Albus Potter and the Aphobious

Albus Potter and the Aphobious

A Story by Hidden_identity

It's Albus' first year at Hogwarts and he plans to learn everything about his father.This is only some of chapter 1 please let me know what you think.All rights to Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling.


Overwhelming with excitement, Albus Potter found an empty compartment on the scarlet train that was taking him to Hogwarts. He slid open the door and stored his trunk in the little storage unit above the seats. Albus took the seat closest to the window. He watched the countryside roll by. Mesmerized by it, he did not know how much time had gone by. An hour? A couple of minutes, perhaps? He had no clue

Albus was not connected to the world he was in, but was dreaming about the world, at Hogwarts, he was going to have. Learning new things about subjects he didn't know. Meeting new people and making new friends. Dueling other students with spells he would soon learn. And maybe, just maybe, he would find out about his family's history that neither his mother nor father would discuss. He was not drawn back to the moment he was living right then until the compartment door slid open once more.

A boy about the same age as he had entered. He too put his things in the storage unit just like Albus had. Albus remembered seeing him at the station but did not know who he was. He was tall, thin, and had blond hair that would look white from a distance. The boy sat down opposite of him and stared out at the countryside.

"Hello," Albus said, greeting the boy. He didn't know what to say.

The boy's reply was staring out the window as if he had not heard a word from the boy sitting in front of him.

What should he do? The boy obviously did not want to talk to anybody. Albus resorted to looking out the window again.

Minutes went by all filled with an awkward silence. The two boys just stared out the window. The silence was broken when the boy finally said something.

"So is your father really Harry Potter? My dad knew him. They went to school with each other," the boy said quietly now looking into Albus's eyes.

"Yeah he's my dad. Who's your's?" Albus asked glad he had someone to talk to.

"Draco Malfoy. My dad had told me about your dad. He said that your dad saved his life. My dad also told me all about how my dad would pick on your dad. It's pretty funny. He also told me about..."

The boy went on and on. Albus had stopped listening but still looked at the boy nodding his head slightly.

How is it that he knows more about his dad than I know about mine? I barely know anything about dad. Why wouldn't he tell me about anything that had happened when he was a child?

Albus realized the boy was still talking and he thought it was rude not to listen.

"-told me about what he and your father did at school," the boy said out of breath. It seemed like he had been holding it in for a long time.

"So what's your name? I'm Scorpius," said the boy.

"I'm Albus. I remember seeing you at the station," Albus remembered also seeing his dad. It was strange how much they looked alike. He wondered if his dad and himself looked that much alike.

"Oh yeah I saw you too. So what house do you want to be in? I'm hoping to just get in the door what with my father's reputation," Scorpius said. He smiled and laughed.

Albus laughed too. It felt of such relief to laugh after all of the nervousness that was knawing at him.

"Well I'm hoping to get into Gryffindor like my dad. My brother James was joking around saying that I might be in Slytherin. I really don't want-" he stopped dead. What had he done? Scorpius's father was in Slytherin. Now his first friend here was going to get offended and hate him. But to his astonishment Scorpius was wearing an un-offended smile on his thin, pale face.

"I'm not sure if I want to be in Slytherin like my dad. I'm leaving my options open," he said. Scorpius turned in his seat and laid down with his hands behind his head. He looked calm, cool, and collected.

Albus did the same thing. The soft cushions of the seat felt good.

They talked for countless minutes. Hours had gone by even. After a while they dressed in their robes. All were the same black robes, but soon after the sorting they will get ones with the symbol of their houses.

The food trolley came by and Scorpius and Albus stocked up. They had Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Pumpkin Pasties, Licorice Wands, Chocolate Frogs, and much more. The seats were filled with candy. It all looked so good.

Albus had never had Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans before. His father didn't like them. He mentioned this to Scorpius and then Scorpius's face had a hint of disbelief. He tossed one to Albus smiling a suspicious smile. Albus caught it and then stuck it in his mouth. Once the bean had reached his tongue he wanted to vomit. Which was exactly the flavor of the bean.

Scorpius started to laugh at the look on Albus's face. Albus had spit out the bean and was scraping his tongue unsuccessfully trying to get the flavor off.

But then the train slowed down and finally stopped. Albus heard movement coming from all around. He knew what had happened. Far too soon, it was time to get to Hogwarts.

Albus did not want to leave his friend. Who knows when they would see each other and have time to hang out.

Scorpius stood up and so did Albus. They looked at each other as if that was the last time they would see each other. They grabbed their things and got off the train.

There was an enormous clutter of kids out on the platform. Many of them were much taller than Albus. He saw some who were the same height as he was. When he looked at those kids most of them had the same look on their faces. Looks of terror, nervousness, excitement, curiosity, and some nausea. That must be the same way he looked; small and scared.

"Firs' years over 'ere!" a voice boomed over the crowed.

Albus tried to locate where the voice was coming from. He recognized it so well. Finally he found a small, yellow light coming into view. A big, hairy, lovable, half-giant came walking over to get the first years. He was carrying a lantern which was just about the only real light source other than the train.

Hagrid was making his way over to the scared first years. He was tall as always and his hair had a pinch of gray here and there.

All of the other students that were second through seventh years were making their way to the carriages. Soon all of the carriages were gone and all that was left behind were the first years and Hagrid.

"Firs' years to the boats!" Hagrid's voice thundered over the sea of nervous children. None of the children seemed too eager to go forth to the boats.

Hagrid did not seem to notice this, but continued to lead them to the boats. The children followed their large escort to the end of the platform and to the lake that looked pitch black from the night fall. It was as if all the creatures - Albus not knowing what they were, sure they weren't normal animals - had shut off all the lights inside the lake. There waiting for them were about a hundred or so small boats bobbing in the water. Hagrid told them to climb in, with three people in each.

Albus still couldn't find Scorpius. So he headed off to one of the boats. Through the crowd of people he could see Scorpius's face; it, just like all the others. He looked so different from when he was relaxing on the train. Now he looked scared, nervous, and, if possible, his face looked even paler.

"Scorpius! Hey Scorpius! Over here!" Albus yelled waving his arms over his head.

Scorpius came over to the boat that held Albus. He had some difficulties getting to the boat for there was a large mass of people. He face now looked scared yet happy.

Soon after, all of the first years had filed into all of the boats. Hagrid had to have a boat to himself, seeing how no one else could possibly squeeze themselves inside with him included. The rim of the boat was level with the water. The boat groaned and creaked under his weight.

Feeling sorry for the boat, Albus looked ahead to see if he could get a glimpse of the castle. He could not see anything; not even a single light.

"Straight 'head then!" Hagrid yelled. He started to cough right after he said this. It was a dry cough, but it sounded like a lung would appear any second.

The boats lurched forward. Scoripus and Albus looked at each other with excitement. It seemed unreal. Like it was a dream or a fairytale. Scorpius looked around to look at the other students. Albus looked at the kid who was riding with them.

She had long, curly, alburn hair. Albus guessed she was shy for she had her head down or she was very interested with her hands. Albus did not know her name, but would probably soon because he would recognize her when her name was called for her to be sorted.

They sailed smoothly over the glossy water making ripples over the surface. It seemed as if a whole life time had gone by sailing on those tiny boats. At least to Albus it did. Finally they saw the dark castle outlined by the gleaming lights.

Albus had no words in him or breath for that matter. It was everything he had dreamed of and more. He had seen pictures before but you can't get that feeling he was experiencing right then from a picture. Imagine... if this is what it is like from the outside what would it be like from the inside?

Suddenly he felt like he was still eating that vomit flavored bean. Everybody would be watching him get sorted. His brother, no doubt, would be sniggering and smiling a smug smile.

Albus knew what would happen. They would call his name and then he would go up and put the hat on. Thousands of eyes would be on him. He knew that his face would turn red and would feel hot. The hat would call out "Slytherin!" and he would see his brother laugh. No matter what his dad said, he did not want to be in Slytherin.

The tips of the boats hit the shore and Albus was drawn back, terrified.

Everybody but him got out of the boats. He was petrified.

"Well come on, Al," said Hagrid

"Oh right, yeah," Albus said getting out of the boat.

He slowly walked to the big Oak Doors of Death. He couldn't. He wouldn't. There was no way that he was going to embarrass himself.

Leaving Albus behind, Hagrid walked on. Hagrid looked back behind him and saw Albus pale in the face.

"Ya okay there Al? Ya don't look-" said Hagrid with another painful cough.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just a little nervous I guess," Albus said looking at the ground barely moving.

"Well dere's nothin' to be afraid of," Hagrid said patting Albus on the shoulder making his knees buckle.

Hagrid let out another throat-harming cough. He led the way to the doors walking with a limp. Albus followed grimly not wanting to go in. Peeves was gliding around the top of the doors throwing dungbombs at first years. Girls were screaming and running as if it was the end of the world. Peeves caught sight of Albus and smiled mischievously.

"Get away Peeves! This boy don't need ya messin' with 'em already!" Hagrid yelled.

Peeves floated off looking disappointed.

"Thanks Hagrid," Albus said.

"No problem Al. There's nothing to be worried about. You're going to fit right in."

"Hagrid, I thought Peeves didn't listen to anybody. That's what my dad said."

"Well he usually don't, but McGonagall threatened him to do what any teacher said. I don't know exactly what she said, but Peeves got scared."

"Hargid?" Albus asked.

"Yeah, Al?" Hagrid replied

"Can you tell me about my dad? Please?" Albus asked even though he knew the answer.

"Well he was very bright and a lot of fun to be 'round. 'Course whoever was 'round him got in trouble," Hagrid said beating around the bush

"You know what I mean Hagrid. What happen when he was a kid? What did he do?" Albus asked. Hoping, pleading, begging he would get the answer he wanted.

"Now Al, ya know I can't tell ya anythin' 'bout that." (that was not the answer he wanted) "I'm sorry, but it wasn't my decision. If I had it my way, I'd be tellin' stories all 'bout your dad," Hagrid said with yet another cough added at the end.

"But why doesn't he want us to know?

"Ya should really talk about this with your parents. Now let's hurry up an get in before they start the sortin' without us," Hagrid said running/limping into the castle.

Albus had no choice but to follow him. He knew one thing he was going to do this year at Hogwarts. It was to find out about his dad's history. His dad went to this school and the library probably would be full of books about famous wizards and witches. Albus knew his dad was famous, so why shouldn't he be in there? Albus would finally know what his parents had been hiding for so long.

They entered the castle to find Professor Maymary explaining to the students what was going to be happening and what to expect. Professor Maymary was one of the nicest teachers you could ever have. She was about medium height (except when you compared her to Hagrid), she had long, wavy, golden hair, and blue eyes. She was wearing a midnight purple cloak.

"The houses are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. You will come up once I announce your name and I will place the Sorting Hat upon your head. Then once it calls out what house you-.

"Mr.Smith! This is not the time to be lollygagging! And this is certainly not how you start out a new school year! Unless you want to spend the next seven years in detention with me I suggest you close your mouth and let it not open again! And if you can't manage to do that I will certainly help you do so and trust me my way is much more painful!" Professor Maymary said in a kind of mean yet not mean way. Which made it all the more scary.

Albus couldn't tell who the boy was. He didn't have much time to search though because Professor Maymary was leading the students inside the Great Hall.

This was it. Albus could run away from the horror and never come back or face the matter square in the face and conquer it. What to do? Either way he could, and would, get picked on. Of course if he ran away he wouldn't be able to hear his brother's smart remarks. Or his parents' sorrow. The decision was made.

Albus looked back at the oak doors that could lead to freedom. Where he could be his own person. Where there would be no brother to annoy him and put him down. Where there would be no parents to comfort him.

Albus followed the group of first years into the Great Hall.

His mom and dad had told him about the Great Hall before, but this sight was nothing Albus had ever thought of. Not even in his wildest dreams, day dreams, or whenever he let his imagination run loose. No wonder they call it the "Great" Hall Albus thought.

Thousands and thousands of candles were afloat above all the students' and staffs' heads. It was as if each person, or half-giant, lit a candle and put a levitation spell on it (which Albus hoped to learn). There were four long tables stretching from one side of the room to the other. They were filled with students. The tops were layered with golden plates and goblets that glistened in the candle light.

There was another long table at the very front of the hall. It too was layered with golden plates and goblets. But instead of students it held teachers. Albus could spot Hagrid two down from the middle seat on the left. He smiled and winked at Albus. Albus smiled back and waved. Hagrid let out an inaudible cough covered by the chatter of students and teachers.

Once the first years started to file in, all of the other students' heads turned to see them. Albus caught his brother's eye.

James was talking amongst his friends. He winked at Albus and smiled. Then continued to chit chat.

"First years gather round," Professor Maymary said gesturing with her hands.

A small wooden stool had been placed in front of them. On top of the stool there was a brown, worn-out, tattered, old hat. There were stitches and tears littering it.

Once all of the students were quiet Professor Maymary let the Headmistress tell the students rules and updates for the upcoming term.

"The Dark Forest is off limits to everyone who wished to stay safe and in one piece. There shall be no walking about the school at night. Students are not allowed to perform spells, harmful or not, in the corridors before, during, or after classes," Professor McGonagall said. Then she looked at Professor Maymary. Apparently this meant something because Professor Maymary came up to Albus and escorted him out of the Great Hall. There were anxious stares and looks of bewilderment. Including Albus.

"What's going on?"

"Professor McGonagall has to speak to the students."

"I'm a student!"

"Yes, but you are not permitted to this."

"It's about my dad isn't it?!"

"I'm not obliged to say."

"I want to know!"

"I am sorry, but you are not allowed to."

"I'm not allowed to know about my dad?!"

Then there was silence. Neither of them knew what to say. Albus was getting frustrated. Why was it so bad that he knew about his dad? Finally he couldn't control himself.

"Move out of my way!" Albus said going towards the doors.

"Now young man, you better not go in there."

"Watch me."

"Mr. Potter!" but Albus kept on walking.

He wanted to know. His brother may not care, but he did. He wanted to know everything.

Albus was about two inches from the doors, two inches from knowing, when......BAM! Albus had ran into an invisible wall blocking his way. Where did it come from? Then he looked back at Professor Maymary.

"I am sorry Mr. Potter, but it is my job to keep you out here until the Headmistress was done and I intend to do so."

"Fine," Albus muttered flopping in front of the doors.

Albus pressed his ear against the door attempting to hear what McGonagall was saying.  This attempt failed miserably.  If there was a herd of elephants on a rampage in there, he wouldn't've  heard it.

McGonagall's "talk" seemed to last forever.  Albus started to get annoyed.  He got up and paced in front of the doors.  Seconds later, a balding man came out of the Great Hall, accompanied by a cat.

"Mr. Potter," he said in an oily voice, glaring at Albus, "is allowed to reenter the Great Hall now."

"Thank you, Mr. Filch," said Professor Maymary.

Albus walked into the Great Hall with thousands of eyes on him.  He found his spot next to Scorpious.

"What did McGonagall say?" Albus asked in a whisper.

"Um...nothing," he responded glancing up at Professor McGonagall, who was staring at them.

His first moments at Hogwarts and he was already in a funk.  Maybe life here wasn't what he thought it would be.  While Albus was sinking in deeper thought, Professor Maymary cleared her throat loudly.  Everybody became instantly silent.  They were all staring at the hat.

© 2010 Hidden_identity

Author's Note

Tell me if there are any grammatical mistakes. Keep in mind that I have not edited this that much.

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I just love being incredibly picky, so here goes: It's "he was not drawn" not "he was not draw". "How he would pick on your dad" sounds better than "how my dad would pick on you dad" during Scorpius' and Albus' conversation on the train. "Dad" should be capitalized unless it's after a pronoun. There should be commas after interjections like "oh yeah" or "well". I'm pretty sure there should be a comma after "he tossed one to Albus". When someone is addressed in dialogue, there should be a comma before or after their name, depending on where in the sentence it is. (eg: "Ya okay there, Al?"

Keep going with this. I'd love to find out which house(s) Albus and Scorpius get into, who the girl on the boat was, and whether Albus learns about his dad.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


love it, i'm not going to review on every story that gets entered into my contest, but i will make a point of reviewing the really good ones. So this one is asome, have you put up the rest of the story? i'm not good at site navigation.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I just love being incredibly picky, so here goes: It's "he was not drawn" not "he was not draw". "How he would pick on your dad" sounds better than "how my dad would pick on you dad" during Scorpius' and Albus' conversation on the train. "Dad" should be capitalized unless it's after a pronoun. There should be commas after interjections like "oh yeah" or "well". I'm pretty sure there should be a comma after "he tossed one to Albus". When someone is addressed in dialogue, there should be a comma before or after their name, depending on where in the sentence it is. (eg: "Ya okay there, Al?"

Keep going with this. I'd love to find out which house(s) Albus and Scorpius get into, who the girl on the boat was, and whether Albus learns about his dad.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Really awesome, I couldn't find any, but I was just trying to get through reading it for the contest. It's really awesome, and I read every word. I love it Harry Potter is the best! So this was really a great read for me. You put a lot of detail into it, and that really shows. Keep up the awesome work!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is the first Harry Potter fanfic I have read, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. This is going to go into my library so I can come back later and read it when you have more written, cause I seriously want to know what happens now : )

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I caught some spelling and punctuation errors throughout. You may want to put this back in a word doc (if you haven't already) and go over it and edit some more. I really like the idea of this story. It leaves the reader with a sense of suspense at the end, also. I loved the Harry Potter books, so I found this to be quite entertaining. Nice work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Hahahahehehe >>> Oh my!!! This is the greatest Albus Severus fanfic I've read in a really really really long time!!! There aren't many mistakes ... but this was PERFECT! I loved every aspect. I can't wait to know what happens next! Lemme know when the next part's up!


Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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