Dad I Miss You

Dad I Miss You

A Poem by Hiroshi Masters

Written By: Hiroshi Masters
Dedicated to: Yohim Masters

Dad I miss You

I still remember you dad,
You made me smile all day
I can't believe you're gone,
My mind can't think at all

Dad I miss you
Many nights I still see you
Memory flashes in my eyes
Your picture can't be faded,

I know your in pain,
And I hate to see you suffering,
Seeing you lying down
Needles pierced on your skin,

Always telling me, "I'm alright"
But I can't complain to you
For we still loved you,
I know we can't leave each other

I can hear your heart beating
But I can't hear you speak,
I'm crying to see you
Just one last time,

I know you're scared,
When you didn't respond
I see one teardrop fall,
I think you can hear me and mom.

I wish I could suffer
Take all of the pain from you,
I know you can fight it,
Dad please don't go,

I promise a gift to you
To meet my brothers and sisters
Reunite as one big family,
My promise has been broken,

Sorry for all the arguments
I know you forgiven me all that,
We've talked about that
When I wouldn't leave you,

You taught me how to drive,
And show me the colors of life
You made beautiful paper airplanes,
You even taught me ping-pong

You showed me love,
You don't have that same love
That your father gave you,
That story you told me,

I know you don't want me to cry
And said "Everything's alright"
But I know you'll always love me
That haunt me until now,

You wanted to see me soar
Not see me down below
I know you love me,
Not only me but our family.

I know we weren't close in my teens
We were always bickering
But i realized you loved me
I know you still forgive my mistakes,

I said i would get a second job
I know you want me to stay
People think I'm immature,
I just wanna take care of you,

Ever since you moved away
When I'm alone,
I remember i hated my first job,
I cried in the phone to you and mom

I know you smoke and drink,
You didn't know it's bad for you,
I know you promise me you'll stop
Like that pinky promise since I was 10,

It was hard to let go
I felt a concrete on my chest
I'm crying right now
But I know you want me strong,

All the sacrifices we made
5 times going to hospital in a year,
I know you hate the pain
Putting a gas mask in your mouth,

That very day January 11,
When i hold your hands
It felt so warm and I'm crying
I didn't know it was your time,

Dad I miss you,
When I see you fight
But you gave up that night,
But when I stayed there for you,

Your heart stops beating
I see two nurses stand near you,
My nightmare comes true
When the monitor was shut down,

When I stood there and felt angry
I can't blame anyone else,
But deep down I'm weak,
I know I will be stronger,

I can't sleep for one night,
For you still in my heart
I can't breathe anymore
I realize life without you,

So dad I promise to see you
I will see you again,
But to remember i will never leave you
I know your proud of me,

People say I'm a spoiled child
I never ask for money,
Because you put 5 dollars,
Under my pillow sheet.

You helped my mom sister's
Nobody understands why,
Because it wasn't about riches
You want them to complete school.

They even thanked you
For giving them the life
Even though we had ups and downs
I still see the soft side of you,

I remember you hugged me,
And cried in front of me
You said , "I love you"
I wish I hugged you one more time.

Dad I still miss you,
Just one more day
I wish you could see me grow up
Achieved my dreams as a writer.

I know you loved me
I will always love you
No one can beat us down
Cause our love can't break.

Dad I love you so much. I'm sorry,
I know you forgive me
We had good and bad days,
I will remember all the good deeds.

Dad I miss You!

© 2016 Hiroshi Masters

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What a deep and passionate poem it has so much rythm and soul in it is beautiful and well written thank you for sharing such a write to us fellow writters it's always hard to lose a parent I'm sorry for your loss
-- RFR

Posted 3 Years Ago

wow. that is amazing. is their a specific thing that made you angry that your dad did that might have added a fire to this?

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on January 19, 2016
Last Updated on January 19, 2016


Hiroshi Masters
Hiroshi Masters

Bulacan, Philippines

I love writing and telling stories. Because you can express yourself and let people think about what you write and maybe inspired them. It's what I wanted to do, I started writing little Journals in m.. more..