We had fun!

We had fun!

A Story by augustus

A woman to die for!

I had seen her in my dreams, but I never would have thought that i would actually see her standing in front of me, dressed in the smallest bikini I have ever seen.
We were both on the sandy shore of a tropical island, the name of which escapes me. The trouble was, we weren't alone! She had a companion who was built like a brick s**t-house! He was massive and was wearing a very healthy tan and a brief costume that did little to hide an enormous c**k. 
She was the very picture of a perfect female of a young age. Golden skin holding a perfect body together. Her breasts were pert with n*****s showing through the thin fabric of a skimpy bra. Her hour glass figure showed up wide hips with tight thighs. Her bikini bottom was so small it didn't cover completely her shaved and pink vagina. She had the most dazzling smile that would have had a dentist in ecstasy. Her hair was cut short and being blonde her eyelashes were long and fair. 
Me? I was on a bachelor's holiday of an extended length. I had no worries. No family to worry about. My financial strength lay in an inheritance which guaranteed a steady income. I too, had a small costume on which did little to hide my nine inch circumcised c**k. My body tan had darkened whilst I had been on the island and I was pleased with the look of my thirty five year old carefully managed body.
We smiled at each other and shook hands. Her companion also shook my hand. Her name is Eve and mine is Adam! I know! I know! You wouldn't believe me, but it's true. Muscle man muttered his name of Tom.  We were all the guests of the island's owner. A multi-millionaire who made his fortune by making things in IT. What exactly, escapes me! 
Drinks were handed round and we chatted. Mostly about ourselves. Tome kept himself in the background and didn't contribute much. I asked Eve about Tom and she was quite dismissive. It appeared he was her bodyguard and leaning across whispered that he was 'gay' as a bishop's boy friend! 
"I know you are straight, because I saw you with that maid last night".
"Oh dear! Was it that obvious? 
"I should cocoa. You were ramming your c**k in her backside like a man demented! Next time you really ought to do it where you can't be seen."
I laughed at that and apologized for having a harmless f**k be so easily seen! She smiled and said she thought it was very erotic and made her want sex. Turning to Tom she asked him if he wouldn't mind going over the dunes to her room and get her shawl.
She watched him walk away and turning she leaned across and tore off her brief bikini. Naked she bent over me and grabbed the string of my swimwear. It broke easily and with a flourish she waived it in the air and with her other hand grasped my now erect and throbbing c**k. 

"I hope you don't mind if I use your splendid c**k for a while as I have been denied sex for having to work non stop for months.?"
Grasping her delightful breasts with those hard n*****s and at the same time making sure my c**k was entering her wet and hot vagina, I muttered my approval and began to thrust my body upwards.
She was riding my body lifting herself to slide up and down my rock hard shaft. She was magnificent and as my c**k was causing her clitoris to give way to a number of orgasms, she shouted out for more. Our combined juices were making the movement of my c**k easier to give us both fantastic sex.
We both collapsed with our bodies covered in sweat. Eve's vagina was leaking her juices and my semen. My c**k, far from collapsing into a limp and flaccid form was still rigid and ready to go again. 
We were both enjoying the cooling breeze when Tom appeared with a shawl over his arm. Looking at us both naked he laughed and stripped off his brief costume.
Naked he looked magnificent and his gigantic c**k was starting to rise. 
"Don't worry, you two. My little friend is about to join me!"
With that, a small youngster appeared at his side and taking off his loose sarong turned and in a blink of an eye took Tom's enormous c**k into his mouth. In turn, Tom's fingers had parted the boy's buttocks and plunged them into his puckered anus.

Erotic wasn't really the best way to describe the scene. There we were naked laying back on our sun loungers watching a giant of a man having sex with a youngster. The boy was on the sand laying doggy fashion with Tom thrusting his c**k into the boy's anus. 
It was one hell of a holiday! F*****g Eve every day took it out of me. I needed a break so I made arrangements to leave the island sooner rather than later. It was while I was waiting out the four days it took that I had the most unusual but pleasurable encounter. I had decided to go 'native' and on the sandy shoreline of a deserted cove, I cast off my shorts and briefs and walked along completely naked. It was delightful and it was my way of expressing freedom before returning to 'civilisation'. 
I had no idea that I would meet anybody else and lo and behold there was a man walking from the trees towards me. He too was naked and had just a string round his waist with a wicked looking machetti hanging down. He was completely nut brown from head to toe, looking very fit and boasting a spectacularly long penis and ball sack. He greeted me with a offered hand and asked how I had reached his 'garden of eden'?
"I'm sorry to intrude, but i came in a canoe which I've left behind those rocks". 
"Jolly good old bean. We don't get many visitors here."
"You said 'we'. Are there more of you here?"
"Oh yes. There are a number of 'girls' who look after me and make sure I won't starve or lack the pleasures of life!" 
Pointing toward the trees from where he had appeared I could see a number of naked female figures trying to hide behind the palm trees.
"Why don't you join us and have a nice cooling drink?" 
"May I ask, how long have you been here and are you on holiday?"
"No. I live here with my 'girls' who look after me and as I own the island we keep to ourselves on this side of the island."
We came to a clearing and I could see large huts built to be hidden from prying eyes. A couple of his 'girls' approached us. They were naked too and took my bundle of clothing. All the girls I could see were bronzed and well developed. All had the n*****s on their breasts painted bright red. 

I had a large glass thrust into my hand by a very attractive woman who was tall with slim hips, firm breasts and a pink smooth c**t. 
"I hope you are not embarrassed at seeing so many naked people?"
My host asked.
"On the contrary, I am enjoying every moment and I'd like to know just what attracts these 'girls' to your side of the island?" 
"Total relaxation, no rules, endless sex and beautiful weather to give a complete body tan." As he was talking to me, one of the 'girls' took hold of his c**k and kneeling down in the sand began to lick and suck his growing shaft.
"See what I mean!" 
"Do you want me to give you some privacy?" I asked and made to move away."
"Certainly not. Old chap. This is the norm here. We have everything in the open and with no holds barred. And if you fancy any one of these delightful 'girls' you are more than welcome to help yourself."
There were two or three women who were blatantly lesbian and I could see them writhing together on mattresses fingering each other and enjoying themselves. There was one woman who was absolutely crazy when in the middle of an orgasm would scream at the top of her voice and thrash her body, making it difficult to keep my c**k in its rightful place. However, I managed it and enjoyed every moment of her complete abandonment of any restrictions in our sexual activity. 
Puffing away at the customary cigarette after sex, I asked her what drew her to the island. It appeared she had a very unhappy relationship with a boy friend and managing to escape his over zealous attitude by taking this holiday of a lifetime! Seeing there was a massage table under an awning, I offered to give her a complete body massage. She readily agreed and jumping up onto the table lay flat on her back and without any hesitation opened her legs to show me her wet and attractive vagina.
It was hard for me not to jump up on the table and plant my hard and erect c**k into that delicious c**t. Instead, I applied a massive amount of body oils over her gorgeous breasts and stomach and began to massage gently those pointed breasts.
With her mouth wide open and her eyes closed she began to writhe under my hands. Moaning softly, it was obvious she was in the throes of a massive orgasm. 
It was when I began to apply the oil to her vagina and began to massage the c**t, did I the mount the table and thrust my eager c**k into that beautiful woman. 
I have to admit I was all for giving up everything in my real world and go native on that island. However, all good things must come to an end and I eventually left that wonderful paradise vowing to return as soon as possible. 
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What do you want to do ?
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© 2020 augustus

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