A Chapter by Holly-Anne

Chapter 2: Attention Unwanted?


“Yes? Can I help you?” The same stern voice enquired. The origin of the voice stood by a chalkboard at the end of a large, old-fashioned classroom.

He had black hair woven with grey and a harsh, lined face. He was about 5’7 and his stance indicated that he was not to be messed with.

“I am Astro Huntsdale. I just transferred today.” Astro spoke calmly although her heart was dancing frantically in her chest.

Why is it that I can face death without batting an eyelid, but when it comes to teachers and kids my own age, I go into cardiac arrest?

“You are late.”

“Yes Sir, I am sorry.”

“Indeed. Please go to the seat located at the back of the classroom. I trust you have bought necessary equipment for the lesson?”

“Yes Sir, I am well equipped.” Well equipped my a*s. I’ve got a pen and a notebook.

With that, Astro faced her new class and started forward to her designated seat. She could feel at least twenty pairs of eyes burning holes into her skin. S**t, this is uncomfortable.

Just as she passed the front of the first desk, a slender leg with an expensive shoe attached shot out to trip her.

Of course Astro saw the foot coming. A lot more speed would have to be used to catch her even slightly off guard. She could have easily jumped it. Hell, even if she had tripped, she could have still landed, graceful as a cat on both feet. She was ready to jump when she remembered the terms to her stepbrother’s challenge, “No freaky reflexes " you have to act like a normal human for once.”

I’m going to have to fall flat on my a*s, aren’t I? Geez…



“What a LOSER!”

“Oh my God, who the hell is SHE?”

Deep breath Astro. If you lose your temper now, you’ve lost. Deep breaths.

Astro slowly stood up. She glanced at the teacher first who was busy rummaging in one of his desk drawers, hiding his smirk.

Then she looked at the foot that had tripped her. Eyes flicking from foot to face, Astro stared at the person responsible for making her the laughing stock of the class in three minutes flat.

It was a beautiful girl. With straight, shining blonde hair, rich chestnut coloured eyes and a tan worthy of a Sun Goddess, she looked like she had just stepped out of a glossy magazine. Her mouth was just red and pouty enough to possibly belong to a cherub.


It wasn’t even a word yet it was enough to make Astro wish she could indent her fist in the beautiful head.

But, no. Astro shelved her pride and continued up the aisle as if nothing had happened. Every now and then, she heard snatches of conversation-

“What kind of name is Astro?”

“I dunno. But look at her. She doesn’t suit such an outrageous name!”

“Who does she think she is, coming here?”

“Urgh, look at her hair.”

“Look at her face!”

“Nice One!”

Astro gritted her teeth. She was nearly at her seat when she noticed someone sitting at a desk by the window at the far end of the large room.

Alec. So he’s in my class. Wait. So are Ben, Rex and Kane? Uncle pulled a few strings, thank God.

Finally she reached her desk. She took her bag from her shoulder and placed it on the desk. Whilst sitting down, Astro pulled out her plain black pencil case and economy notebook. Putting her bag on the floor next to her chair, she looked around the classroom again. With its Victorian décor, it looked like it had been taken straight from the past.

A movement in her peripheral vision grabbed her attention. It was Alec discreetly rubbing his hair with his whole hand.

Five fingers. That desperate to speak to me, are you?


“God girl, make a scene as soon as you enter the classroom why don’t you.”

“Haha sorry Alec. But it was that b***h’s fault! She tried to trip me on purpose. You know as well as anyone that I could have skipped over it in my sleep. Ash said I wasn’t allowed to.”

Astro was currently on the roof. In front of her stood four boys all dressed in the customary, expensive uniforms. Three of them were about six foot whilst the last was barely taller than Astro herself. Each looked as different as the next but were all definitions of “hot”. Astro was used to this, having been around them for at least four years, but it still surprised her sometimes.

Right now however, all four were looking at her with mild disapproval in their eyes.

“Yeah we know, but you drew attention to yourself in the first five minutes!” Rex chipped in.

“Look, it was either fall and have a few people laugh at me or take a running leap over it and be branded a freak anyway.”

“Guuuuuys " leave her alone! Besides, something was bound to happen with her looking like that!” Ben had come up next to her and flung his arms around her neck, nearly yanking her long plaits out in the process. With him being so small, Astro took advantage of the closeness of his head to take a quick swipe at it. Ben danced out of the way, auburn hair flapping over his unusual golden eyes.

“Tut tut tut, Ace! I’m only sticking up for you.” He chanted, skipping back to the other boys.

“Grrrr” Astro growled.

“Both of you stop. We need to get back. You!” Alec pointed at Astro who jumped in surprise. “You need to stay out of trouble. The agreement says that you can’t be yourself until the last of us turns seventeen, which incidentally, happens to be Ben.”

Astro looked mournfully at Kane.

“Don’t give me those puppy eyes, Ace. They look scary with glasses in front of them. You know I can’t do anything about the situation.” He said.

Kane, with his hair like dark chocolate and eyes the colour of the Mediterranean ocean, was often told he looked like Astro. Or rather the other way around as he was the eldest in their circle. Because of this, Kane was like a big brother to all of them, although he was perhaps closest with Astro.

“I know Kane.” Astro spoke quietly.

The four boys then walked past her and headed towards the main part of the school. As they passed, they each gave an action to symbol affection for Astro.

Ben hugged her again. Damn he’s cute. Although sometimes I do wish I could kill him. Alec and Rex nudged either side of her. Astro was still amazed that two completely different looking people could act utterly the same.

Alec was as dark as Rex was pale. With his chalky demeanour, honey blond hair and grey eyes, Rex could pass as a vampire with funny coloured hair whereas Alec would never be associated with such a creature. Instead, he was more likely to be mistaken as an African God.

Weirdos. Astro giggled inside her head.

Last came Kane. He stood in front of her and gently touched her cheek with the back of his large hand.

He then silently left after the others, leaving Astro alone on the roof, blushing furiously and fingers touching her burning cheek. Her expression was awed for a second or two.

That surprised me.

Astro walked to the edge of the roof and leaned over the iron barrier. A large grin stretched slowly across her face. 

© 2010 Holly-Anne

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Hiya I'm Holly-Anne (anne pronounced anna)! I like writing but I probably prefer reading. I'm not really sure what else to say but when I do, I'll update :D more..

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A Chapter by Holly-Anne