A hole in one!

A hole in one!

A Story by augustus

I did warn them. However, they didn't listen!

The rattle of the disturbed manhole cover every time a vehicle drove over it was annoying to say the least! Traffic was exceptionally heavy with a fair mixture of HGV's which had caused the manhole cover to become loose.
I rang the Council to report the loose manhole cover, but they didn't really want to know and dismissed my annoyance with a brief Okay thanks. That was over a week ago and when I walked out to see how the manhole cover was I got the biggest shock!
The cast iron cover had shattered and pieces of it were standing proud of the hole. This was dangerous and I quickly called up the Council to let them know. The chap answering the 'phone promised to get someone out to attend to the problem.
Standing at the side of the road I had no means of warning motorists of the danger and short of waving my arms and feeling like a prize idiot I could do nothing. Until this small car hit the hole with one of it's wheels being torn off the car with a terrible noise and causing the car to begin to cartwheel down the road.
Fortunately, it missed me and instead hit the curb and stopped with a telegraph pole halfway inside the roof of the car. Running to where the car was I could see there were people inside the car. 
Breathlessly, I explained to the emergency operator what had happened and an ambulance, together with the fire brigade were being called. 
I tried to open the car doors, without success. There were four people in the car and all appeared to be unconscious. I was aware that there was fuel spilt and concerned that a fire might break out, I began to shout and try to waken the occupants. 
With sirens and flashing blue lights the fire brigade arrived with an ambulance and a police car. They quickly began to force open the doors of the car using crowbars. With paramedics in attendance the four people were attended to on the grass verge.
With the police I went back to the manhole and explained to them what I had witnessed. They made notes and photographs were taken. I was told that I would be hearing from them in the near future.

I watched while temporary barriers  and signs . 
were placed round the hole in the road.

Four days later a new manhole cover was fitted and no more noise could be heard when traffic passed over it. The four in the car recovered and I believe they are suing the Council for negligence!


© 2021 augustus

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A very entertaining story my friend. Government here in Michigan. Work real slowly too. I liked the ending. Hello my friend and thank you for sharing the amazing tale.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thank you my friend. I've added a few more words to complete the tale.
Coyote Poetry

1 Month Ago

I will read now and hello from Michigan. You are welcome.

1 Month Ago

Thank you for your kind words! I hope it's warmer in Michigan than here in UK?

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