A Poem by AK

I can hold this facade 
No longer, Lord!
Free me from its restraints-

Let my soul burst free,
Break out of this hollow shell,
No longer can it play to these
Malicious chords set for it,
No longer live, restless,
Shackled, abused, forsaken

When the choice of the Universe shines--it
Whose size immeasurable, unfathomable by man,
Whose freedom beyond human comprehension,
Whose wonders masked by man's narrowness-

The vacuous bliss of the spanning Universe!
So unperturbed, uninhabited, peaceful;
Truly the nectar that can envelope my soul,
Give me strength good Lord!

Courage to set myself free.
My soul yearns for better than
This infinitesimal human corpse.
I can feel it writhing, spazzing,
Breaking free.

Be its catalyst
Oh Lord!
So I can attain peace.
I crave for peace.
May I rest in peace.

© 2014 AK

Author's Note

My poetry seems much less eloquent, balanced and beautiful lately. Raw emotions flowing with great resistance appears to be more my thing. But as I always say, any comment that you have is most welcome (:

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Added on December 7, 2013
Last Updated on March 29, 2014



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