Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Hikaru01

I was never able to understand why the monsters had attacked my family. We had lived peaceful lives and never did anything to provoke them. My mother was an apprentice healer and did nothing but help the injured and the sick and my father was one of the most well known bankers in the whole of Dark Run. My mother and her brother never really seemed to like each other much; it was only the occasional moment when the two would talk and even then it would only be a short conversation.

Both of my parents had disapproved of my uncles exciting lifestyle and often told him to settle down and get married. But my uncle never cared for their life, never cared for the quiet lifestyle. Any time I was around my uncle he had always seemed to be distracted, it was as if he was  concentrating on something we knew nothing about.

Ryan - my uncle - never did change over the years. He would go to work during the days as a protector for someone who was rich, powerful and really important. When he came home at night he would rush up the stairs to his room, come down stairs with a bag full of who knows what and would leave saying nothing but a simple goodbye. I never knew what was in the bag but I could hear the clanking of metal scraping metal and on some occasions even the sound of glass. When I turned thirteen I started seeing things other people couldn't, the only problem was I started seeing things that shouldn't exist.

 These creatures had started appearing on a Saturday and by the time Monday came around I was scared. When I had told one of my teachers about how I started seeing things that shouldn't exist they had told me that I was growing and so were my abilities. Knowing that I had a new ability meant I was able to accomplish more than I ever had and with that in mind I went to my class and thought about what I would be able to do at home now. 

Ryan continued to go out at night and so I started exploring the house once again; I would usually wait until Ryan left before I started looking, after all I didn't want to get caught; especially if I did find something that I wasn't supposed to. So much time had passed since I started exploring again and even with my abillity it seemed every room in the house was normal, nothing odd or suspicious about any of them but that never stopped me from exploring every corner of the place. 

To be exact, three years had passed since I had started exploring the house again and I still hadn't found anything. Tonight was another failure and after giving up on my search of Ryan's house I went to my room. 

Allie's Room ! 

The sign written in messy handwriting is hung on my door. My room was simple; not too big, but not too small. It had a built in cupboard which was full of clothes and two windows.  In the corner next to one of the windows was my singled bed and all around the room posters were hanging on the walls. The posters were of those thrilling lives; performers, duelists, protectors; you name it. 

I was constantly clinging to a fantasy where I could be carefree and have no problems, a perfect life. Feeling defeated after another unsuccessful search I dragged my feet across the wooden floors and fell onto my bed. I turned to look out my window and saw the stars shining brightly against the black sky. My birthday was tomorrow  which meant six years had passed since the monsters invaded my house and murdered my parents, six years since I started living with Ryan.

"Six years."

I was still in disbelief. It had been six years since my parents were murdered and the protectors still haven't found the monster who committed the crime. My family's case was now cold with all witnesses forgetting vital information and with the evidence leading to nowhere there wasn't much they could do. I couldn't be bothered going for a bath tonight, instead I slowly dawdled downstairs and into the kitchen. I made myself a sandwich and climbed back upstairs to my room and slid into bed; not bothering to change from my day clothes to my night clothes. Instead I just let sleep take over, hoping I wouldn't have a nightmare about that day.

' You're next little girl! '

A deep voice echoed around the room; I looked around for any means of escape; a door, a window or even an air vent but there was nothing. I was standing in a dark room and I could see no more than a meter in front of me. I started sweating and breathing fast, feeling scared. When I turned around again there were a set of bright yellow eyes looking at me and a figure was getting closer.

I started to walk backwards hoping to get away from the thing but I tripped and fell straight on the floor. It took a while but my eyes had finally adjusted and I finally got a good look at what I had tripped over, it was my parents dead bodies; but this time it wasn't just my parents. My uncle Ryan was there as well and then I realized I was all alone with no one to help me, no one to save me, no one to cry out to.

' S- stay away! Stay away f-from m-me!" 

By stuttering I was showing that I was weak and I knew that I wasn't, but facing a monster was too much for me even with my abilities. The creature continued slowly walking towards me, as if to taunt me. I could make out some features clearly now; it had those bright yellow eyes with no pupils, pitch black hair and it was holding a blade which was dripping with blood. The blade was a katana, but it was not like the regular katana's I had seen at school, this blade had runes carved into the steel and it seemed ancient. 

I had wasted too much time examining the katana that I forgot that I was supposed to be running and before I knew it the monster had reached me. My instinct told me to walk backwards and at this moment i decided to listen to it and before I knew it I felt my back press up against a wall and it was at that point that I could see I had nowhere to run. The monsters arm had stretched out and it's hand wrapped around my throat, it was strangling me and I was about to die.

I woke up screaming and about a minute later I noticed my forehead was dripping with sweat. Once I woke up properly I started to adjust my breathing, telling myself to be calm. It was another nightmare, for six years I've had the same recurring nightmare the only difference is that in my previous dreams I had Ryan to help me. But this one was different, I couldn't figure out why but it was scarier than my previous nightmares. This was not how I wanted to wake up on my sixteenth birthday.

I untangled myself from my blankets and walked across the hall to the bathroom. When I reached the sink, I turned the faucet and let the bowl fill up with cold water. It was just what I needed to wake up properly; I had school today so after I had washed my face I went back to my room grabbed out my black shorts and the schools signature blue shirt then changed into my uniform. With today being my sixteenth birthday I was supposed to get a new ability and I was anxious to find out what it was.

Knowing Ryan he would either be at work getting ready to protect someone or he was up in his room asleep. I knew he wouldn't remember my birthday, for the past six years I have grown to realise that Ryan didn't bother remembering much and so I came to expect nothing from him. That's why when I  was at the bottom of the stairs and could smell something cooking I became very cautious. I carefully turned the corner to enter the kitchen and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Ryan was cooking breakfast.

© 2013 Hikaru01

Author's Note

Well here is the next part of hunter. Enjoy

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wow that was long you love to wright dont you cool story btw

Posted 8 Years Ago

First off, super cool story. I love how your character gets abilities as he/she grows, and I love the mystery behind uncle Ryan and the way he's constantly coming home all bloodied and battered. It really gets me curious about what's really going on. The name is "Hunter," so I'm thinking that he's a really kick-butt monster hunter.

I was thinking, it seems like it would be cool if you came up with some words that help define your world. For example, words like "monsters" and "abilities" could be replaced with something totally unique to your world like "nightmares" and "proficiencies" or something.

I would highly encourage you to treat what you have here as a really good outline, then go back through and write in a lot more detail, explaining the events in the story through the perspective of the main character as he (or she?) lives them. The way it's currently written, it feels more like a history lesson. Readers are really going to love the story you've dreamed up, but they're going to want to get into the main character's head.

Speaking of which... who is the main character? I mean, I never saw a name, gender, description, or anything. Did I miss it when I was reading? I'm ADHD, so it seems possible that I did ;-P

Anyway, I really like the story and I think it's going to get even cooler as you start to get into some of the action sequences as the main character goes through training and eventually becomes a mighty hunter!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Well i'm glad it has gotten you curious, that was the point of it. The main character is Allie, the.. read more
Cooking breakfast?! D8 XD dont burn down the kitchen XD nice write! ^^

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Oh yeah and the next chapter of instint is nearly finnished but my tablet wont paste so i gotta get .. read more

8 Years Ago

(Oops, instinct not instint :P)

8 Years Ago

haha well i can't wait :D

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Well there isn't much to tell about myself.Firstly I am a girl. I enjoy reading, drawing, writing stories and hanging out with all my friends. I'm the eldest sibling. I love to read because it allows.. more..


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