The Challenge

The Challenge

A Story by Hidden_identity

Young Breena must face her worst fear- The Challenge.


It was cold and dark. I wasn't ready for this. Why now? I shivered in my cold, damp place in the cave. I was the last one to go. What if I wasn't good enough? What would they do to me? Who had already gotten accepted? Would my family be disappointed if I didn't make it? Or would they be ashamed? I know for sure that Estin would laugh if I didn't get in. He would love it. I've watched about twenty people just like me go out into the woods to be challenged to see if they would be accepted. What was the Challenge? Why did we have to train for it? Where would we go if we didn't get in? My friend Calystera went second. I heard screams and cries. No one in the cave was allowed to know or see what was going on. We had to wait for our turn. I kept going over strategies Unlce Adron taught me months before. Just then, I heard distant foot steps. A dark figure emerged from the darkness. I gasped. It was the Group Leader. I knew what was coming next.

"Breena, it's time for you to face the Challenge," he said in a rough yet strong voice.

I nodded and slowly ascended from the ground. This was the moment of truth. Was I strong enough? Did I have the right strategies? But most importantly, was I brave enough?

The Leader guided me into the deepths of the dark forest. It was so quiet I could hear not just mine, but the Leader's breaths. Every twig and leaf we stepped on made the loudest sounds. My heart was racing even harded than ever. I could feel it pound against my chest. I could hear it too. Could he hear it? Would he think I was weak? Neither of us said a word until we got to a clearing in the forest.

"This is where you will face the Challenge. If something goes wrong or you can no longer fight, yell out the safe word. Some helpers standing by will come to your aid. It is now time," he said bowing and walking away.

I stood there, dumbstruck. I pulled out the dagger my mother gave to me. I was ready. Or at least I hoped I was. I heard massive foot steps coming my way. Foot steps that weren't human or any creature I'd ever heard before. Seconds later, a huge creature, too unbelievable to describe, came crashing through the trees towards me. It was time to prove myself.

© 2010 Hidden_identity

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Added on July 7, 2010
Last Updated on December 25, 2010
Tags: creature, fighting, dagger, group, leader



Neverland, SC

I am an aspiring writer. I am currently writing about five stories right now. I would really be grateful to hear what other people have to say about them other than my family. I am a very private pers.. more..