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She was all alone and feeling fed up!

Here she was, bored to the back teeth. The TV had nothing but repeats and her radio had packed up! Her drinks glass needed a refill. The sandwich she had slapped together was beginning to smile at her. 
The blasted clock was ticking louder than ever! The windows were steaming up and the central heating began to creak and groan. Her apartment appeared to be getting smaller and smaller. She was sure the walls were closing in on her!
 Her name was Fiona who was a so-called 'dumb blonde' of an age of twenty eight. At present, unemployed, due to a Manager who, when refused a 'quickie' in a vacant rest room, decided she was surplus to requirements and had to be released. In a way she was fortunate as the word was out that the office was due to be relocated to another State.

He had always drooled over her b***s which were a good healthy size. The unfortunate part of them were the prominent n*****s which stood out like organ stops! Despite wearing thick tops they always stood out. Then there was the question of her bottom. Or buttocks as some would say! Hers was 'perky' as one of the office boys would have it!
No matter how she dressed, the skirt was always too short or the trousers too tight.
She was a target for the men to aim their unrestrained stares! She knew the women in her office and in the building were jealous of her figure and one even said who does she think she is? 'Dolly Parton?"
Hey Ho! Another day for her to wonder what she should do next? The men in her life would come and go. Not one had met with everything she wanted. There was Max who was fantastic in bed. His penis was a beaut and she always felt so satisfied after his lusty thrusting against her mons venus. But, like all men, the grass was always greener the other side of the fence and it wasn't long before he found another woman to run his hands over!
There was one woman she could turn to, who would help her out of this gloom she had got herself into. That was her Gran. A woman who was living the high life and didn't give a damn for rules and regulations. She was like a ray of sunshine and Fiona knew she was the one person who could be relied upon to help.

All it took was a 'phone call and Gran said she would be coming over and would stay for a couple of weeks. It appeared she was getting over losing a man to another woman. What made it worse was that particular man had the biggest c**k in the County and Gran said it was a delight to ride it!
Fiona laughed at Gran's language and knew she would enjoy her company! Sure enough, when the door bell rang, there was Gran with a big suitcase and wearing what can only be described as a loose fitting dressing gown. 
"My dear it's good to see you and what a f*****g awful journey I've had! In the train I had at least two offers of a toilet f**k and in the cab over here, the driver kept on about me showing him my t*****s! I ask you.... Men!"
Fiona's sombre mood quickly disappeared with Gran's quick fire remarks and they were bonding nicely. Sharing the same bed came as a bit of a surprise to Fiona. She hadn't long crawled into bed when Gran came into the room naked and asked Fiona for a nice long cuddle. Sleeping naked as she always did, Fiona found it strange but delightful to feel her Gran's breasts against her back and the wet folds of her vagina up against her bum. 
With Gran fondling Fiona's breasts she started questioning Fiona about her Man friends and what were they like in bed. She was asking all sorts of questions about the men. How big were they? Did they have big c***s and was she able to take them? 
My God! Whatever is she going to ask next thought Fiona? She did admit to enjoying sex and asked Gran if she still enjoyed it?
Just listening to her was a turn on for Fiona and she began to feel horny!
"Oh! Yes! My dear! The more the merrier! And they have to have big c***s so that I can feel every lovely part of them! Just because I'm getting older, it doesn't mean I can't enjoy a decent f**k! The men just love to suck and lick my t*****s and stick their tongues up my crack!"
Over breakfast Gran asked Fiona who the chap she had seen working on the stairs? Describing him and with the emphasis on his having a lovely bum, Fiona knew that was the janitor's nephew. 
"I couldn't help but notice how pale and white you are. Your body needs colour and I know how that can be achieved! It's a pity really, beacause you have got a very sexy body that any man would enjoy!"
Gran was making one of her many declarations and after having seen Fiona naked she was giving her advice on catching virile men with big c***s. You need to look as if you've just spent several months on a tropical island being totally naked. After all, she had a body that was tanned from head to toe and that is what we are going to achieve for you my dear.
"I can't afford a vacation right now and certainly not one on a tropical island!"
"Who's saying anything about a vacation on a tropical island? We are going to get tanned right here in this apartment, and at the same time have some fun!"
It was a sultry hot day when having opened all the windows and switching on all her fans, Fiona had decided today she was going to be naked all day! She also had decided to leave her front door open. just in case the janitor's nephew passed by!
Gran was going through some bags she had brought with her. Muttering to herself she said that it was a good job she had stopped by at the pharmacists. Viola! She found what she was looking for and produced two aerosol cans and a mitten. 
"Now then my dear, all you've got to do is to stand still with your legs wide apart and I'll do what is necessary. This, I'm going to enjoy!"
The self tanning liquid whilst cold when applied was soon warm when rubbed in with the mitten. Gran was enjoying rubbing the mitten over Fiona's breasts and lifting them up to make sure every part was covered. The part they both enjoyed was when the mitten was rubbed over and under Fiona's vagina and anus. 
She had completed the tanning and Gran couldn't help but feel sexy at the sight of a golden beauty glistening in the sun light

"Heaven's above Fiona my dear, any man looking at you now, would have an erect monster of a c**k and would want to f**k you hard!"
Stretching her arms above her head, Fiona felt like a million dollars and was pleased to see the janitor's nephew gazing at her nakedness through an open window of an apartment opposite. Feeling rather bold and brazen she couldn't resist beckoning for him to join her.
He must have broken all records in getting to her open apartment door. A naked Gran ushered an open mouthed grinning twenty year old into the room where a golden Fiona was draped seductively over a sofa. He soon cottoned on to the need to discard clothing and it was when he dropped his trousers they could see an erect twelve inch giant of a c**k spring free of restraint. 

She couldn't resist grabbing hold of the growing shaft and after rubbing her fingers up and down its length, looked up at him and asked him his name. 
He told her in between groaning with pleasure that it was Tim. Gran, in the mean time, was looking at the man who had appeared in the doorway. He introduced himself as the lad's Uncle and asked if he could join them. Gran said yes and said there was a proviso! He had to be naked like everyone else. 
Quickly stripping off his clothes he revealed to a delighted Gran a massive c**k at full length. They wasted no time at all and were having sex with all the groans and cries of pleasure. Fiona was also riding a monster of a c**k and had shed all her inhibitions and was wildly riding Tim's shaft for all she was worth!

Being a hot and humid day they were all soon covered in sweat, but still enjoying their exertions. Fiona was sitting astride Tim with his c**k well and truly being pumped up and down with a tight yet wet c**t!
It became a marathon of f*****g with swapping the men the women were having the times of their lives. 
The next day, after a long exhausted sleep, the two women sat naked at the kitchen table comparing notes on their sexual adventure. They both agreed that to have two men with more than satisfactory c***s a few doors away was the perfect solution to a problem. 
Fiona began to feel less depressed and looking forward to their next sex session with the two men.

© 2020 augustus

Author's Note

When you are ready - give it all you've got!

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I like it! I just wanted to let you know second last paragraph you put a "j" in the word help!

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

Thank you for reading my stuff. I've also corrected and removed the 'j'.

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