A Good Turn!

A Good Turn!

A Story by augustus

A very good turn in a sexy way


A good turn done for a neighbour can often be misconstrued as being interfering or nosy! I could see she was having difficulty in clearing her driveway of branches and leaf debris brought about after the recent storms we had been experiencing.

I must admit, I didn't know anything about my new neighbours. They had only moved into their house a couple of months ago and had kept to themselves. I knew that she was a fifty year old, fair haired and slim bodied, female with a husband who appeared to be much older. He didn't show up much at all. When he did, it was a fleeting appearance putting rubbish into a bin at the side of the house.

Introducing myself to her was a fairly simple task and she shook my proffered hand with a charming smile from a very attractive face with little make up. With the brush I had the leaves posed little problem and I quickly made short work of scooping up the piles leaves and branches and placing them into a bin. Her name was Fiona and she told me her husband's name was Richard. 

They had moved to the house opposite from an apartment in the City and were enjoying the rural countryside. They had already taken several walks through the wooded and isolated areas and with a laugh explained that they had skinny dipped in a small lake further up the valley. She blushed when she mentioned the skinny dipping. I assured her that my wife and I often go skinny dipping in that very lake and said that it wasn't something to be ashamed of. 

My wife asked me later what I had been talking about to our new neighbour. I mentioned that I had told her about our adventures in the lake. She reminded me that I shouldn't tell newcomers about our love of nudism and the fact we spent most of our time naked. She added that they might be offended.

As my dear wife was doing some washing at the sink I couldn't resist sidling up behind her and with both hands fondle her beautiful tits under her pinafore. She was naked, like me, and I had a distended erect penis which slotted in nicely between the cheeks of her bum. We often spent time like this, just cuddled up close and feeling each other's bodies. Sheer pleasure!

It was Richard who put in an appearance next. I was in the front garden wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts. He leaned over the wall and said that as the weather was so hot it makes one feel like working in the garden nude! You could have knocked me down with a feather! How did he know that fifteen minutes before I had been working in the garden completely naked! Mind you, that was the rear garden and hidden from passing pedestrians. 

"Seeing you working in your front garden I thought I should make myself known to you!"

" Please to meet you. Richard isn't it?"

"Indeed it is. I believe you've already met Fiona."

We chatted for some considerable time and it became obvious that Richard was much older than Fiona and looked as if he enjoyed the sunshine.He was sporting  healthy tan and I could see he too was wearing a pair of shorts. He explained that he had recently retired from the Civil Service and was beginning to enjoy the freedom of retirement and being able to do things he had always wanted to do, but was unable to do so because of a heavy work load. 

He also explained at length that Fiona, his wife, suffered with arthritis and wasn't able to do certain jobs around the house and garden. Therefore, they made the most of enjoying the sunshine. Heat being a help for the arthritic joints! They had recently purchased and had installed a hot tub. 
"What's it like ?"

"We have yet to try it out and as such were wondering whether you and your wife would like to join us for an opening ceremony this afternoon? 

"I'm sure my wife and I would be delighted to come. Do we have to wear swimming costumes?"

He laughed and said that clothing would be purely optional and added that he hoped we wouldn't be offended if they used the tub by being naked. At that I laughed and told him we were nudists and the sight of nude bodies wouldn't be strange to us!

"Well, I'll be jiggered! We too have been nudists for some time now!"

"Where do you go when naked?" I asked Richard.

"We used to go to a club up country, but their standards weren't up to much so we left. Otherwise, we confine our nudity to our home and garden!"

"So do we" 

We parted shaking hands and promising to be good friends and neighbours, I said we would see them later that day. . It proved to develop into a scorcher of a day. The sun was relentless and we were both taking advantage of the heat by laying about naked and drinking lots of ice cold gins and tonics. I was getting quite horny and feeling good with a massive throbbing penis. My dear wife had already mounted the shaft and was sliding her body up and down its length, groaning with pleasure at the orgasms flowing and making her want more and more. I was holding on to her perfect breasts for dear life and at the same time tweaking those pronounced n*****s. The mattress we were thrashing about on was taking quite a lot of punishment. 

After a prolonged session in the shower and feeling very pleased with our sexual antics we were getting ready for our visit to Richard and Fiona's hot tub opening. That was a laugh! Getting ready involved finding a suitable coat to enable us to cross the road without shocking any passer by.
My dear wife had chosen a flowery housecoat that just about covered those super tits and ended well above her knees. I had to make do with a short dressing gown that ended just under the cheeks of my bum and had a loose tie to hold the two halves together. 

Holding hands we dashed across the road only to bump into the Parish Council Chairman and his wife out for an afternoon stroll. I'm sure I accidently showed my penis ! We apologized for our very brief and breathless greetings and hurriedly ran round Richard and Fiona's house into the back garden. There it was! Bedecked with ribbons and with steam issuing upwards, a giant of a hot tub! There were tables loaded with glasses and bottles of wine. Snacks were there looking ready to eat. The only part missing was the presence of our hosts!

Leaving my dear wife to select a bottle of wine I began to venture round to the conservatory where through the glass I could see Richard busily f*****g an upturned Fiona over the back of a settee. Both were naked and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Thrusting his erect penis into her wet vagina he was holding her hair and pulling her head back. She in turn was pulling with both hands on to his buttocks
trying to get more of him into her. He was succeeding as she was shouting that she wanted more and more! 

I didn't want to spoil their fun so I quietly withdrew and joined my wife and began to eat some of the delicacies. We had just about started on the second bottle of wine and several sandwiches later that saw Richard and Fiona hand in hand appear by the side of their hot tub. She was even better than when I first saw her. An hour glass figure with tits you could hang your coat on. A clean and pink slit of a vagina and her with no trace of being recently fucked beyond description. He was still having trouble trying to hold down a very hard penis.

They apologized for not being there to greet us. Something had come up said Richard! With glass in hand I made a very quick speech about water being able to pass freely and poured the wine over the steps into the tub. Pulling Richard to one side I offered the suggestion that to have an erect penis was a compliment to the women present and showed your approval as to their beauty. He smiled and whispered thanks and moving his hand released a very stiff and upright c**k.

Richard tried to apologize to my wife for having an erect penis. She, in turn, just smiled and tenderly took hold of his phallus and complimented him on having a beautiful c**k. Fiona wasn't to be outdone and quickly took hold of my penis and began to stroke and move the foreskin. Naturally enough, my c**k just had to respond and in seconds was growing fast and reaching for the sky!

We had managed to immerse ourselves in the warm and bubbling water. Sheer bliss with sensation after sensation with bubbles caressing every part of the body. I could see Fiona was in her element with the warm moving water helping her to move her legs over my rigid c**k. Richard was in the process of helping my wife masturbate her c**t by massaging her tits which caused her to throw her head back and groan with delight. 

With much laughter and shrieks of delight, we all managed to enjoy ourselves without actually having sexual intercourse. We did come close and I must admit that seeing Fiona's super tits glistening with the water lapping them almost tempted me to lift her up and place her body with its inviting shaven pink c**t on my very hard and upright c**k. 

I could see that we were all aroused and ready for one rather wet and foaming sex orgy when Richard helpfully suggested we all adjourn to the conservatory for food and drinks and of course drying off.  Much laughter and giggling accompanied our towelling each other. Fiona's lovely pert bum got special attention from me. Those smooth pink cheeks felt really smooth when I ran my hands over them. Richard too, was enjoying himself by making sure my wife's tits were completely dry by running his hands over and under them.

A week later after our fun and games I saw Richard and complimented him on having a super hot tub. He said how it had enhanced their sex life and instead of having a decent f**k every week, they were now f*****g each other every day. He wasn't exactly complaining, but I knew what he meant. It can be exhausting!

Needless to say, our next purchase is a giant sized hot tub when we can invite lots of nudist friends with similar sexual needs. One friend in particular I know will make full use of our intended purchase. He is a man of colour and dear Penis Pete will, with his enormous c**k, be ready and willing to spear a female under water! Peter did put in appearance when we had spent our savings on a super duper hot tub. He didn't hesitate to undress and with his flaccid twelve inch c**k flapping about, he quickly mounted the steps and plunged into the steaming water. I've often wondered about his monster of a c**k. Did it put women off having to take that throbbing, almost purple, monstrosity into their eager vaginas? One of these days I'll witness such an act!

I didn't have to wait long. A friend of ours was visiting and was using the hot tub. She was more a friend of my wife and boasted a superb body. I believe she had gone off men and was pursuing an experimental sexual adventure with women. We were both in the kitchen and had a good view of Vicky enjoying the bubble effect in the hot tub. A ring at the front door bell introduced Penis Pete complete with bottle of wine. He, like us, could see Vicky in the water with super uplifted breasts and proud n*****s visible just above the water. 

Showing us a bag full of towels, he asked if he could strip off in the conservatory and use the hot tub. Naturally enough, we said yes and with a smile added help yourself! 

When we stripped off and went out to the hot tub all we could see was Penis Pete shafting Vicky for all he was worth. It must have been the sight of Pete's enormously long c**k swinging between his legs that made Vicky change her 'sexual leanings'.

She was enjoying every inch of Pete's monster of a c**k. Every time he thrust the full length, Vicky would shriek and push back against Pete. There was no doubt Vicky was getting the full treatment. They had collapsed onto the lawn and her legs were over Pete's shoulders taking his full twelve inches. My dear wife in watching this spectacle was fingering her clitoris and obviously feeling sexy. With a massively stiff and upright c**k, I could only sit there and gaze in wonderment. 



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Fictional , however makes the loins brace for that peek into others life's, and without context, makes my mind run and run, well balanced and wrote, good read.

Posted 1 Month Ago

A wonderful story shared my friend. I had family members who were nudist who lived in California in the seventies. They send pictures to my grandmother. Being a Northern man. Too cold for bare a*s. Thank you for sharing the story my friend.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Think we will have to get a hot tub

But then I dont like the neighbours and its cold outside

Have to make do with our joint daily shower

Ooo wish we lived closer to you in your warm climate > We could share the hot tub with you

Posted 5 Months Ago


1 Month Ago

Wouldn't that be fun!!!
Wild Rose

1 Month Ago

Would give our nosy neighbour something exciting to climb the fence to look at "You are in that hot .. read more
This sounds so nice. I envy you and your adventurous wife.
I wonder though just how adventurous your new found neighbors
might be in joining you and your wife. Hmmmmmm.
Take care - Dave

Posted 5 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


5 Months Ago

Aha! I thought there was some wishful thinking.
Take care - Dave

5 Months Ago

Fiction is often wishful thinking!

5 Months Ago

I know just what you mean.
Take care - Dave

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