Life Class

Life Class

A Story by augustus

They called it Art in the making

I happened to be in the town hall on business, when I spotted a small hand written notice pinned to the cork notice board. Curiosity got the better of me and I squinted to read the small lettering which invited amateur would-be artists to attend 'life classes' in a room marked five B on the next Monday night at 8pm. 
I was always an admirer of the human body male or female! At first, I dismissed the idea of taking up the brush and oils. But then, I thought, what the heck! I've got a surplus of free time and I could do with meeting new people. 
I was punctual and with my paint box and easel under my arm. I was ready willing and able! My watch showed the time as being 8pm, but the door was locked and nobody else in sight. A crash behind me at the end of the corridor indicated a lone female trying to hold on to a number of canvasses and clutching the swinging door. 
She was a young woman, slim and small in stature. Her hair had been tied up in a bun, but due to her battling with the door and the number of canvasses, it had come loose and was covering her face. I could see she was wearing a loose smock like dress which came down to her knees and which had streaks of different colored paints on the front. 
Dropping the bundle of canvasses, she held out her hand and began to welcome me to the art class. 
"I'm sorry I'm late, but the damned bus was late and I've had to try and run here from the bus stop. Are you the only one here?"
I helped her unlock the door and began to pick up the spilled canvasses. She bent down beside me and I could see had little make-up on and her cheeks were flushed.
The dress she was wearing was made of thin material and I could see she wasn't wearing a bra allowing the n*****s on ample breasts to show their presence. 
The room for the art class was small and devoid of any furniture barring a rather worn and aged sofa with one of its arms loosely hanging to the floor at one end. My young companion introduced her self as Naomi and as we shook hands again I introduced myself as Samuel. It didn't take long for me to set up my easel and put one of the canvasses on it. 
"Forgive me, but I want to ask you. Are you a fellow student or are you the instructor?"
"Good heavens no. I picked up the canvasses at the entrance.  I'm the model for the evening, and I was hired through an agency. I have no idea who is in charge of the evening's proceedings. Do you know?"
I shook my head and as we both waited for anybody else to join us, we sat alongside each other on the decrepit sofa. In conversation I discovered she was nineteen years of age. Single with no boy friends. The last one she had wanted to spend every day naked and jerking off! She was interested in my lifestyle of being single at the age of thirty and having a trim body with no excess fat. 
A good half hour passed and still nobody else came through the door to join us. Jumping up Naomi reached across and turned the key in the door locking us in.
"Right. Samuel, as nobody else appears to be joining us may I suggest we start.  If you get your paints sorted,
 I'll be your model and pose on this sofa. Is that okay with you?".

I agreed and as I crossed the short distance from the sofa to my easel Naomi had pulled her dress over her head to reveal her naked body. I must admit it was superb. She was evenly tanned with no body hair. No white patches to show where a bikini had been. Her breasts were firm with no sagging and as she reclined on that tatty sofa it was obvious she had shaved her vagina area. 

The way she was reclining on that sofa sporting a very healthy looking and very sexy body was causing me to have problems in the groin area with a c**k that was trying to escape the confines of clothing. She could see I was in difficulties and laughing she suggested I should dress like her!

I had to agree with her that being naked did have its benefits. My nine inch c**k had now reached a good ten inches and was throbbing like mad! I tried squeezing a tube of paint on to my palette but just couldn't concentrate on the job in hand. Every time, I looked up, there she was with her eyes closed, mouth open, tongue flickering across her lips and her fingers sliding around and around her very wet and inviting labia.

Putting my brush and palette down I crossed the room and looked down at this naked beauty. Smiling she reached up and took hold of my throbbing shaft. I lowered myself down and on my knees on the sofa, I began to massage her beautiful breasts at the same time tweaking those hard n*****s. 

She had raised her legs to allow me full sight of her glistening sex. With her slim legs wide apart I moved forward and still holding my c**k she teased me by sliding it up and down the outside of her very wet c**t.
The sensation was mind blowing and I could see she was turned on, as I was, with this fantastic sensual act. Her legs were getting higher and pretty soon her thighs were on either side of her sweating face. 

With me pressing down on her, it was inevitable that my glistening c**k would enter her. I could feel every fold of skin, her clitoris and the juices that were flowing unabated. With my thrusting and her body bucking, we were both in absolute ecstasy. Our tongues were constantly colliding and our salivas were mingling. Nobody could have stopped us in reaching that glorious pinnacle of sexual satisfaction. 

"For God's sake, don't stop. I'm coming and I want you f**k me harder and harder. Oh! Yes!"

 She was moaning and her head was thrashing from side to side as I was thrusting my ten inches of rock hard c**k into her. We must have been going hard at it for about half an hour when all of a sudden her body stiffened and then shuddered. 

Our climaxes had reached the zenith and we had both come together. On that scruffy sofa, we both lay naked together completely spent and covered with our sweat. 

I never did see that old sofa again. Or that room in the town hall. I did see Naomi again and in the confines of my apartment we are having almost non-stop sex with no holds barred. Any position! You name it! We've tried it again and again. 

One of these days, we might, just might, get married! However, there was an occasion when we were both naked at a swinger's party. The drinks were flowing and the food had long ago been consumed.Naomi and I had just finished a tremendous f**k and were laying back on a bed where other couples were in the throes of pleasuring each other. There wasn't a lot of room on the bed and one of the guys with a tremendous c**k of some enormous length had just pulled it out of a woman of some age and blow me if he didn't spread Naomi's legs and plunge it into he wet and gaping vagina.

That didn't trouble me so much as Naomi obviously enjoying every thrust of him against her. She was giving him every encouragement by lifting her legs over his shoulders and kissing him with open mouth and tongue flashing in and out. I could only lay there and watch what was going on. I was transfixed by the spectacle of my Naomi enjoying a f**k with a complete stranger. 

It was the last time we had gone out together. In fact, it was the last time we had spent any time together. When asked she replied that she had enjoyed every inch of that chap at the party and would be having more of him soon. For me that was the final straw. We parted and I heard through the grapevine that she had had a baby and was living at a secret address under protection from an abuser. 

Such is life!



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life classes? Years ago, when I had free times. I was involve in many activities. Always fun to gather with new people with similar goals. Hello my friend and thank you for sharing the short story.

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Thank you for your review on the story so far! More to come on this I'm afraid!
Coyote Poetry

3 Months Ago

You are welcome.

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Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

OK So I write stuff that might be construed as nothing more than pornographic. You, the reader will make your own minds up! I'm never satisfied with my writing and I will always welcome your opinions!.. more..