Sheer pleasure!

Sheer pleasure!

A Story by augustus

An elderly man finds pleasure.

He wondered if he had done the right thing by booking a holiday with the agency that was recommended by the Nudist Club. After all, he was in his early eighties and not altogether up to speed on his laptop. Could he have made a mistake?

Here he was on a tropical island after a long and boring flight. A bonus to him was the hotel, which was small clean and with few guests. The hotel boasted a glorious swimming pool. A hot tub and sauna, with easy access to the private sandy beach. 

"Excuse me Sir! Would you care for a long cold drink? "

He hadn't noticed the waiter approaching him as he was up to his knees in the warm water lapping the beach.

"Yes please and thank you and if you don't mind I'll take it on the veranda of my room"

He still didn't feel comfortable wearing a thin pair of shorts, Brightly colored  as they were and modest in their style, reaching his knees. He had noticed there were one or two nude couples laying out on recliners by the pool. Nudism was welcomed at this hotel and everywhere he went he would encounter either a naked man or woman.After a while one felt the odd one out by wearing anything at all! Still, he didn't have the courage to discard his shorts and walk about naked! Not yet anyway!

He took great pleasure in just sitting on the veranda of his room watching naked people walking past. With a cold drink in one hand and a bowl of melon slices on his table, he was in his element! It was the shadow of someone that awakened him from his dream like state. 

"My apologies for disturbing you, but I need your help!"

It was a woman completely naked and holding a pair of pliers who had stepped up onto his veranda. He noted that she was silver haired with a body that had seen better days. Her breasts were pendulous and her ribs could be seen over a stomach that was poised over a mons venus that in turn was showing a labia of some age!
She had collapsed into a chair and was waving the pliers about in a fit of rage.

"I'll kill that b*****d if he comes near me again! I am sick to death of him trying to stick his bloody c**k into me. I ask him to fix my shower and all he does is rub his c**k upright and launch himself at me."

I asked her if she had trouble with her shower?

"You bet I have. I have to use these bloody pliers to change the temperature of the water. And for some reason they are not working. I've tried everything to turn the lever, without success."

"You must let me have a look at your shower!"

We were both in her bathroom when I noticed a row of colored d****s on a shelf. They were of different lengths and widths. When I pointed to them she laughed and told me they were her friends for when she gets lonely. I asked her if she had a favorite. Picking out the largest she said this one really hit all the spots and gave her the longest orgasm. Strange to relate seeing the d***o and listening to her, I started to get the biggest erection I've had for some time. With my shorts being of very thin material I soon began to sport a very large tent in my shorts. 

"My, My, you have got a big one there".

"I'm sorry. It's all this business of d****s and hearing about your orgasms".

I quickly began to turn the troublesome lever of the shower and realized it was only a build up of limescale that was giving her the trouble and seeing she had a spray container of lime scale shifter, I began to free the lever after applying several sprays on to the lever. 

We began to have a very pleasant chat about the hotel and nudism in general. She said that she was at this particular hotel because she wanted to try something completely different and being completely naked all day and every day, certainly filled that criteria. Also seeing men and their c***s of all different sizes and lengths gave her food for thought! She then asked me why I had retained the shorts? Was I ashamed of my c**k and what was the reason for keeping them on?

Feeling rather foolish I quickly stood and let my shorts fall to the floor. My ten inch c**k began to rise and reach its maximum length of twelve inches. She was absolutely shocked at its enormity. And with open mouth began to touch the glistening shaft. 

Gasping she spluttered that she had never seen such a beautiful example of manhood. She stood and began to move the foreskin up and down all the time muttering My God, Mt God, to her self. I had hold of her hips and with her fondling my c**k in such a fashion to make me want to plunge it into her. However, I resisted temptation and with her holding my penis we walked crab like on to the balcony.

"I have never seen a c**k that big before"! 

She said, licking her lips. And from her chair kept looking at my c**k which was resting against my stomach. 

"The trouble is, walking around here naked,  you'll be pestered by every woman who, like me, haven't had a decent f**k for some considerable time." If I were you I would carry a small towel in front of you when out walking or by the pool area. Even more so if you use the sauna or the hot tub."

The very next day I plucked up courage and decided to walk naked down to the beach and take a dip an maybe a swim in the blue warm waters. Leaving my bag of towels I strode into the water and gasped at the sheer delight of the warm water. It didn't take long before I progressed to the deeper waters and began to enjoy the pleasures of a naked swim.

It wasn't long before I came across others who were enjoying the clear and warm water. One couple were embracing each other and coupling at the same time. Her legs were wrapped around his waste and with her head back she was in absolute ecstasy. Having enjoyed my swim I began a slow walk up the sandy beach to get to my bag of towels. 

"Hi there. We haven't been introduced, but we were wondering if you would like to join us at our barbecue this evening. If you would like to come, we've got stacks of booze and we are also having a roasted suckling pig!"

The invitation came from a gorgeous blonde and a tall dark haired chap holding hands and both completely naked. She was a delight the eyes. A perfect figure with breasts that were superb. He wasn't bad looking either and was sporting a flaccid nine inch penis.

"We are on our honeymoon and would love you to come and join in and have a ball!"

They were so young and full of joy and enthusiasm I couldn't resist and I said I would be delighted to attend. 

It was at the party that I met up again with my elderly friend with the shower problem. She was obviously drunk and I was well on the way when we found ourselves on a beach mattress. On her back with her legs up in the air and alongside her ears, she was ready for a decent f**k from my rampant and throbbing c**k. It slid into her with ease and as I began to thrust myself backwards and forwards, she was enjoying orgasm after orgasm. Time after time I shot my load into her and it wasn't long before she began to fill up with my semen.

I hadn't realized that practically all the men had hard erections and most were f*****g the nearest females. All because of a prank by one of the hotel employees who had inserted a Viagra tablet into each of the bite sized sandwiches. Such fun!
With inhibitions being cast aside, it was no wonder the next day saw a great number of embarrassed people walking about the place. My elderly friend with the shower fixed by me, had plucked up courage to walk to my veranda and plonking herself in a chair alongside me, confessed to enjoying the party and in particular our sexual antics.

"I have never, in all my years, enjoyed a sensational f**k as we had last night! It was fantastic and if you can manage it I'd like a repeat sometime today!"

"Thanks Mam! I too enjoyed myself and I must admit to having the biggest erection of all time."

I'll never forget how two grown up adults could calmly sit down and discuss quite openly their sexual exploits of the previous evening and at the same time arranging their next session! There was no embarrassment or shame. In fact, we had several f***s throughout my holiday at that glorious hotel. I wonder if we'll ever meet again?

I sincerely hope so!




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© 2020 augustus

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Sure sounds like some f*****g fun! Surely the two of you could arrange to meet again, even at a different place. I'm curious though, did you get it on with the honeymooning blond?

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

My aim is to write stories that readers will enjoy! The mere fact they are all based on sex is no coincidence because I'm an admirer of those amongst us who promote sex in all its forms. May I suggest.. more..


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