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A girl on her own is accosted by an attractive male!

Her parents had decided to return to the hotel and after a heated discussion the girl had decided to stay on the beach regardless!
She was enjoying the heat of the sun and dressed in a all in one swimming costume she was beginning to think that a change might be necessary.
The costume was made of thick material and chosen by her Mother to cover her pronounced breasts and most of her thighs and buttocks, it was beginning to be a sweaty costume. 

She had a solution and it was daring to say the least. She had purchased it one day last summer when with friends they had visited a clothing store where they had on display skimpy bikini type costumes. Her choice was brief to the extreme. Three very small patches of thin material held together with nothing more than string. After rummaging through her beach bag she now held her bikini and wondered whether she should attempt a quick change. 

Looking around her she could see there were groups of families nearby, leaving her little privacy. Despite the use of towels it would be difficult to prise off the sweaty one piece costume and replace it with the brief bikini without exposing parts of her body to those nearby. 

Nothing for it! She had to find a more secluded part of the beach where she could find partial privacy. It would mean walking a distance in the hot sand under a relentless sun. Quickly gathering up all her possessions she began to walk toward the dunes and a less popular part of the beach. 

There were rocks and small patches of sand where one could spread a towel and sunbathe. A few swimmers were evident further along the beach but no one was near to her. Perfect for her to change her costume. She swiftly pulled off her one piece costume and standing in the nude began to enjoy the cooling breeze. It was fantastic to feel so free and being so liberated she wondered whether she could spend some time being naked. 

As an eighteen year old she had often looked with a critical eye at her body in the bathroom mirror at home. She was pleased at the way her body was developing. Her breasts were firm and quite big with the n*****s becoming big enough to be sore if rubbed by anything other than a well fitting bra. She ran her hands over her hips and felt pleased at her slim waist. She was more than pleased at the way her vagina looked after careful and managed daily shaving. 

Taking care to ensure there were no others near her, she rummaged in her bag to find her latest purchase. An item which she had kept hidden from her Mother's eye. It was rather big and a glorious pink in colour. It reminded her of the man in a magazine she had seen in the hairdressers. He was naked and had an enormous penis dangling between his legs. The other girls shrieked with laughter when she announced she was going to buy this d***o!

She lay back on her towels and placed the d***o between her legs. She wondered what it would be like to have the real thing probing her vagina with a man kissing and licking her breasts. She closed her eyes and began to have a beautiful warm feeling from the movement of the d***o in her vagina. 

"There you are" A man's voice! It was her Father's friend from the hotel. She was startled and began to panic. She was naked and was pleasuring herself. Here, stood in front of her was a man wearing nothing but a towel over his shoulder. 
"Did you know that you are in the Nudist part of the beach"?

As she began to hastily pack up her things to cram them into her bag she forgot completely that she was still naked. 
"There's no need to leave on my account as I've just left a party of naked people further along the beach"
He stepped forward and laying his towel down he promptly sat down alongside her. 

To her abject misery and horror, he picked up her d***o and began to inspect it closely. He even put it against his penis to compare lengths. It matched perfectly and unlike the artificial penis, his began to grow. It was thick and dark red with a pink head. She could see there were veins running around the shaft. He had no hair around his scrotum and with the absence of any hair, his penis seemed enormous, standing upright and away from his body.

"My apologies my dear. I've been sent to look for you by your Mother, who could see where you were heading and knowing what you might see here, hoped you wouldn't come to any harm". 

The young girl began to feel bolder and stopped trying to cover her nakedness. After all, wasn't he a friend of her Mother? She couldn't help but keep looking at his body. He had no body hair and was quite attractive with a slim and muscular torso. He was layed on his back and playing with one hand his upright penis. She was fascinated at the way the skin round his shaft was moving. 

She knew that to discourage him from making any moves towards her and maybe want to have sex with her, she needed to keep him at arms length. Although, she had another thought. What if she encouraged him to have sex with her. He was quite attractive and she put his age at about thirtyish. She would insist on him using a condom. Maybe that would put him off? 

With these conflicting thoughts she began to feel sexy and want to have bodily contact with him. Daringly, she reached over and took hold of the shaft of his nine inch penis. It felt oddly warm and exciting. He gasped and immediately put a hand on her vagina. His fingers began to push gently into her wet vagina and to her absolute delight he found her clitoris. It was fantastic and made her want more. She was squirming and she was pushing her pelvis up in ectasy.

"There's one thing I must do before all else" He said and reaching into his small bag he quickly pulled out a packet of condoms. In seconds he had got one out and slipped it over his quivering penis. 
" Now we can have fun. Don't you agree my dear?"
She nodded her agreement and as he placed himself above her she reached for his penis and with her legs round his waist pulled him into her wet vagina. It seemed as if his penis would go on forever. It was now so big she wondered if it would cause her some internal damage. 

The sensations were terrific. She was lost and wanted more of the same. She felt herself abandoning all reserves and thrust her body against him to take as much of him as she could. He was enjoying every movement of her body and began to move his hips with his penis moving backwards and forwards over her clitoris. She was moaning and with a big explosion cried out when she had the most sensational orgasm. 

He too had cum and when he rolled off her she could see the condom was almost filled with his semen. They were both covered in sweat and out of breath.  "Wasn't that absolutely beautiful". He said. She smiled and kissed him with an open mouth and a moving tongue in his mouth. 

She knew that given the opportunity she would tell her closest friends of her sexual conquest and with any luck she would have sex with him again and soon! 

Later, in the hotel and in her bedroom she asked her Mother about 'her friend' and when it was they had last met. Her Mother blushed and whispered "For Heaven's sake don't tell your Father, I had sex with him only last week and as he is only down the corridor, I hope to have his delightful body all to myself again whilst we are on holiday". 

"Why do you ask, she questioned her daughter. "Don't be angry". replied the girl and began to explain what had happened in the dunes. The Mother was shocked and after hearing the girl's account asked if she had taken precautions. Satisfied the Mother said together they would confront this 'sex maniac' immediately. The girl said that she had enjoyed having sex with this man and stressed that she wouldn't mind having more with him.

"I've jut had a brilliant idea". said Mother."We'll give him what he wants, but on our terms". Mystified, the girl followed her Mother's instructions and following her example stripped off all her clothes and put on a robe. Seeing her Mother naked made the girl feel randy as she could feel her n*****s harden and become sensitive. 

"We are going to tie him up to the bed and have our fun with him while he's helpless". The girl began to get the idea of a rape in reverse and with no hesitation said to her Mother, "OK but I want to go first".

He opened the door of his room and was pleased to see both of them in robes. They invited him to undress and lay back on the bed. He was now naked and on his back. The women quickly tied his arms to the bed head. With the idea of sex being on the cards his penis began to grow and he waited to enjoy what was to come. The girl didn't wait to be invited and shedding her robe she jumped up on the bed and straddling his body, easily inserted his c**k into her wet vagina. 

The Mother had taken off her robe and naked she placed herself over the man's head. She made sure her vagina was over his mouth and began to gyrate her body. At first the man couldn't believe his luck and inserting his tongue began to lick the woman's clitoris. The daughter began to move her body violently and with it his penis was pulled from side to side. 

After about an hour of pure unadulterated sex in all its positions the Mother climbed off the bed and his penis still in the upright position and stiff, beckoned to her daughter and showed her the tin of powdered toilet cleanser which she had hidden in the pocket of her robe. 

"Have you had enough of him? She asked her daughter. "Oh yes, enjoyable as it was I think I've had enough for now".
The Mother said "Good. Because now we are going to dispense justice to this two timing son-of-a-b***h."
"Watch this". She said and began to shake the toilet cleansing powder over the man's penis. When it was covered in the white powder, clasping his penis she began to stroke her hand up and down the shaft. At first he enjoyed the sensation of the roughness of the powder, the he began to feel the soreness of his bright red penis. 

He moved violently on the bed and bucking and twisting his body attempted to get her to stop. She ignored his pleas and instead stuffed a pair of his underpants in his mouth to stifle the noise. And continuing with the rough treatment the daughter noticed the blood oozing round the shaft of the penis. 

It was when the two women were back in their room that they started to laugh and between them reckoned that justice had been served with sex being off the man's agenda for some time!


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What you might call 'rough justice'.

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