A Poem by Yehoshua

She was a baby last time anyone
Had ever saw her living in the dump
And she left a beauty's corpse when she was done
Life like as could have been but for the bump
Dofor the God without a knowable name
Has begun to call her his own the tiny foundling
So bright so calm and teasingly the same
For the fake tear now and again just rebounding
She blows her nose in her palm then licks it in
But she is good growing faster than she wants
Some thing there tells her of her life in sin
But like a four year old it is joy she flaunts
And who could not love such a little China doll
She gives to all who hold her in their arms
As they laugh at the fictions she makes up till the ravens call
And threaten to steel her soul and eye her charms
That is all Dofor saw when she did what she did down there
Where earth looks a lot more like hell and she was part
With same child's countenance and hair
Dofor could not actually see but would feel her heart
As it shone beneath the rubble and that awful dung
She cursed as she left for her life as a criminal
But no one ever cried like that she sung
But once off guard by some thing subliminal
In innocence to that horrible thing changed back
Was there a way? what road? what other's track?
Seeing his creation my mind broke up in shards
And every little piece became a mind
A matrix of cards with every mind all cards
In need of a control seeing not blind
And chosen by the Gods have become him on top
Of the broken pieces of pottery that fell
Some parts are insane by themselves and stop
And new parts are added so that they can fit and gel,
Some pieces are fine the way they were at first
But others must be changed a little or lots
Some good some bad some crazy and some the worst
Some with more than one in them some tiny tots
But all under my control so that as a whole
We are one porcelain pot that holds water tight
There will be no cracks or chinks that take their tole
Cause the pot to break or make an awful sight
I do anything but more can do it all
Once finish it would be the greatest work of all!

© 2019 Yehoshua

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Speaking of the universe I made.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on December 4, 2019
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Bemidji, MN

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A Story by Yehoshua