The Incident

The Incident

A Story by Herzeleid

There is a difference between right and wrong.


    There is a difference between right and wrong, the man told me. I can still hear his words clearly. I can still see his face vividly. He continues to tell me these same words in my head constantly. Over and over, his words blare into my mind, etching the statement into my programming forever. And yet, for all of this, my comprehension of the statement is no better.
    My head feels fuzzy and heavy. I open my eyes, and lift my head up from the cold ground. All around me I can see trees, plants, and brush. I hear insects of every nature buzzing about, and crickets chirping through the darkness. I can even see a small animal or two scurrying around in the bush since I am quiet and still. Even so, I am alone. I can feel it. I sit up and attempt to clear my pounding head, but the endless stream of words will not cease, and I remember nothing. I look up at the sky and am greeted by the peppered look of a star speckled sky. How did I get here? Where am I?
    "...right and wrong...right and wrong...right and wrong..."
    A strange man breaks me from my trance. He is bending over, staring at me with peculiar eyes. He shines some form of light in my face, and I am temporarily blinded. I squint from the burning pain of this probing light, allowing my eyes to slowly become accustomed to the sudden change. How did this man get here? I had not seen or heard him approach. Perhaps my thoughts had consumed me longer than I thought. The man says something to break my thoughts and quickly flashes a small book in my face with a strange shiny object on the inside. I don't know what it is. I am still pondering what the object could of been when the man begins to question me in a serious tone. His words have no meaning to me, however. It all sounds like garbled jibberish. I try to comprehend, cocking my head to the side a bit, but nothing makes sense. My vision begins to blur, and his words become fainter and fainter until I let the blackness envelope me.
    I awake to the man shaking me violently, asking me if I am okay or something. I must not have been out long. The horrible blinding light is still being pointed towards my face. I squeeze my eyes shut and nod my head. The man stands on his feet and begins to pull me up onto mine. I stumble around as he pulls me up, trying to find my footing, but failing. My knees buckle. It feels like they are jelly beneath me. I lean on the man and almost collapse on him. As the man supports me, I look around and see that there are other people here, dressed just like the man. They are all searching around the surrounding area with purpose. It occurs to me that they might be important people. They pick up little boxes on their waist and talk importantly into them. This behavior perplexes me, and yet it all seems too familiar. I know I had seen something like this before, but the memories were all so fuzzy. There were bits a pieces, and sometimes flashes of brief encounters before, but nothing solid.
    The man asks me my name sternly. My name. My God, I had forgotten about my name. What was my name? The man demands my name again. His brow furrows, and I begin to see sweat forming on his forehead. The other people who had once been busy and about were now all gathering around me. They all fix their eyes upon me. I stutter and stumble around with words. I try to form a sentence in vain. The man grows impatient and asks me my name again. I try to say 'I don't know' but nothing comes out. The man pulls a contraption out from his belt. He then spins me around and clamps my hands together with this contraption. I begin to struggle. Suddenly, I find my voice and let out a yell. The strange man begins to wrestle with him, and I struggle more. I begin to try to pull my hands out of this metal contraption. The man wrestles me to the ground and tells me something about how I have a right and to remain silent or something like that. He holds me down until I stop struggling then he pulls me up. Only then did I look down and notice I was covered in something red. It looks like blood.

© 2009 Herzeleid

Author's Note

I honestly don't know why I wrote this in the style I did, but the words just kind of came out. Just looking for an honest opinion as this is just an experiment.

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I really like the twist to this story! This piece is an interesting reminder of what it feels like when all sense of reference has been lost. It would be fun to see how the main character pieces things together in subsequent stories. Great work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 20, 2009




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