The Strongest Man

The Strongest Man

A Poem by Hiroshi Masters

This poem is about building your self-confidence and learning to be strong or being brave.

The Strongest Man

I am not weak
You will not bring me down
I am the strongest man
Your words won't kill me,

I am not going down
The last man stand alone
The strongest man alive,
I survived all pain

You think I'm already gone
After all your words hurt me,
You want me vanished
Your words never degrade me

You think It's the last of me
Don't ever mistreat me,
Because you'll regret it
I am strongest man on earth

You see the best of me,
Go ahead keep the laugh
In time you'll see me up there
I keep my head held high,

Keep that in your mind
You won't see the last of me
I have stronger bones
Like a big strong concrete

That can crush you down,
Make you feel the earthquake
You will feel the power of me
The man who can make it,

I can break key chains
The metal steels in my arms
I am the strongest man alive
I'll show you what I got!

© 2015 Hiroshi Masters

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Hi Hiroshi Masters,

I just joined recently and your poem will be the first I critique. I also read the other critiques that some have left you and I have to agree with wordman, it is very inspirational and you do have a good message in your poem however, i did find your poem lacking. And the main reason why I found it lacking was because you offered no concrete imagery for your readers.
If you ever decide to edit your poem here are some questions/guidelines I hope may help you"
What id strength and weakness to the author. Personal experiences where you have felt weak or strong? Write down and explain those experiences, memories, dreams, ect.
Again your poem is very inspirational but it left me, as the reader, wondering what you were talking about. And it was very hard to relate to your persona with these questions in mind.
I hope you find my critique helpful and keep writing!
June Reynard

Posted 3 Years Ago

Enjoyed reading.
Very inspirational and meaningful poem.
An unbreakable will, integrity,
steadfast no matter what, mighty.
no veering to the left
or to the right, focused.
I am not going down
The last man stand alone
The strongest man alive,
I survived all pain."
Good theme, well written and expressed.

Posted 3 Years Ago

standing strong,a great message here

Posted 4 Years Ago

Strength from within, a will to succeed and belief can go a long way in life. Keep believing and you will overcome any obstacle. Great words Hiroshi.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Hiroshi Masters

4 Years Ago

Thank you for taking your time to read :)
This write was very uplifting. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Hiroshi Masters

4 Years Ago

Thank you for reading! :)

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5 Reviews
Added on September 22, 2015
Last Updated on September 29, 2015
Tags: Stronger, man, inspiration, high spirit, empowerment


Hiroshi Masters
Hiroshi Masters

Bulacan, Philippines

I love writing and telling stories. Because you can express yourself and let people think about what you write and maybe inspired them. It's what I wanted to do, I started writing little Journals in m.. more..


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