Beyond The Boundries

Beyond The Boundries

A Story by Hiddenvoice0904

This is a myth I had to write for my English Class


Beyond the Boundaries

Before the beginning, when time and space were infinite, there existed two tribes, the Coshi tribe and the Brashi tribe. The Coshi tribe ruled the cane and the soil in which it grows, and the Brashi tribe ruled the water in the great bay and the sky above. Both tribes’ elders declared it forbidden for any member of the Coshi to associate with any member of the Brashi. They feared that if the water and sky met with the cane and soil, the tribes would cease to exist….Until one day, the son of the eldest member of Coshi fell in love with the daughter of the eldest member of Brashi.

Cane, the son of the Coshi tribe leader, was a guard in the army and went on patrol every day in the outskirts of the tribe. One day he grew tired on a walk and found a nice place to rest. This was no average place in his mind; this place was more beautiful than the dry fielded area where he lived. This place was covered by thick forest for shade, had a trifling spring for a soft pitter-patter comforting tone, and soft green moss covering the ground for a comforting place to lie and rest. When lying down, all Cane could think about was how comfortable and enjoyable the surroundings were to him. Then shortly after these thoughts, he drifted to sleep. While asleep another person found this same comforting place. When Cane heard the footsteps of this person, he instantly woke up with a shock of adrenaline in his system. He quickly hid from whoever it could possibly be there. Cane yelled out and in a soft feminine voice he heard a reassuring reply saying that they were not there to harm him. When he came out from cover, he found that the only person there was a short athletic red haired girl named Hannah who came from the Brashi tribe. Instead of listening to what his elders told him to do, Cane instantly wanted learn about this mystery girl named Hannah. So together Cane and Hannah sat down by the spring and talked for hours. As time slipped by and it started to grow dark, Cane and Hannah promised each other that they would come back at the same time every day to see and learn more about each other.

As Cane and Hannah started to see each other every day, they grew closer and learned more and more about each other’s life and what each tribe believed to be true. Both Cane and Hannah accepted who each other were personally and learned that each tribe could coexist together in the same place. While learning more and more about each other, Cane and Hannah both started to learn how to act and be like both tribes. Then one day, Hannah had the idea to share these new findings with each of the tribe members from both tribes. Cane and Hannah both returned to their tribes and explained their findings. Though most people understood and followed these teachings, a lot of people still followed the elders’ beliefs. Because of Cane and Hannah’s teachings and actions, the elders believed that the world would come to an end. Instead of accepting the proven truth, the elders from each tribe banished Cane and Hannah from their tribes and were told never to return again. When Hannah and Cane met that night to the place where they had always met, they decided to create their own tribe. This tribe would accept both the Brashi and the Coshi beliefs.

While the building of the tribe first took place, only a small amount of believers came into the tribe and the “great six” was invented. In the beginning there were only a few followers who came to the newly established tribe. This was because many still feared that the world would cease to exist when this tribe was established. When the elaborate traditions of both tribes came together, nothing of the sort happened. A few months later, many people from each tribe came into this new tribe. For this tribe to really exist, some rules of knowledge had to come into the lifestyle of each person living there. Discipline, respect, tradition, expression, entertainment, and enjoyment became the six rules everyone in the village lived by. These were known as the “great six”. Every person in the tribe had to follow these set rules to fully understand and truly accept each other. This is how the tribe came to having a solid base of understanding and acceptance of each of the two tribes’ beliefs.

As the tribe grew and grew, Cane and Hannah fell in love, were married, and became the tribal leaders. They started the tribe where the cane and soil of the Coshi met with the bay and sky of the Brashi. When the “great six” were put into action, the strength of the tribe only grew more massive. Not only did the people of this tribe learn to accept each other, they learned to think for themselves and show action onto their beliefs. Together Cane and Hannah made the most powerful tribe in the area now called the Cane Bay Cobras.

© 2012 Hiddenvoice0904

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