarm it from him, but it's alright. He can't launch the spell while he's paralyzed as he is even though he surely wants to as well though, either..." She then turned to Sairek, and grinned in a taunting way. Sairek clenched his teeth as much as the poison would allow him to move his jaw.


"Now, you're going to do a little favor for us..." She began, and Sairek clenched his teeth tighter.


"Nev... Never...!" Sairek managed to spit out angrily. He was still being held from behind by his hood. The woman snapped her fingers, and Sairek felt himself lifted off the ground with seemingly no effort by his hood; the cloth choking him as he half coughed out from being unable to breathe. He thanked the Sweet Lands that Laure had threaded the hood into the shirt itself, or he would be completely unable to breathe right now.


"You're in no position to be denying us demands, boy." The blonde one spoke out as she jabbed Sairek's stomach with her finger; poking him hard enough to make him wince. "You will do as we say, or we will make this much worse than it needs to be. Had you known what was good for you, you would have stayed in the castle with your father."


"I-If you knew... what was... good for... you..." Sairek began, although his voice was highly restrained and quiet from his hood pressing against his throat. "You'd... release....." Sairek trailed off, as he was lifted higher off the ground. The Prince's face was a deep red from the lack of oxygen as he had to stop talking in an attempt to gather his breath, but he was getting so little, combined with the poison making it hard to intake air by itself. He soon dropped his staff, as his hands managed to rise up to his hood, trying to pull back on the cloth to make room for his throat to breathe as he squirmed weakly in the hold he was in. He was glad he was able to move somewhat again and the poison didn't seem to have lasted very long, but it was extremely difficult to do so. Sairek's body didn't have the strength to help him. Any strength he did have was quickly being sapped by his inability to breathe.


Eventually, Sairek's face began turning into a shade of blue. Sairek felt so light headed, his arms slowly fell away from his hood. The pain was unbearable. His eyes were sealed shut in agony.


"St...Stop... i-it..." He managed to choke out. "P-pl... please..." The Prince pleaded. He was going to threaten them, he thought the poison wouldn't last this long, that it wouldn't be so strong. Obviously he was not in the position to make threats. He had to let go of his pride or it would cost him.


"Should we have Bull let him go?" The blonde one asked the black haired one. She shrugged. "He did say please." She answered. With a nod to the man behind Sairek, he felt himself let go, falling to the floor, he landed on his feet, but with no strength to even hold himself up, he fell to his knees and then fell the rest of the way to the floor as he clutched his throat with his hands, sucking in fresh precious air. He only managed to get a few breaths in before grunting out in pain as one of the woman slammed her feet down into his back, and pinned him there.


"Will you do what we want you to do yet?" It sounded like the black haired woman. Her voice was silken smooth but it did not help hide the venom in her voice if he didn't co-operate with her.


"Wh... what... is it...?" Sairek managed to groan out. He felt helpless. He felt afraid. He felt pain in his life before, but he wasn't ready for torture. He didn't think he could have the courage to brace it.


"You're going to write a note to your father. You're going to tell him you've been kidnapped. Tell him that we want money; lots of it. If he doesn't send any money, then we will cut a finger off and send the finger to him to prove that we are serious. If he doesn't send it still, we will cut another finger off, and then another--"


"Wh-What...!" Sairek let out as he struggled to get up and move, but the woman half standing on top of him effortlessly held him in place.


"You heard me, boy."


"It won't work..." Sairek grunted out. "How would... my father know... it isn't... a... trick...?"


"Then you lose a finger. I am pretty sure he will know what's up by then. What father doesn't know his sons' finger? Even if it isn't your finger, it has to be some little kids' finger, aren't I right? It's not like you have fully grown hands yet."


"No...! You can't--"


Sairek let out another grunt as the foot lifted up and slammed him back into the floor again. He weakly cried out from it, before the foot moved to pressing down on his head from his back. He cried out more as his eyes squeezed shut from the torment.


"I suppose Bull can always have a little fun with you at first, if you want to wait before one of your fingers get cut off. Does that seem like a deal?"


"Sick... you take... pleasure in-- Ungh!"


Sairek was kicked in the right side hard enough he was sent rolling and slammed against the wall. He slumped back on to the floor as his gloved finger tips pressed hard against the floor. His left hand went and clutched the damaged side as he gritted his teeth. Slowly pushing himself onto his knees.


For the first time, he looked up to see 'Bull' as the women seemed to have called him in full form. Sairek realized 'Bull' wasn't even necessarily human.


"O...Ogre...!?!" Sairek grunted out in absolute surprise, before collapsing a little bit back on to the floor from the pain in his side. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to regain his breath. He could only watch though as the monster slowly walked towards him. He tried to push himself back up, but the Ogre raised both hands and slammed down on Sairek's back, forcing him to yell out in pain as he slammed back onto the floor.

How the hell did they sneak a damn Ogre into the city!?


"C...Can't... I can't... do anything..." Sairek weakly thought to himself bitterly. "My... staff... I need my... staff... but even then... this poison isn't... isn't... wearing off...!"


Sairek was picked up by his right leg now, dangling upside down. His cape and tabard flopped upside down accordingly. Sairek couldn't do anything but helplessly dangle as he was soon randomly thrown. He spun a bit in the air, landing on his stomach and sliding with a weakened gasp from the collision. Sairek soon slid to a stop as he slowly pushed himself up to at least his knees. Well the throw hurt but it could had been quite a lot worse of an impact... Did... did he really just think such a thing?

Then he choked and coughed out blood seconds later. His arms shook, barely able to support his weight. Out of fear and desperation, he began to slowly try to crawl away. He only crawled a couple feet before there was a large stomp behind him, and his knees slid on the floor. As he slowly turned his head to look behind him in dread as the Ogre had stomped on his cape. It soon reached down, grabbing Sairek's cape, and pulled the boy up off the floor with it.


Sairek didn't even try to struggle anymore and braced himself when the Ogre turned Sairek around to face him. He closed his eyes tightly as he saw a fist approaching him, and groaned out as he clutched his stomach when the fist connected there. Once again, he struggled, but failed to cough out the blood from his mouth. He struggled once again for air. He felt himself moving in the air and one more time, was thrown from his cape. He was sent sprawling into the air, where he crashed, bounced and rolled on the floor until he ended up slowing to a stop on his back.


Sairek was only aware he was conscious and dreaded the fact he still was when he felt himself being moved again. He slightly opened his right eye as the black haired woman grabbed him by the collar of his blue hood, lifting him up into the air. Sairek was too weak and injured to resist. His limbs and arms dangled in the air as he was at her mercy as blood and saliva dripped from his mouth onto the floor. He felt so winded that the world was spinning. He could only scarcely understand the words spoken to him.


"I suppose, alternately, we could keep you as a slave. You are quite a handsome boy. I wouldn't expect less from the king's son."


Sairek found the compliment rather distasteful. He didn't say anything -- couldn't say anything but let out a weak groan as a verbal answer.


"What do you think we should do, Triss?" The black haired woman asked to the blonde one. 'Triss' grinned. "I suppose keeping him as a pet for now wouldn't hurt. It has been a while since we've had a cute one so young. I'd feel bad cutting off his finger; he's too innocent you know. Maybe we should just try with his hair instead. Or maybe a piece of his clothes. Might be more recognizable anyways?"


Sairek grunted as he was dropped on the floor and landed once again on his back. He somehow mustered up the strength to lift his head just enough to look at the two females. Barely being able to open his eyes, it was a struggle to do just that had he not been so weak. He would have recoiled in surprise, but it almost didn't register that the women now had long thing black tails with iron tips; just like Cyial's. Like the Acolyte did, the tails too had been hidden under the clothes.


"S...Succu..." Sairek struggled to speak.


Triss crossed her arms and grinned. "That's right Prince; Succubus. Just because that one Incubus may be your friend doesn't mean we all are good. And thankfully for us, a certain soldier who you hate allowed us to sneak our little... or should I say, 'big' friend in here. All it did take however was just a little bit of charming..."


The black haired woman moved over to Sairek, crouching down to him over top of him. She used his right index finger to poke Sairek's jaw, forcing the child's head to crane back. His eyes closed again as if just the simple action of her doing that hurt him; he was too weak to even fight against her finger. Sairek's face was covered in a light sweat from the torture he was being put through, along with the fear of all of this.


"Mmhmhm... You really are a young one... How old are you boy?" She asked him.


"...N...Nearly... nine..." Sairek grunted out.


"Hey, I got an easier idea on how we can get money Natalia." Triss soon spoke. She wandered over to Sairek, looking down at him grinning. "Let's make him go missing for a few days. Put him in the forest somewhere, and whether he's dead or alive, find him. Whether he be alive, or just his body, we would surely be rewarded. Although if he's dead we may get less money, but it would be a lot safer~"


"That does seem like a good idea, Triss."


Sairek thought it was a terribly awful idea.


"There's just one problem though." She noted. "We need to make sure that he can't get back to town. Although I'm sure being dumped in the middle of nowhere in a forest would be hard for him to do so, we should make it so he 'can't go back to town, just in case."


"Should we pleasure him before we dump him off? Just as a 'farewell for now' gift?"


Sairek's eyes opened, somewhat lit up in alarm as he knew what she was referring to. However, he squeezed his eyes shut and cried out in pain as 'Natalia' grabbing a fistful of his hair and yanked his head up.


"Hmm... He is a handsome one, but too young. I don't think he would be ready for that yet."


"I suppose you're right, but he is a Prince, they learn that stuff early, don't they? Hell, they all practically start having sex with women at that age. Just imagine if we were to give birth to the heir of the next throne!"

"They wouldn't allow it. He would be half demon. They only let full blooded-humans rule. They can't have a hint of demon in them. Still it's not often you get to please a Prince..."


Sairek felt his head drop back down to the floor as he helplessly listened to this conversation.


"We should do it in a bit then, maybe tonight. It would be too boring now because he would be pretty lifeless..." Triss said, bending down to Sairek. Her hand reached the collar of his shirt and began going down it, touching his bare skin underneath. It couldn't really get too far other than his chest, but that didn't stop her from feeling him up. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to show no reaction to the despair he was getting from her violating him. He flinched when he felt her fingers had squeezed his right pec harshly muscle. It thankfully did not lost longer than that. He almost sighed in relief that it was ending as her hand came out from under his clothes. "Well, he does seem to enjoy it a little already, maybe we don't have to wait long! He's actually a little bit sturdy under there, I'm surprised! I want to see the look on his face when he reaches that special moment for the first time in his young little life~" Triss said in an almost seemingly-out-of-character cheery voice.


"Works for me; let's store him in the closet for now?"

Sairek's eyes slid open as he looked up and stared at the both of them.


"Okay." Triss said in a casual tone.


Sairek felt himself soon being dragged by Triss by his hood once again. He wiggled a little, but it was absolutely insufficient to help him get out of her grip as he was skidding across the floor. She soon stopped, as he heard a door open and felt himself soon lifted up. He made a pained noise, unable to breathe for a few seconds from the pressure on his throat yet again. He wondered if they had some sick fetish suffocating him...

He was moved in the air and soon placed against a wall. He was confused for the first few seconds as to why the pressure off of his throat hadn't been lifted. He then realized in horror that he was actually being hung along the wall on a coat rack stuck onto the closet wall. His hands went up to the collar of his hood once again, trying to relieve his throat of pressure. It was barely working.


"Pl...ease..." Sairek struggled to croak out. "I... c-can't -- uckk... breathe...!" he just managed to gasp out. He squeezed his eyes shut as he pulled against his hood with all his might. His boots scraping off of the wall behind him as if trying to push himself down from the wall sideways would help. He couldn't last like this for even a few minutes.


"...Oh, fine. I'll lower you a little bit." Triss said. Picking up Sairek again, she hanged him lower on the wall to the floor, to a different level of hanger on the wall. Sairek was able to at least breathe if he stood on his toes while tugging his hood down... but he knew he wouldn't have the strength to do that for very long.


"We'll see how you're doing in an hour." She said, leaning closer and soon pressing her lips against his throat which he had exposed, due to craning his neck back to relieve as much pressure from his throat as possible. He drew in a sharp breath of pain as she literally bit into his throat with her teeth, sustaining the bite for a few seconds before pulling away.

"Have fun! Make sure you don't pass out; you'll be dead if you do."


To Sairek's fear, she closed the door. Leaving him in pitch black. It was only a few seconds later he heard the door leading to outside of the building open and the three of them moving and walking outside of the building. It wasn't hard to imagine the ogre even through the blackness of the closet moving his way out the door.


Sairek's grunted and groaned as he pulled helplessly against his hood struggling to breathe properly. His bottom lip quivered, and he soon let out a yell. A yell of anger, frustration, pain, helpless desperation and anguish.


© 2013 Sairek Ceareste

Author's Note

Sairek Ceareste
Chapter last edited on: January 27th, 2013


- Dialogue has been touched up literally almost everywhere.

- Descriptions as well

- Changed how Sairek encounters Triss and Natalia

- Changed the... that scene near the end to be even... worse. Yes, THAT scene.

SIDENOTE: Mother effing auto changing text... stay Arial 10 when I ^&#!ing tell you to.

Changelog [January 30th, 2012]:

- Fixed some typos and done some grammar fixes

- The Succubus's are forgiving for the original threat on Sairek, but far more relentless when they do their threat for what they had in store for him the next day.

- Little additions to dialogue here and there

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