A Letter To My Child

A Letter To My Child

A Poem by Hiroshi Masters

A Letter To My Child

I may go thru hard times in life,
I wanted you to know my story
I was searching for answers,
Not that many will seek.

I used to see my parents fight,
A place where I was scared,
Afraid that I may choose that life,
I never believed in true love.

Life became senseless and blurry
No hope and no purpose,
All the hardships I go thru in life
I never want you go the same way.

I was having a hard day
My parents would be broken
Yet I lived my own world,
Not that many will understand.

We never had family reunions
As the days have come passed by,
I try to prevent my tears falling
Hopefully, I'll make a better life.

If I ever hold your hand
To tell you how important to me
You mean the world so much,
I love you my future child.

Yet those years I suffered,
My heart was used to be cold,
Not wanting anyone in my life
A place where I was over protected.

You will understand it's difficult
Remember to always put a smile,
On your beautiful face every day,
To show you're always stronger.

Life won't be an easy task
Above all the obstacles I faced,
You'll always stay strong in my eyes
You'll always be strongest one.

Those years I wondered
How will I mend back the pieces
After those fights and tortures,
There's no way I would go back.

If I ever fallen in love
I won't break my child's heart,
A place where I was broken
A new life I had to start over again.

I collected all those broken pieces
Yet to start a new story again,
A sense of hope and faith
I will no longer feel the hurt.

© Copyright Hiroshi R Masters

© 2016 Hiroshi Masters

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Added on September 18, 2016
Last Updated on September 18, 2016


Hiroshi Masters
Hiroshi Masters

Bulacan, Philippines

I love writing and telling stories. Because you can express yourself and let people think about what you write and maybe inspired them. It's what I wanted to do, I started writing little Journals in m.. more..