Relief at Last

Relief at Last

A Story by Kathryn Elizabeth

The story of a heart-broken girl searching for relief.


Breathing had become a challenge. It was as if her heart was physically shattering into a thousand pieces. She had never thought that a few choice words could bring her world crashing down upon her, crushing her slowly and painfully as if torturing her.


Kate wanted desperately to believe that it was all just a dream, a sick, cruel conconction of her imagination. Her brain refused to accept this harsh reality. Even though it felt like a nightmare, deep down inside she knew she couldn't hide the fact that it was really true.


"Kate... Did you hear me?"




"It's Victor, he's dead. Motorcycles just can't withstand the impact from a semi-truck, and neither could he. Just be thankful that it was over quickly."


She looked at him in utter disgust. Of all people, she thought that Jake would understand. He was Victor's brother! "Thankful? You expect me to be thankful that the love of my life is dead? I didn't even get to say goodbye, and you want me to be thankful!?"


She gathered what little strength and sanity she had left not to strike him and instead to walk away. Away from the cold hospital waiting room that brought nothing but bad news.




The terrible memory that haunted her waking and sleeping state had returned once again. The memory that was responsable for countless weeks of crying herself to sleep, the healing scars that covered most of her wrists, and not to mention the completely shattered heart that resided in her chest; begging to stop its beat.


Once again, as many times before, she found herself weakly reaching for the sharp object that lay upon her dresser. It was a pure silver dagger, etched with beautiful designs and engraved with the words, "May whomever this blade strikes feel the fury of the one who couldn't be present to inflict the pain himself." Victor had given her the blade as a form of protection when he went away on business. It would have seemed more sensible to give her a pistol, but for her, it was the thought that counted.


She felt almost guilty as the blade entered her fragile skin, as she knew Victor would be ashamed if he knew the purpose of his dagger now. She sighed in painful relief as physical pain took over the emotional pain. She slowly moved the dagger up her arm, not caring as she hit a sensitive artery. Blood began to pour out of her arm, and she couldn't help but smile. After months of pain and suffering, she would be sure that today that would end. She made no attempt to stop the bleeding as she fell back onto the bed, waiting for blood loss to sweep her spirit away from this place.


As the pool of crimson began to surround her failing body, she whispered her last words, "My love, I'll be with you soon..." She smiled weakly as her eyes closed for the final time, never to reopen with the force of life. After suffering for so long, it seemed she found relief at last.

© 2011 Kathryn Elizabeth

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I find this story very interesting. We often hear of people that killed themselves in one way or another, but I always wonder what they were thinking.
Having been able to speak and interact with people that are or have been suicidal, I draw an interesting perspective to this. This story is what follows the "what if?" query.
I know people that have attempted or have relatives that succeeded in suicide. That thought right before the action is ironically of hope. This story does a nice job of espressing the woman's numbness that she has grown used to and even sought after.
You're good at hitting the mark when it comes to giving the audience an understanding or something to mull over for a little while.

Posted 12 Years Ago

A reallly good write...
pain takes an impact on everyone diffrently and for her , pain makes the emotionall pain numb itself
*sigh* I know someone who does this to themselves , begging them to stop doesn't do anything
but add another slice on their wrist

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Kathryn Elizabeth
Kathryn Elizabeth


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