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A Different method of treatment!

A Different method of treatment!

A Story by augustus

No prescription can cure this problem

Well here goes nothing! I've had this problem since being a babe in arms. It's strictly physical and can't be cured by swallowing pills or drinking potions. My parents, sadly no longer on this earth tried everything to reassure me and calm me down when I got in a temper. I'm now thirty years of age and still suffering!
I'm fortunate in as much I don't have any money worries. Father made sure I was financially secure by naming me as sole heir to his enormous wealth. Other relatives kicked up a fuss when the details of the will were made known. There was nothing they could do. Even my Sister had to make do with me making provision for her in future years. One of my many Aunts tried outright sexual seduction to get me to write her a cheque. Naturally, it didn't work and she had to leave carrying her knickers and with tear smeared face called me all the names she could think of.
Dear Aunty Olive. She was a very attractive woman for her age and boasted a splendid figure which she was flaunting when she called at my apartment. Her breasts were almost out of the dress she was wearing and it was very short in length showing her splendid thighs. After a few drinks she decided that the time was right for her to make her advances and began by pulling her dress over her head revealing an almost naked body. Standing in front of me, I could see she was wanting sex. Her minute bikini bottom was wet with her juices and didn't cover the lips of a pink and naked vagina. Her breasts were full and the n*****s were standing proud. 
This was the moment when my medical problem became apparent. Fully aroused at the sight of a naked relative my penis began to swell and push itself against the fabric of my shorts. I don't think dear Aunt Olive had ever seen such an enormous c**k in her life. When it finally appeared she gasped at the size of it. A full twelve inches in length with a girth of about four inches it had defied doctors at the enormity of it. The glans was bright red and glistening with the anticipation of sex. This was, without doubt, a medical marvel and it had been a bane of my life so far. Whenever, I had occasion to allow its freedom from the confines of my underwear, it caused considerable comment.

Aunt Olive had cause to stare open mouthed at my c**k in its full and throbbing majesty. She tentatively asked if she could touch it. Withe trembling fingers she clasped the shaft and said in a shaky voice wondered whether she would be able to take it in her. Naturally enough, I offered to try and thrust it between her thighs. With her being wet from her juices it slid in and before she could open her legs fully, it entered her tight vagina.
She squealed and shuddered at being shafted in such a way that she wasn't prepared for. She held on to my hips and with her bum on the table opened her legs and placed them over my shoulders. Now having easier access my cursed penis slid all the way in and with a thrust of my body it met resistance. I began to move in a circular motion causing dear Aunt to have orgasm after orgasm. She was crying out for me not to stop and with perspiration dripping from her face and breasts, wanted more and more. Never had she been fucked so completely before.

I give her full marks for trying so hard to please me. She gave her body without any reservations, however, it was during drying each other with big fluffy towels, she let slip why she had gone to such drastic measures. It was a question of money! She needed a lot of cash to pay off a debt. I had to refuse her pleas and told her that the money was being held in trust and therefore wasn't readily available! At this she screamed and began to swear calling me all the names imaginable. We didn't part being the best of friends!
End of Part one.
After my brief sexual experience with dear Aunt Olive I had occasion to meet a chap in the local swimming club who when seeing my cursed c**k in the changing room made a remark that was to change everything. His name was Ivan and when we were both naked and about to don our costumes he complimented on me having a desirable c**k. Looking at him I couldn't help but look at his dangling monstrosity. I returned the compliment and asked him what he meant by 'desirable'. I'll tell you later over a cup of coffee was all I got from him. 
After a lengthy swim we both met up again at a local cafe and over big cups of frothy coffee Ivan explained what he meant by 'desirable'. 
"I belong to a very exclusive group of men who like us both have the fortune in being endowed with enormous c***s. It is a rare condition and we are able to profit by having them. We are all in good condition and able to attract and satisfy women of all ages". 
I was truly fascinated to learn more and before I could question Ivan further, he invited me to join this group of men at one of their regular meetings at a private address that week. I agreed and Ivan warned me to wear brief clothes and be ready to go naked in the company of other men. At this I couldn't help but get a tingle in my c**k. I was already feeling that much better about my limitations with an over sized c**k.
Ivan had kindly offered to pick me up and take me to an address in fashionable Chelsea. The house was quite grand and we were greeted at the door by a young girl who was wearing the briefest of bikinis that did little to hide well proportioned breasts and a thong that just about coped with a pierced vagina. She ushered us into a room where several men were standing with drinks in hand. They appeared to be all of roughly my age group and I was introduced to a chap who was in charge and our host.
"Welcome everyone. My name is Brian and this is my home. As we are all of the same interest I want you to feel free when naked to compare each others penises before we get down to business"!
He then began to undress and place his gown over a chair. I could see he had an enormous appendage and looking around me I could see everyone had, like me, massive c***s. Some were hanging loose and some were beginning to rise. It seemed to be quite normal to be standing naked amongst other men also naked with no apparent embarrassment. I did notice that all were clean shaven in the pubic area. One even had a tattoo of a ruler on his foreskin as if to show off its length. There were one or two who were wearing pierced jewellery on both their penises and ball sacks.
"As you are all aware, you've all been thoroughly vetted and have signed an agreement to keep our activities private. We operate within the law and our rules are self explanatory. A copy of which you have been given."
At this point he waved his long and wide penis in a circular motion. 
"This gentlemen is our badge of honour. It is the tool for us to give pleasure to those who would want sexual satisfaction. Yes, it is true we charge a small fee for those who would want to experience the delights of our c***s. However, I must remind you that any man who violates the strict rules, will be instantly dismissed from our group. Every month you will receive an individual list of clients, privy to you and you alone. Thank you gentlemen lecture time is over, now it is time for drinkies and food."
As if on cue a door opened and naked women entered with trays of drinks and plates of food and began to circulate among the men. The drinks were plentiful and the food excellent. Each man had been allocated a woman to look after his needs for the evening. Mine was the rather attractive girl who had greeted us initially at the front door. She had discarded her brief bikini and was now completely naked, much to my delight! 
End of part two.
Her name was Delilah and it was clear she knew how to look after a newcomer like me. Fluttering her eyelashes she took hold of my erect penis and began to pull me into a room that had no furniture but a wall to wall pillowed mattress. Already, a couple were making use of the padded floor with a girl under a man pounding away with his big c**k plunging in and out of her tight arsehole. Delilah turned and still holding on to my penis jumped up to put her legs round my hips and cross her ankles over my arse. She then began to pull and push my c**k into her very wet c**t. Initially, it began to enter smoothly and she was showing signs of pure pleasure. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open with her tongue darting in and out. Holding onto her slim body I could feel her breasts with hard n*****s rubbing against my chest. The sheer pleasure of feeling her slick and wet c**t made my penis even bigger and harder and when I thrusted it hard Delilah screamed with the delight of a heavy and intense orgasm. 

It was well past midnight when Ivan and I eventually left the house where I had been introduced to the Club of Giant C***s! We decided to stop off at an allnight cafe for a much needed cup of strong coffee. I decided to look at the piece of paper that I had discovered tucked into a pocket of my shorts. No doubt whilst I had been naked earlier. It was a list of my future clients together with their addresses , telephone numbers and likes and dislikes with regard to matters of sex. Ivan had an identical piece of paper but with different names and addresses. 
On my piece of paper there were six names and addresses. Ivan had the same number. Strange to relate, we didn't compare notes. Each carefully reading all the salient details against each client.
We noted that at the bottom of the lists was a paragraph relating to our completion of initial visits, repeated visits were to be welcomed and where necessary 'Head Office' was to be informed of them. Ivan asked me what I thought of the Club and had it affected me in any way. Other than my c**k being over worked and my sperm filling up a certain little 'Delilah' I felt infinitely better about having an over sized penis. I said that I now regarded having such a 'monster' as an advantage and not as a disadvantage. I felt that I had started on a cure for my medical problem and realised I would be enjoying such a cure without a doctor in sight!

My first objective was to prepare my body for a sexual marathon. I needed a full body shave and attention being given to an extended penis with oils and inspection of my foreskin for signs of infection. Fortunately we had been given full details of where this could be done discreetly and without cost.
I was pampered from head to toe by a naked couple who took delight in playing with my over sized penis and at the same time inspected my body for any imperfections. Thank goodness there were'nt any and I passed final inspection with a pat on the bottom from the guy and an extended f**k from the big busted girl. According to them I was now ready for business! Looking at my list I could see the first client was a woman of forty years of age, recently divorced and living alone in her apartment with a cat for company. 
When I rang the doorbell, I could see she wasn't expecting me and was obviously getting ready to have a bath. Her housecoat didn't do much to cover her body and I could see she had no underwear on. Over drinks she explained that she was using our services because her divorced husband had found a younger model and was busy shafting her. I tried to explain that we didn't need to know anything about her reasons for calling on us and offered to undress there and then or perhaps she preferred the bedroom. 
It was the bathroom that saw us both naked. She had weathered her forty years with care. Her skin was tanned and with no loose or surplus flesh. Her breasts were full and with no sagging making her n*****s stand proud. There was evidence she had shaved off all her body hair. Her vagina was tight and a delightful pink in colour. With hands on hips she was studying my body and smiling she took hold of my growing penis and began to stroke it. 
"It's enormous isn't it? But then I always did fancy a big fat c**k even if my ex husband was quite small. Do you mind if I make full use of it while you are here?"

Bending over she took hold of my monster c**k and began to lick and suck the tip. It was pure heaven and I couldn't help but groan with the pleasure of her taking the shaft into her eager mouth. She was now in full heat and her juices were flowing with anticipation. Turning, she kept hold of my c**k and with her backside in the air placed it in between her cheeks. Instead of aiming for her wet and inviting vagina, I plunged the tip of my c**k into her puckered anus. She hadn't expected that and with a cry of delight from her I gave her the full length. 
"Oh! My God! What are you doing to me? But, don't stop! Please! More!" she cried.
She must have enjoyed every thrust of my body against her backside. Her cries of pure pleasure only served to heighten my lust for more and it wasn't long before I felt a massive orgasm releasing a load of semen into her. Still not satisfied, she pulled my c**k which was ejecting more and more semen and placed it into her gaping and ready sex. His contact with her clitoris made her buck her body to keep a constant rubbing of his c**k against the most sensitive part of her body. Withe combination of both her flowing juices and his semen they were both wild and out of control . He was thrusting his body wildly and she was twisting and moving her backside as if to feel every part of his engorged penis. 
Exhausted after an hour of frantic and wild sex they both sat on the edge of the bath covered in pirspiration and panting with having had so much exercise. The looked at each other and laughing they began to immerse themselves into the water in the bath. It was whilst he was drying himself that he realised he would have to limit his 'sexual visits' to his clients at least once a week, otherwise he would be a physical wreck!
End of Part three.
It was during one of my 'rest periods' that Aunty Olive came knocking on my front door. She had come to apologise for her crude behaviour during her last visit. 
"I thought you should know I've managed to settle the problem of my debts and I am now free of those sharks. It's best you don't know how I managed it. Suffice to say, I had the wildest sex session ever with the principal and whilst it wasn't as satisfying as being 'fucked' by you, he seemed satisfied. Especially, when I told him I knew his wife and wouldn't be averse to letting slip of our 'affair' to her.And it's all down to you and your beautiful c**k that I had the idea of using sex to get out of debt."
I was pleased to learn about Aunty Olive's being free of debt and worry. I was also pleased to see how liberated she appeared mto be. Her whole demeanour was different. She had applied make up to her otherwise flawless features. She was wearing a simple dress that allowed her generous breasts to move freely and its length was just short of being indecent. Whilst complimenting her on her changed situation she had moved to stand in front of me and adopt a suggestive pose. One hand was fondling a breast and the other was lifting the hem of her dress to show she had no underwear on. 
I couldn't resist a challenge and immediately lifted my arse to allow the release of a rapidly stiffening c**k from the confines of my tracksuit bottoms. 
"Heavens above, it's bigger than ever" she cried and immediately dropped down in front of me, and on her knees took me in her mouth. I quickly came and she took the lot. With my semen on her lips she got up off her knees and whipped off her dress to reveal her naked body. Turning, she squatted over my lap and holding my upright penis, squeezed it into her tight but wet vagina. Was she hot! Her juices were in freefall and she was riding my shaft like there was no tomorrow. I was holding her breasts and tweaking those button hard n*****s. Her whole body was in ecstasy and she was grunting and growling like an animal possessed. 
Aunty Olive made me promise I would let her come and 'make love' as she put it, on a regular basis, as she had never experienced sex quite like it before. As I thoroughly enjoyed her body I readily agreed and we both made notes in our diaries so that we wouldn't miss out! Meanwhile, I had six phone numbers to call. 
The first one was, according to the notes, a fifty six year old widow who lived on a barge in a nearby canal. I was warned that she was fiercely independent by being self sufficient and a rampant follower of hard sex. What that meant, I had no idea!
I knocked on the cabin roof of a very pretty and tidy canal barge.
A blonde haired head appeared from a skylight. Seeing me, the woman said the door's open and invited me aboard. 
In the confines of a very tidy cabin I introduced myself and reminded her of her telephoned order of sex. She nodded and said she had little choice but to buy sex as her boy friend had run away after she had raped him! Studying her at close quarters, I could see why the boy friend had done a runner. She was near naked and had painted figures all over her body. As far as I could make out she hadn't got a stitch on and to cap it all her face was really quite attractive. Her breasts were coloured bright red with black n*****s. Her vagina was made obvious by her having a number of rings piercing her labia. 
I was then literally attacked! She came at me like a demon possessed. My T shirt was ripped off. My shorts were stripped down to my ankles and in two seconds I was naked in front of her. She obviously enjoyed seeing my c**k rising and with open mouth said how much she was looking forward to having a decent f**k! Pushing me backwards I fell on a couch with my stiff c**k waving about in the air. She immediately fell on me and at the same time managed to grab hold of my c**k and begin to ram it past all the jewellery and  against a very wet and ready swollen clitoris. With me desperately holding two very swollen breasts she began to buck and arch her body to enable her to slide up and down my c**k. Screaming very loudly she was a woman in the depths of a very intense orgasm. Her juices were flowing and meeting my semen in full flood. 
An hour later and laying exhausted on my bruised and battered body she confessed that was the best f**k she had had for some considerable time. I too had enjoyed it and when she asked me if my c**k would ever stop growing I quickly realised she wanted more. Turning her over and off me I made sure my faithfull friend was in her crack and against her tightly puckered anus.
I think she had a fair idea of what I was about to do. The thrust of a very big and fat c**k forcing itself up and into an expanding channel had her in ecstacy. 
It was much later in the day when I staggered off that barge and left a happy and exhausted woman with legs wide apart and full of my semen. I vowed there and then I would never set foot on a barge again without checking to see if there was a sex starved woman waiting for a frenzied f*****g. 
End of Part four.
I had never had a decent f**k in front of an audience before. Here I was stark naked stood in front of a circle of middle aged women all being naked and sat fingering themselves. Soft music was playing as in front of me stood a young woman with nothing on her pert body except a diaphanous drape. She was swaying to the music and holding on to my now very big and stiff penis. Her eyes were closed and I could see she was enjoying the foreplay to what would be a very fulfilling f**k of the biggest proportions. 
I had attended the address on my list to what was an exclusive residence in a posh part of town. The door was opened by a maid dressed in a pinafore that partly covered a naked and beautifully tanned body. Having established who I was and acknowledged why I was there, she then asked me to remove all my clothes before joining my client. She was impressed with my enormous but flaccid penis and suggested that I let her fondle its length and width to get an idea of what my client could expect.
Still naked and with a c**k that was subsiding after a quick f**k with the tanned maid on the floor of the lobby, I walked into a room where all these women were sat in a circle awaiting my presence. They all gasped and pointing to my now growing c**k they were whispering to each other. 
The young woman in front of me took my full length c**k and pulling me to the floor and on to the cushions scattered there. She immediately placed her legs over my shoulders and with obvious intent wanted me lick her very wet and open vagina where I could see her clitoris waiting to be sucked and nibbled. 
Whilst I was giving her orgasm after orgasm she had turned and taken my c**k into her mouth and was intent on sucking me dry. 
The watching women were quick to move from their seats to see from every angle my entry into the young woman's c**t. It was delicious and wet with our respective juices and it enabled my fully extended c**k to slide in its full length. It didn't take long for my semen to rise to the surface and eject on to the stomach of an exhausted young woman.
I never did find out who the young woman was and who my client had been that day. Was it the maid in the hall or was it one of the women spectators? It could have been the youngster I had fucked so spectacularly. Who knows? All I knew was that I had met what had been required of me.  Ivan and I had met for lunch at a rather swanky cafe at a hotel in the City and after I had told him of my adventures thus far, he too had had some amazing encounters. 
Like me he had had problems with having an enormous c**k. Similarly with my parents, his had taken him to a doctor to see what could be done with his extremity. The verdict was exactly the same as mine. Learn to live with it! Embarrassing moments in the school showers. Female teachers wanting him to show them what he had hiding in his trousers. Prefects wanting him to share their beds. And a head teacher who loved to have him naked on his desk and lick and suck his c**k. 
Recently, Ivan had been approached to star in a Porn movie. He said that whilst he felt somewhat bemused at the thought of showing off his twelve inch c**k and thrusting it into a number of faceless women, he just couldn't do it. I too, have been approached for Porn videos. I did try one. It was mid summer when I had to walk naked across a private lawn and surprise a naked girl bent over a stone parapet. My job was to come up behind her and push my penis into her exposed anus and vagina. Whichever came first! That was fine and I enjoyed having a very young and sexy girl gyrate and thrust herself up and down my ever throbbing and eager shaft. The cameraman was pleased that we had completed the f*****g in one take and said he would give the girl a lift back to her school when he had finished up. 
That was me out of there and having nothing more to do with Porn videos! I'm not in the habit of f*****g school girls!
I completed all my six addresses and after having exercised my faithful c**k to every extreme, I decided to retire from professional sex and take a well deserved break. After all, it wasn't as if I needed the money. My inheritance provided me with a nice steady income and I was living comfortably with occasional visits from Aunty Olive. She was enjoying her sex with me and was really excited when I suggested she join me for a holiday in the South of France at a nudist resort where we could be naked from dawn to dusk with no restrictions as to where we went from our rented villa. 
End of Part Five 
I had secretly always wanted to be a nudist and this was my opportunity to live the life of nudist without the stupid and senseless crudity imposed by a reserved and simple minded mix of people who just didn't understand the joy and freedom of living without clothes. 
We arrived at the villa and immediately Aunty Olive stripped off all her clothes and posing by the side of a magnificent pool with arms outstretched yelled out at top of her voice "Yippee. I'm free"! 
I had to remind a very excited Aunty that we had neighbours to consider and giving her a very big glass of cold wine, we both sat by the side of the pool and reflected on our situation.  
We were both without dependants. We were single. We both enjoyed endless and varying sex. And here we were naked in the evening sun with a glass of wine without a care in the world. 
Part six.
It soon became normal practice to be naked day and night without worrying whether passers by might see you. The very thought of having to wear clothes of any description became depressing. I was getting used to people staring and pointing to my monstrosity of a c**k. One evening the door bell rang and standing on the door step were a young couple, both naked, holding a very big bottle of wine. 
"Hello there. We are your new neighbours and would like to share this bottle of wine with you. "
Naturally enough, we invited them in and after a few glasses of wine they told us that they were swingers. He was something in the City and she was in real estate. Both were in their late thirties and were in good shape. He had a lean body with no visible hair, and boasted a six pack chest together with a flaccid uncircumcised  penis of a good length of about six inches. She was slightly smaller than him and had the most delightful pair of breasts with accentuated pointed n*****s. 

What do you want to do ?
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© 2020 augustus

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I'm working on this story and it may turn out to be a book!!

Posted 6 Months Ago

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Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

OK So I write stuff that might be construed as nothing more than pornographic. You, the reader will make your own minds up! I'm never satisfied with my writing and I will always welcome your opinions!.. more..