My Sister

My Sister

A Story by augustus

She was bound to find trouble!

Ever since I had been aware of the fact that I had a Sister. She was going to be trouble with a capital 'T'! Sure enough, I didn't have to wait long. 

It was at Junior School that she started causing trouble. Actually, it was behind the outside toilet block where she was discovered with the school bully. He had his trousers down round his ankles showing a bare bum and a very small 'willy'.
My dear Sister was about to start giving the boy a thoroughly frantic wank, when they were both discovered by a horrified and red faced Matron!

The school bully was last seen being led across the playground by Matron firmly holding the boy's ear with no apologies to anyone else on the teaching staff for her leading a half naked boy with an erect penis to the Staff rest room. I believe he emerged an hour later with a big grin on his face, boasting how Matron had 'finished him off'. Whatever that meant!!

My dear Sister enjoyed looking at pictures of naked men. She was out one day which allowed me to sneak into her room. Whilst there I discovered magazines showing naked men with enormous and erect penises. Quickly thumbing through them I discovered one which needed closer examination in my room. At the tender age of sixteen my Sister obviously was getting interested in sex and which needed closer attention. 

It was a pleasant shock to discover my Sister spying on me in the shower. I was now nineteen years of age and boasting a pretty mean body with a penis of some length.
Through the steam covered glass panels I could see her peering round the bathroom door. Naked, she approached the sliding door of the shower. 

"Can I come in?"

I didn't have to say anything as she slid the door back and stepped into the shower.

"It's alright. Mum and Dad are out, and I wanted to see you without any clothes on.
My goodness, your thingy is getting bigger!"

I was not surprised as it's not everyday a naked female joins you in the shower and at the same time holds on to your c**k and rubs its growing size against her vagina. 
By now it had grown to its full and erect size. I groaned experiencing the sheer pleasure of my Sister rubbing herself against me. Her tits were getting bigger these days and in that shower they were becoming firmer with n*****s hard. 

"For heavens sake Eve, whilst this very nice we must stop. You do realize that this called incest and is against the law!" 

"Oh rubbish! That's only if you put your thingy up into my c**t! Meanwhile, we can enjoy ourselves and anyway, I want to see your c**k spurt! 

I must admit I was enjoying the whole experience and could feel my juices ready to explode. And boy did it explode! Big dollops of semen all over my Sister's face. She was literally lapping it off her chin and lips. 

"You really did come a hell of a lot. And all because of me and my body!"

"Yes. Well. No more Sis! Temptation might get the better of me and whilst I would love to put my 'thingy' up your c**t. It would be totally wrong!"

"Who would know if you did? I won't tell anyone if you don't."

"Alright then. Just this once and it had better be quick!"

With a very hard and upright c**k, it was easy for me to thrust it up and into her vagina. She gasped and as I pushed further in, she cried out! 

"I'm sorry, did that hurt? 

"Yes, but not much and now if you keep moving in and out, it's super and don't want you to stop!"

Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. We were both enjoying a really good f**k and neither of us wanted it to stop despite the blood on my c**k!

 That was then. Fast forward a good number of years and we are still at it. My dear Sister can't get enough of my c**k and won't move house because of her obsession with f*****g me! 

If only people knew that we both spent most of our time naked in the house and if the weather allowed it we would frolic together in the garden. My dear Sister was always taking hold of my c**k and in doing so, would always make it erect and throbbing. She surprised me one day by kneeling down and taking my c**k in her mouth and begin sucking and licking the tip and shaft. I was in seventh heaven when she did that. 

It was a hot summers day which saw us both naked in the garden. I was busy clipping the edges of the lawns when I saw my Sister, also naked, laying back on a sunbed with her legs over the shoulders of a young boy. He was completely oblivious to my presence and with his head bobbing about, he was enjoying licking and sucking my Sister's c**t. My Sister was in her element and with her eyes closed and mouth open, she was close to having an orgasm.

When I coughed and cleared my throat, the young lad sprung up from between my Sister's legs and immediately began to apologize. I quickly reassured him that he had nothing to apologize for and patting him on his shoulder noticed his c**k was stiff and upright against his stomach. 

"You are rotten Brother dear. Just when I was being eaten alive by young Henry here.
And boy, is he good at it. I've had several sensational orgasms from his tongue"!

Young Henry was obviously embarrassed and standing there naked and with a beautiful erection could only blush and look at my rising c**k. His name was Henry and he had been delivering vegetables when he had discovered my naked Sister. I could see his clothes scattered across the grass with his box of vegetable on its side.

"Have you ever done this sort of thing before?" 

I asked Henry.

"No sir. It's the first time I've done it with a grown up. My girl friend lets me lick her tits and she rubs my dick in return."


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Oh, dear. Not even I expected such family "togetherness". One thing is for sure--when you write one of these stories, you certainly do so with gusto. I thought I was bad just for peeping at my sisters. Perhaps I should've been born in your neighborhood!

Posted 4 Months Ago

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Hope you invited Henry and GF to a garden party

Posted 3 Months Ago

Oh, dear. Not even I expected such family "togetherness". One thing is for sure--when you write one of these stories, you certainly do so with gusto. I thought I was bad just for peeping at my sisters. Perhaps I should've been born in your neighborhood!

Posted 4 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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