A Story by augustus

He couldn't believe his eyes!

He was walking to the bus stop when he felt a violent blow to the back of his head and then total blackness. It was later when in hospital he discovered that he had been attacked and his wallet, phone and watch were gone. The staff in the accident and emergency department were very thorough and after having been examined from head to toe and placed in all sorts of scanning machines he was declared well enough to be sent home. 
Other than having periodical headaches, he had no other after effects from his violent attack. He had been given pills to help with the headaches and it was after taking a couple of these, he was resting on the sofa having changed out of  his damaged office suit. He had opted for a pair of shorts and singlet. Armed with a mug of his favorite chocolate he was settled for a recommended rest.
It hadn't been long when his rest was disturbed by the front door bell ringing. Staggering slightly he made his way to the door and after opening it discovered his cleaner armed with her handbag and another bag. There was something not quite right at what he was seeing! His forty year old cleaner was totally naked! He looked again and brushing his eyes saw that, yes, she wasn't wearing any clothes! Impossible! With his mouth wide open and eyes staring at a woman he had known for years walk past him in the lobby stark naked!
"I'm sorry to disturb you my dear, but I've mislaid your keys and I can't find them anywhere. Don't worry, they'll turn up and I won't have to worry you again."
She turned and with her hands on her hips asked him what he was staring at. 
"Close your mouth Simon, or you will surely catch flies in there!"
He tried averting his gaze and in his mind he could see she was quite attractive with breasts well proportioned and n*****s pronounced. She had no spare body fat  and her cleft between her legs had no hair. He knew she had been married and had no children. He tried desperately to think of something else other than her naked body walking unashamedly about his apartment. He tried closing his eyes to remove what was fast becoming an erotic image. It didn't work! She was still naked. 
Having a naked woman walk slowly past him gave him all sorts of ideas. One was to push her on to the sofa and ram his now rising c**k up into her vagina. Two, he could explain his predicament to her and see how she would react or three, he could close his eyes and lay down on the sofa and sleep. He chose the latter and it was while he was dozing he could still see Natalie the cleaner standing on tiptoe with her feather duster flicking the corner of the room, her breasts perfectly formed and leg muscles braced with the exercise being given. 
Simon could feel the warmth of an increasing erection in his genitals. Although his brief shorts were a trifle tattered he knew they would hold his thrusting and pulsating c**k.
He wondered how long this affliction of his would last. Trying hard not to have an erection he closed his eyes and began to look back at what had happened to him that morning. Yes, he was attacked and hit on the head. Yes, his wallet phone and watch had been stolen. He had been to the hospital and his head had been cleaned and stitched. He now had a headache and could see his cleaning lady was working whilst being totally naked! What could be more normal than that?

He decided to put a couple of questions to Natalie in the hope that he wasn't imagining her being totally naked in his apartment! She was bent over the table dusting and he could see her bare backside with her puckered anus and the tight slit of a vagina. 

" May I ask you Natalie, what would you say if I asked you to come to work wearing no clothes at all?"

She turned and with hands on hip, laughed and sat down astride a dining room chair. Her legs were wide apart and he could see her slit of a vagina gaping slightly. 
"Other than being totally embarrassed, I don't think I would like to be exposed like that to you. After all, you are my employer and a dear friend who is a single man with the usual hang ups of a man deprived of female company. The fact that I'm wearing a pair of shorts that are a little tight and a top that has seen better days, I'm not at all wanting to work with no clothes on, thank you very much!"
"Ok thank you. What would you say if I told you that I am now looking at you, with you being totally naked?"
"Are you mad. And have you lost your marbles. I'm wearing a shirt and shorts and I have no intention of taking them off for you or anybody else!"
"Would it convince you that I can see every part of your gorgeous body by pointing out that little tattoo just above your bikini line and the small scar just above your vagina"

In horror, and with open mouth, she looked down at her little tattoo of a small butterfly and instinctively covered it with a hand. Standing up, she looked down at him and said,
"How on earth............? How did you know? Have you been peeping in the toilet?
" No I haven't. But since my knock on the head I can see you stark naked"!

" Well, if  I'm naked why  the hell aren't you?"

Standing in front of her he deftly removed his singlet and pulled his shorts down to expose his now rising penis. She gasped at the sight of it and began to feel the juices inside of he begin to flow and cause her to itch with desire. After all, it had been some considerable time since she had any form of sex. Alright, the d***o was a help, but nothing like the real thing that was twitching and waving around this man's thighs in front of her! 

"All the time I've been working for you, I've often felt like having sex with you, but I've never had the opportunity before. Are you absolutely sure you see me naked?"
"If you take off your clothes, you'll see I'm right"!
Natalie took off her top and slid out of her shorts at the same time she pulled off her brief lacy panties. 
They both looked at the pile of clothes and then looking at each other they moved and hugged each other. Simon's big and upright penis against Natalie's stomach felt as if it was on fire. She took hold of it and pushing Simon back on to the sofa and moving slowly she lowered herself on to him and with his mouth embracing one of her breasts she reached down and grasping his shaft placed it at her wet labia, eager for it to be rubbing its length against an eager and twitching clitoris.
"My God! Do you realise, how often I've wanted you, but didn't want to lose my job and be dismissed as being sex mad! I've often secretly spied on you when you've been in the shower and admired your big weapon! "
"It's been the same with me. I've been watching you and loving the way those delightful breasts with those super n*****s move when you stretch up. Now I can see you completely nude without asking you to strip"
He moved his hips and felt his penis twitching against her wet and sensitive clitoris. She was in absolute ecstacy and wanting more of his expanding shaft rolled her hips to enjoy its length.
"You do realise that now we are f*****g each other and I can see you naked anytime and anywhere, our sex life will be endless. I will have a permanent hard on whenever you enter the apartment.!"
She laughed and thrust her body down on his wet shaft which caused him to release a pent-up splurge of semen and give her a massive orgasm. After shuddering with the effects of sensational sex she said,
"How lovely. The thought of it makes me want you all the more! You do realize that if you can see me naked. You'll be able to see everybody naked! Everywhere you go, you will be the only person wearing clothes." 
Unfortunately, Simon didn't get to enjoy his new found miracle for long. It was in the local park on a hot summers day and he was arrested for accosting several nuns and telling them how beautiful their bodies were. He is now on remand to await a court date and keeps telling the custody sergeant to do something about his swollen testicles!!

© 2019 augustus

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Added on October 12, 2019
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Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

I am now an old man of advanced age but inside my tanned body I'm a mere misguided youth. I like writing Erotica and if it offends then I would suggest you take up Scrabble or something equally taxing.. more..

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