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The big house!

The big house!

A Story by augustus

It was a mystery just what went on behind those high walls.

On our walks with the dog we often wondered what went on behind this high brick and flint stone walls. Lucy reckoned it was a private house for a millionaire. The razor wire along the top of the wall discouraged even a quick peep. The extent of the wall was endless. Walking as we did, we could see no end, just a massive pair of solid wood gates with no handles. Just an electronic box with a button to press marked 'speak'. 

Lucy and I enjoyed our walks with Patch, the English Springer Spaniel which was always ready for an extended walk. Lucy and I were of the same age and having just left college, we were ready to start and enjoy a 'gap 'year before deciding what to do career wise! Our friendship had started years before when we were toddlers as our respective parents had been close friends for ages. They had similar interests and we often wondered why they could be spotted naked in the hot tub in our garden. To us both the idea that their nakedness could be nothing more than a social thing didn't lead us to think it was sexual. 

To describe Lucy as a blonde bombshell wouldn't have been far wrong. She was vivacious with her hair long and curling. Eyelashes that were also long. Her eyes were emerald green and her complexion was flawless. Her figure was developing into an hour glass shape. No excess fat on her hips or thighs. Long legs that seemed to go on for ever! Her breasts were growing fast and had two delightful n*****s showing up under tight T shirts. .Despite being under pressure from all the teenagers trying to get into her knickers, Lucy had resisted and leaned on me for friendship.

Me? I'm just a fast developing teenager named Bill, with a slim build with no excess muscle or fat. Just under six foot and a tanned complexion needing a shave! I had heard from fiends that it was fashionable for all males to have long and hair less penises.  How one went on to lengthen one's penis was beyond me! Anyway, mine was a satisfactory nine inches when flaccid and on the rare occasions I was aroused I managed a satisfactory ten inches. I suppose I was attracted to Lucy on a sexual basis. I knew from when we had been together in the same house and our parents were absent, we had dared each other to go naked. Without clothes was a rare delight and I could see Lucy was hairless and I quickly gained an erect penis. She had fondled it and I had fingered her c**t. We giggled a lot and I wanted to 'f**k' Lucy but our parents return had scuppered that idea! 

I thought it was a mad idea at the time. Lucy thought otherwise.
"Let's press the button on the box." To see what happens she said. 
The button was pressed and a voice from the box asked us what do you want?
"We were out for a walk and wondered what was on the other side of the wall?"
"It's my home, who are you?"
"I'm Simon and this is Lucy and we've got our dog with us!"

A big click and the door swung open.The voice said "Come in and beware of naked people".
Who could resist such a welcoming warning? We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Laughing we began a walk up a long and winding driveway. The gate or door slammed shut behind us. 
We had walked some distance before we could see through trees a rather grand brick built type of manor house. It was an imposing looking building with sweeping lawns and with statues of Greek athletes scattered everywhere. One of which was placed close to the house was of a naked discuss thrower wearing nothing but a crown on his head and an enormous erect penis. It had obviously proved to be a popular attraction as it was smooth and discolored through extensive handling! Lucy couldn't resist running her hands up and down its length!

" That is Hercules in his prime!"
The voice came from behind us and we were surprised by a tall and thin bearded gentleman who was wearing a dressing gown that ended just above his bare knees.
"That particular Grecian has been guarding my house and giving pleasure to a great number of people! If you like, you can join me in afternoon tea!"

Gesturing us forward, we quickly entered the hallway and were surprised to see paintings on the walls of naked people. 
"I hope you are not offended by the subject matter of all my paintings? We worship the naked human body here. My family and I have been keen nudists, just like our ancestors who for various reasons shed their clothes at the slightest of reasons. One or two have been vilified and prosecuted over the years. My grandfather was taken to court for walking naked down the City High Street. He was lucky as the Magistrate was also a keen nudist and the case was dismissed!

We were seated in a lounge that looked out over an enormous pool. 
"Ah. Here is our tea."
We were surprised to see a waitress wearing just a pinafore and nothing else place a tray of cups and saucers together with cakes and daintily cut sandwiches. As she bent over to place the tray on the table I could see a beautifully rounded backside and a pink and smooth c**t together with a puckered anus.

"Thank you Amelia. That'll be all for now!  We'll see what our guests would like to do after our refreshments"

Quite frankly, I was delighted at this display of open and refreshing attitude toward the human body. Here was a man who liked life. I could see Lucy was trying to attract my attention by rolling her eyes towards our host who had allowed his dressing gown to open and show us his rather splendid c**k. With a cup of tea to my lips, I was surprised to see several naked people casually walking towards the pool waving to our host! 

"You'll have to excuse our other guests, who will insist on using the pool at all hours of the day. As you can see, we do insist on a strict no clothes policy here. It makes life so much simpler when you don't have to worry about 'what to wear'. If you like and I don't want to pressure you, you can strip off in one of the side rooms, whilst you are here?"

I looked at Lucy and grinning said "Thank you, we'd like that very much."
Lucy also grinning, got up and walked towards the nearest door. Our host also got up out of his chair and with an open dressing gown opened the door for us. 

"My God. What have we got ourselves
 into? It's been ages since I've seen anybody naked and especially strangers."
Whilst Lucy was chattering nervously away, I was undressing. Taking care to place my clothes over a chair. Lucy meanwhile, began to undress revealing those delightful breasts and and a shaven vagina. 

Nervously, we opened the door and seeing our host standing in the doorway to the pool area, we joined him. He had taken off his dressing gown and standing with an erect penis turned and put his arms around Lucy's shoulders making sure one hand touched her breasts. I could also see that Lucy was quick to make sure her hand brushed against his rising c**k.

"How delightful to see young naked people without any fear or nervousness. You must admit that being nude you release all tensions and worries. After all, we are all the same. Albeit different shapes and sizes, but nevertheless enjoying ourselves".

The people in the pool were beckoning us to join them. One couple were actually having sex whilst in the shallows. She had her legs wrapped around the chaps waist and he had hold of her buttocks, pulling her onto his penis. They were oblivious to all there and passionately kissing whilst moving in ecstasy. I was aroused at the thought that such 'goings on' were allowed and obviously encouraged by our host. My c**k began to rise and noticed by him, he suggested that perhaps we both ought to lay on one of the poolside mattresses and have enjoyable sex. Adding that on the table were condoms if required. 

Lucy and I had a fantastic time and soon got used to being totally naked and mingling with the other guests we didn't want to leave. However, leave we did and after gathering up a sleepy dog we made our farewells promising to call again. Our host asked us to be circumspect about his 'lifestyle' and that we promised to do. 
We now know what is behind that high wall, and long may it continue!

Walking homewards we both agreed that it was absolutely mind blowing what went on behind that wall. Lucy said she was exhausted after having so much sex in a short time and added that her groin was bruised where i had thrust myself in an effort to get as much of my c**k into her beautifully tight c**t. Before we parted at her front door, she asked me to take her back to that sensational house as soon as possible.This time without the dog!

It was only two days before Lucy suggested we ought to visit the house behind the wall and added that we should be able to walk there that very afternoon. On the way there, Lucy said that she had told her parents she was staying overnight at a friends house. I could see where this was heading and began to get aroused even before entering the house and grounds!

After having gone through the ritual of declaring ourselves at the gates we began to walk up the drive. It was dear innocent Lucy who began to step out of her shorts and pull over her head the tattered T shirt. Completely naked she began to pull the zip down on my shorts. Not wearing any underwear my c**k sprang into view and I quickly tore off my shirt. 
Walking with a stiff c**k is no easy task, especially when all you can see is a naked girl in front of you boasting a beautiful bouncing bum!
If that wasn't enough a big brute of a chap sprang out of the bushes and began to wave his enormous c**k at us, shouting "Are you the pair I've got to give a massage?"
"Thank you, maybe later"
The pair hurried on to the house, patting Hercules on his outstanding penis as they passed by. In the house the owner was nowhere to be seen, but Amelia was on hand to show them into the pool area where they could undress and join all the other naked guests. She too was naked except for a small apron which didn't cover a clean shaven c**t. 

We didn't hesitate in starting to have sex with each other. Lucy was ready to try every position possible and it was in the throes of a very difficult and prolonged position that help was on hand with our host appearing and applying his hands to Lucy's lovely backside with his fingers lingering on her wet and c**k filled c**t. That was the the start of Lucy's trip into ecstasy land. She screamed out with delight and began bucking like a wild horse, with me handing on for dear life.

Exhausted and covered in sweat, we both lay back and began to recover. Our host was reclining alongside Lucy and began to lick her breasts and finger her wet and leaking c**t. Obviously enjoying the ministrations of man with a full length penis she opened her legs wide and lifted her hips to allow him to slide his penis into her. Meanwhile, I was enjoying being waited on by the delightful waitress who lifted up my flagging penis and began to suck and kiss my growing shaft. I speedily pulled her pinafore off and plunged my c**k into her eager c**t. She was hot and began to use her internal muscles to clench my shaft.

It became obvious that Amelia was enjoying the freedom of unrestricted sex and soon whilst attending to my growing and throbbing shaft, her c**t needed urgent attention above my face and inquiring tongue!. Holding on to her hips and parting those pillows of a beautiful arse made me feel bigger than ever and I knew it wouldn't be long before I would shoot another load. 

There's no doubt about it, Lucy and I are passionate about the freedom of nakedness and sex in the house and grounds of that place behind the high walls. We go there as often as possible and our parents are beginning to think our innocent walks are good for us as we always return home feeling exhausted!

There is no doubt that Lucy and I are sexually compatible as we both like to be naked and enjoy every moment we are joined together. At no time do we tire of each other's company. We chat endlessly about all sorts of subjects. Most of all about the house behind the high wall and the sexual goings on there! Talking about the owner and his penchant for sexual high jinks, often led to us having an enjoyable f**k. We couldn't get enough of it. Lucy more than me!

It turned out that our host was a disgraced Lord and the house and estate was part of his inheritance from a Father who enjoyed having sex with all his employees. His wife too was keen on having sex with the gardening staff. She could often be found naked in one of the many greenhouses with a young apprentice gardener keen to show her Ladyship that he could easily plant his erect c**k into her ever ready c**t. Our host laughed and agreed that his inheritance included a passion for non stop f*****g with any willing female. 

"I've tried anal sex with one of my friends, but whilst he was keen for me to f**k his backside, I found hairy arses a bit of a put off! The anticipation of a good f**k with a stiff and erect c**k is all well and good but then you realize you could be pushing s**t uphill No, I prefer the soft and smooth c**t of a ready and willing female!"

With the weather being most agreeable for nudists practically everybody was naked and enjoying the warm sunshine. Lucy's parents began to smell a rat about our extended walks and under questioning Lucy admitted to where our walks ended up! Both her mother and father keen to find out about the house behind the high walls had tried to get entry without success. After warning them both about the free lifestyle that went on behind the high wall, we all gathered outside the doors and after pressing the intercom and giving the password, we walked into the grounds.

It wasn't long before we were challenged by a naked chap wearing a black bow tie. He asked what we were doing walking about with clothes on? I stepped forward and explained about Lucy and I being regular guests and that we were introducing Lucy's parents to the Spa. We were all ushered into the reception area where Lucy's parents were issued with their membership cards complete with password. Then it was a quick walk into the changing room to undress.

The strange thing about all this was that at no time did Lucy's parents object or ask us about us being members of the Spa! Instead they were smiling to each other and to us whilst undressing. Laughing at each other we stood there and looked at each other's bodies. Surprisingly, both of the parents were tanned from head to toe with no white parts showing. 

"Don't look so shocked Lucy darling, your mother and I have been nudists for some years now and I must say this place, being on our doorstep, is ideal for us. Now we don't have to be so secretive when we used to go to the nudist club."

Lucy's mother had her arms round her daughter and I could see just alike they were.
Big breasts. wide hips with well proportioned thighs and not a hair in sight. Her father was slim for his years and he too had no body hair. He did however, have an enormous penis which in its flaccid state almost reached his knees. It certainly put mine to shame. I thought I was doing well with my nine to ten inches. His must have been at least twelve inches and with a girth of what must have been four to five inches! A wopper in anybody's language. 

Lucy's mother caught me staring at her husband's enormous c**k and turning she took hold of my penis and complimented me on its size. 
"You. really have nothing to be ashamed of young man. I think your c**k is rather nice and big  I'm sure my daughter appreciates it as well">
With that she began to slide her fingers along its growing shaft. 
"You'll have to show me later just what you can do with it!"

After several drinks of intoxicating mixes we all were using the sun loungers alongside the pool. Lucy's father was showing an enormous erection. His purple c**k was slightly bent and was laying on his stomach. Lucy's mother was laying full length with no attempt to cover her c**t with her mons venus pronounced. Lucy was keen to have my c**k at its peak and was intent on bringing me to full ejaculation. She even began to lick and suck my upright shaft. Pure bliss! It wasn't long before her mother pushed her to one side, straddling me and sat on my c**k ensuring it slid into a very wet c**t. Groaning with pure pleasure she began to lift and lower her body up and down my shaft. 

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What do you want to do ?
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© 2020 augustus

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You can write those interesting tales my friend. Few people can write erotic and make entertaining. You do. Hello my friend. I hope you are doing well. Be careful and be safe my friend.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


1 Week Ago

Thank you kindly! I want to excite the reader and him or her to want more of the same. You stay safe.. read more
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I must confess, having read your profile I was curious about your style and type of post... Having now read 'The Big House' I am uncertain whether it falls into the category of extreme erotica or something else entirely... You certainly can write..

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Thank you! I try to excite the reader and if I've succeeded then I am pleased.
Surely you jest! If you had the opportunity once, I'm sure it will arise again. How long do you want to frustrate each other? She may have said no, at first, but certainly her curiosity has been sparked. Of course she could again refuse, but you, being a gentleman, wouldn't force the issue, would you?

Take care - Dave

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Thanks Dave for your useful comment. Actually, what I wanted to know if it printed out in a sensible.. read more
I would like to know if you can make sense of what I have written so far?

Posted 2 Months Ago

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4 Reviews
Added on March 19, 2020
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Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

OK So I write stuff that might be construed as nothing more than pornographic. You, the reader will make your own minds up! I'm never satisfied with my writing and I will always welcome your opinions!.. more..

Unbelievable! Unbelievable!

A Story by augustus

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