I had this dream!

I had this dream!

A Story by augustus

A dream turning into a nightmare!

He hadn't had this dream before. It was strange and he knew that he shouldn't have eaten that extra large slab of chocolate cake for supper before bedtime.

He was outside of his body looking down on himself in a large ornate four poster bed. The bed clothes were silky and heavily embroidered. Surrounding the bed were curtains of a heavy brocade. He couldn't see through the curtains but he could hear movement. Trying to raise himself, he realized he was naked. No nightshirt, no pyjamas, no briefs, nothing!

A hand came through a gap in the curtain.
"Good morning your Highness. I trust you slept well?"
The curtain was swept aside and he could see several figures all dressed in strange costumes. As he raised his head off the pillow they all bowed in unison. Clearing his throat he directed a question at the nearest of the group.

"What is going on and who the hell are you?"

"Sire. As usual you have a wonderful humour this day. And I do believe you have forgotten you are to meet your future bride later this very morn! As I'm your squire I'll leave you to be prepared by these chambermaids."

With that parting remark he bowed and beckoned the first of the group of women to come forward and begin to be 'prepared'! Rolling up her sleeves the leading woman snatched at the covers and pulled them off him, leaving him naked and with both hands tried to cover his genitals. Another woman from the other side of the bed pulled his hands away and pinned them down to his sides. 

From the rear of this group came a young girl who while being naked was shivering with the cold. From the bottom of the bed she climbed over and began to fondle his c**k and balls. She was succeeding in making his c**k grow and become hard. He couldn't do anything except lay there and watch the young girl sit up and raise herself to position her c**t over his throbbing penis. With a big sigh from everyone in the room she slowly dropped herself to engulf his c**k in the folds of her labia. She was hot and ready for a deep and satisfying f**k. 

He was groaning with the sheer pleasure of it all and could feel her muscles tighten around his shaft  and her juices beginning to flow. He wanted to take hold of her and lick her breasts and pronounced n*****s, but the women were not letting him sit up or release his arms. The youngster was crying and between sobs she kept saying she was sorry! 

Not knowing what she should be sorry about he could feel his c**k was ready to shoot his load. With a satisfying groan he felt his juices shoot into the young girls wet and eager c**t. 

"Thank you your Highness, that'll be just enough to condem you! In the name of Her Majesty I'm now arresting you for high treason!" 

All the women including the naked youngster had disappeared and in their place were a number of helmeted pikemen, all looking at his naked form. 

He was now standing on a wooden platform in front of a large crowd all shouting and throwing clods of earth at him. In front of him was a large wooden block and resting against it was a large 
axe. Beside him was a masked figure and at his other side was a priest reading from a Bible. 

"Just what do you think you are doing young Michael? Look at you, naked with a mess all over the sheets. You'll need to have a shower as you are covered in sweat and if I were you I wouldn't let your sister see your big thing". said his Mother.. 

It had all been a lousy nightmare of a dream! 




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I say! Your dreams sure beat the heck out of mine. And why did that young girl take so seriously that which was poked at her in fun? (pun intended)

Posted 3 Months Ago

Hmmmmm - lousy nightmare or not, as the Bard of Avon would say "All's well that ends well."

Augustus - This was very cleverly written- I enjoyed it.
Take care - Dave

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Thank you Dave. It's very reassuring to receive positive reviews. Keep well!

4 Months Ago

It was a real fun read - thank you!
Take care Dave

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