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I looked up at the clock that was mounted on the white brick wall to see that it was only 12:32; giving a sigh of defeat I turned back to the task at hand. Time had been passing slowly recently and it was starting to get annoying; I looked down at the paper sitting in front of me on my desk and looked at the question that was printed in black ink.


What is your goal after you finish high school?


I have so many ideas running around in my head but not one of them can help me answer this question, at least not to the extent that I want. Glancing around I could see the other students were answering the question with a great passion; all students except Winter. Her long blonde hair was covering most of her face but I could still see that she was having as much trouble answering the question as I was.


What I want to know is why we have to answer a stupid question like this, honestly, although some people know what their goal for life after school it doesn't mean all of us do. Taking a chance I glanced back up at the clock to see that 12 minutes had passed, it was only 12:44; once again I glanced back at the question that was waiting to be answered. I close my eyes and try to concentrate, hoping that I will be able to think of an answer, but I am unable to do so; instead I can only hear pencils scratching across paper and the ticking of the clock.


Why couldn't we practice our magic today? The bell would ring soon and then I would be able to talk to Winter and leave this retched class.


© 2013 Hikaru01

Author's Note

Well another story written in another moment of boredom.

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This was great. Love the attitude, it was refreshingly light without being so dark and hateful. A fun read.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Coolies! ^^ as always hikaru

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Well there isn't much to tell about myself.Firstly I am a girl. I enjoy reading, drawing, writing stories and hanging out with all my friends. I'm the eldest sibling. I love to read because it allows.. more..

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