My Brothers

My Brothers

A Story by Herzeleid

Fight on, brothers, for honor!


        The night is thick and cool, yet I can feel the fiery breath of Hell itself against my neck. Do you know why this is, brothers? The demons, who reside in their morbid pit, arise to come and hunt us again. It is not enough for them to brood in their darkness alone, cursing our existence silently. They come to inflict their pain upon us. You know our enemy too well, brothers. The twisted, tortured and mutilated forms of Satan's army who harbor nothing but hate for our existence They are those who do not understand us. Those who fear our very existence because of mere differences. They are evil by nature and have shown us this fact many times. They massacre our brothers and sisters and leave our wounded family members to die in our arms. Brothers, these horrors must cease!

        We have our backs against the wall, brothers. Pinned here in our pitiful state, will we do nothing to defend ourselves? We have been hunted and killed for sport! We've had wolves gnashing at our heels, and we've heard their howling call after us through the thick night. They will catch us, brothers, and when they do, there will be no mercy. If we must die here, brothers, against this wall, let us die with honor. I can see it now, the last of us, wailing as our assailants close in on us,struggling to climb up the wall, and escape our impending doom. Blood trickling down our broken body, as we cry out and beg for mercy. There is no mercy in those miserable creatures! Make no mistake, their aim is extermination, and they will not rest until that cause is fulfilled Eventually something will take hold of us. A deep rage, spouting up from the dark places of our soul, changing us, making us bitter, and destroying the people we used to be. We will become them, evil creatures bent on inflicting their misery on others. Do you want this fate, brothers? I do not.

        I can feel the winds of change beneath my feet, brothers. It is carrying me up, lifting me away from this place, and removing the curse that our people bear. I can feel the cool, purifying spray of water against my face, washing away my fears, renewing my spirit, and giving strength to my tired muscles. Come, brothers, take in the night with me, calm your souls, and find a better place. Learn to control the bitter emotions in your mind, and the paralyzing fear that locks your bones in place, rendering movement impossible. As all of this fades away into the night, realize with me that we must confront our enemies, dying, but fighting back! Here against this wall, let us take one final stand. Through this, we may gain our honor, and preserve our memory. Only through this, will our legacy outlast the tests of time. Through respect through our struggle, our enemies will be required to remember us. Not understanding us, but somehow respecting our tenacity. We must drag our enemies to the grave with us. Though we will not annihilate them, we will show them exactly what we are made of. I know the blood that runs through your veins, brother. I know the tears that fall from your cheek sister. I have tasted the bitterness you have felt, brother. Let us now take all of our strength, and all these emotions we have been feeling, and channeling this energy to strike down our opponents

        They are coming, brothers. I can feel their evil presence in the back of my mind. They are already here, ready to strike again, foolishly thinking we will cower to their will. Not this time, brothers. For the first time since the massacres began, we have felt true strength and power. This kind of power can preserve our way of life, brothers. Turn your backs to the wall, brothers. Watch the enemy as they bear down on us. Show them that you feel no fear. Give them a cold, piercing gaze, so that they know you can see right through their appalling disguise of power. They have no power, they are mere slaves to the Dark One, and we shall return them to him. Show him that we do not fear him any longer. Brothers, press on! Keep fighting! Fight to the last man, woman and child!

© 2009 Herzeleid

Author's Note

I wrote this for my English class my senior year of high school. Probably won't be making any changes to it. Just want some honest opinions.

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Hi. I'm Heather. I am ninteen years old, and I live in Ohio. I am currently a student at Columbus State Community College, but as soon as I get my Associate of Arts, I am transferring to Ohio State Un.. more..

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