Dream 11511

Dream 11511

A Story by Helena of D

I woke up from a dream at around 2:15, and typed it all out right then in hopes of decifering it. I'm probably gonna get it good for publishing this.


As me and my small group travel through the desert in search of anything new or out of the ordinary I notice a dark figure, standing, in the middle of nowhere, of in the distance. I rush ahead, blade at the ready, if it’s another one of the beasts. I fly forward, pushing my legs to move quickly, before skidding to a halt a few feet from the figure. I pull my blade from its hilt and have it pointed at the ready before analyzing the figure. It was a man, dressed simply in all black, with dark messed hair. I couldn't see his face, as his back was turned from me, but something about him struck up something from my memories. Realization occurred and I dropped the blade from my hand.

"Alex??" I urgently questioned.

The figure, startled by my unnoticed arrival, swirled around sharply. And that’s when I saw him... from so long ago...who I believed to be killed by my own best friend...There, stood my Alexander. There was a brief moment of confusion on his face, before realization dawned.

"Kimberly???"He cried as his eyes grew wide.

Oh God, could this be? After almost a decade of praying, had my prayers been answered??He stepped forward transfixed upon my face, almost as if I were a desert mirage.

“You’ve changed so much" he whispered as his hand cupped my face.

"Alexander" I murmured back "How are you here? How are you alive?"

He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders "I just appeared here, and not a minute later you showed up, looking as beautiful as ever"

I blushed but nevertheless was rejoiced that my wonderful Alex was here with me again. I closed the few steps between us and wrapped my arms around him in an embrace.

"I’ll never let you go again Alexander. I missed you too much” I said

"And I’ve missed you too. My thoughts have been tormented with you. Its felt like an eternity and I would know" he murmured

"Alex it’s been more than TEN years!" I cried looking into his face. "I’ve been all alone, grieving your loss!! You left me all alone, with no one to love!"

"Kim please forgive me. I’ve been dying without you. I’ve been longing to hear your voice and smell the sweet scent of your blood again" he said

"Well Alex you have no idea, the pain I’ve gone through from your death. And how did you even get here???" I questioned

"I wish I knew." he replied "and what’s going on here? Why are you carrying those weapons around? And why are you in the desert? And WHERE are we?"

I sighed, unwanting to bring up the horrors occurring in our country.

"We’re in the middle of a war Alex. I predicted it coming before you even died. All the dogs for the most part have joined the enemy, and we've been fighting endlessly, it seems, to stay alive and beat them. Right now, we’re in the Mojave Desert in Las Vegas, where we’ve been hearing reports of increased WAARP activity. We came to check it out and make sure everything’s safe."

I could see the shock in his face as everything set in. Hopefully, this wouldn’t scare him off, because I don’t think I could survive without him again.

"Who’s this "we" you keep talking about?" he said

"Oh!" I chirped. I turned, pointed to my group still walking a distance from us, not worrying about me because they knew I could take care of myself, and replied, "It’s our little group, Tabby, Eddie, Allie, Zack, and Aaron. We've been fighting since this all started, and since Tabby rethroned."

"She was dethroned????" he boomed

"No no" I replied, " she chose to leave, and become human for a while, but when this war happened, she, I, and others realized we had to rejoin the ranks of the undead, even if mine was more chemically induced than anything."

I realized Aaron and the group would probably be worrying about me by now so I took Alex's hand (a comforting feeling) and led him back towards everyone. He followed, and when the others saw his face, they looked at me and my giddy expression and then back to him. Only Tab, Ed, and Allie recognized him. Tabby and Ed’s eyes bugged out of their heads, while Allie drew in a sharp shocked breath.

"Is that my brother??" Allie cried, near tears

"Yes Allie" I replied, looking up at Alex’s face with a loving smile who was looking back at me.

With many hugs, pats on the back, and still slightly shocked expressions, everyone seemed to accept Alex’s miraculous return, as the strange and mysterious happened very often. Only Aaron remained unwelcoming, and gave Alex a cold stare. Aaron came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder, and pulled me a few steps away from the group. When we were a distance from everyone else he turned to me and demanded to know who "the prick cramping our style" was.

Outraged I yelled back loud enough for everyone to hear "Alexander is perfect!! I don’t care if you’re my fiancée right now!!! I’ve cried myself to sleep, cut myself, prayed for his return, and continually mourned over the loss of him from when he died!! He’s the perfect man for me, and if you can’t at least act civilized around him then were going to have some serious problems!!!"

Still fuming i turned away from him and back towards the shocked and embarrassed faces of our group. I marched over to Alex, whose face looked pained, grabbed his hand, and ran as fast as my feet could carry us away from them. As my surroundings blurred around me and I hit 120 the landscape shifted from desert to suburban, and when I stopped, I realized we were at Alex’s old house in Texas, and not a desert in Las Vegas. Amazed that my feet travelled this far and fast I walked forward, pulling him along behind me into his house, where we could catch up on all the things we missed out on together as a couple.....

© 2011 Helena of D

Author's Note

Helena of D
Ignore the cheesyness of it all. and what do ya think? Any interpretations for my dream?

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Added on January 23, 2011
Last Updated on January 23, 2011
Tags: dream, futuristic, alexander, love, pain, missing, you, memories, war, blood


Helena of D
Helena of D

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