No Sticks No Stones

No Sticks No Stones

A Story by Dixie Jones

Bulling Not an accepted word

This is for my Best Friends Teagan and Landon ... I was picked on because i was a considered a s**t, b***h, fake, trouble maker , attention w***e, most of all. weird and strange. All because my name was Dixie and i had 2 boyfriends in the past, back to back. But then i grew to like my self, ignore what happened everyday. As soon as this proceeded i was told i was too preppy, nice, and pretty.. No matter how i acted or what i did, i was hated on. I had one friend named Landon. Landon really shy, i never knew why but always was. I deiced one day to introduce my self, become friends with him. He took me in quickly, we where good friends before i even realized it. But one day he finally told me about him, which was very rare. He explained that he was gay, and he had no one to go to but me now. I couldn't respond to his sexuality bad, because i didn't  care. He was a human being right? So i ignored it. After a while everyone stopped teasing him. We where best friends by this time, always sticking up for each other. about 10th grade a girl named Teagan moved to our school. She was Irish and Spanish, making her accent unique . So every single day she was picked on. But me and Landon stepped in and took her as a friend, since then her, landon, and i where happy day to day. But then Teagan got a boyfriend. She was happy for a long time. But then her boyfriend asked her for a nude. she did it, not even thinking, and before she knew it, he had sent it to everyone in out school. She was soon called a s**t and a w***e but everyone but me an Landon. We all stayed friends, ignoring the hate and rumors. But, it all got so bad for Teagan she basically snapped, on everyone even me and Landon. She began to cut herself, on her wrists, her hips, and some times her stomach. She blocked Landon and i out from her life for a while, keeping quiet, but one day she suddenly opened up. She showed us the scars and burst out crying. Landon and i both had no words. Buy the end of grade 11, her story began to spread around. People finally gave her sympathy and space. Landon, Teegan, and I where finally good friends with no troubles by grade 12. Landon was still gay, Teegan still had the scars, but out friendship stayed the same. I pray for all of you out there being bullied and such. Like my friends and I matching tattoos says, STAY STONG,  BEAUTIFUL, AND TRUE. 
My two friends and i have or tattoos on out left hand on the inside of out fingers saying: Stay(index finger), strong (on middle finger) , beautiful on (ring finger), and true on the last (pinkey)

© 2012 Dixie Jones

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Author's Note

Dixie Jones
Ignore grammar problems, what do you think of the story?
I have no pictures of our hands, sorry. We just got the tattoos.

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Added on December 5, 2012
Last Updated on December 5, 2012
Tags: cuts, scars, bullying, harsh, teens, young, high school, best friends, gay, Irish, Spanish