Why Voting Is Flawed in the USA

Why Voting Is Flawed in the USA

A Chapter by Henry S

Every four years we have a presidential election here in the United States. There is round the clock coverage by different news organizations following the campaigns.  Polls are conducted to predict who is going to win the election.   There are numerous debates, not only by the presidential candidates, but by their chosen vice presidents.  Millions of dollars are spent on the campaigns. In other words, it's a big deal. So why is the most important election of my country, the USA, set up in such a way that most of the American votes do not matter?
Yes, because of the use of the Electoral College instead of the Popular Vote to determine the president, my vote and most other American's votes simply do not count nor matter. Unless you live in a Swing State your vote won't make much of an impact on the election.  For instance, let's say you live in Wyoming with it's three electoral votes. Those three electoral votes aren't going to make or break any presidential election.  So why bother voting in such a state. 
Let's say you are in the minority of your state as to what party you want to be in the oval office. For instance, New York almost always votes a Democrat for president. So if you live in New York who's majority will be voting Democrat and you want the Republican candidate for president, your vote will not matter. New York's 29 Electoral Votes will go to the Democratic candidate whether you voted or not. 
In my state, I know my family and friends plus some co workers. That's it. Out of the millions of people that live in my state, I know maybe fifty, tops. Yet my presidential vote is going to be lumped together with everyone else's vote from my state, people I do not know nor socialize with. Whoever the majority votes for in my state will get the whole Electoral Votes my state has to offer. Just because I live in the same state as my neighbors, does not mean we all need to vote the same way.
Four times in US history has the President won the Electoral Votes without winning the Popular Vote.  Most recently in 2000, when Bush was elected president over Gore.  That's four times too many. With the use of the Popular Vote as the means of the determining the president, your vote counts more.  Even if you are in the minority of your state your vote counts.  Even if you do not live in a Swing State, your vote counts.  Even if you live in a "small" state that wouldn't have many electoral votes, your vote would matter.
Do not get me wrong, I feel fortunate that I live in a county that gives it's people the right to vote.  And I thank those American's who have fought for me and my children to live in a free country.  But the Electoral Colleges should not determine who our president will be.  The Popular Vote is the way to go. And until the president is elected by way of the Popular Vote, neither party will get my vote.

© 2014 Henry S

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Added on February 19, 2014
Last Updated on February 23, 2014
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