Life goes on..(Burying my father)

Life goes on..(Burying my father)

A Poem by Gee

Life carries on regardless.

I watched them as they stared,
wondered as to their thoughts as they read the floral tributes
that leaned against his casket.
I had been them on many occassions,
sometimes shedding tears, thanking God it wasn't me.
But today it was, it was me, it was my turn to grieve,
to watch life continue whilst mine, briefly paused,
was put on hold until the ceremony, fuss, over.

As we inched forward in the busy, mid morning traffic,
an elderly couple noticing our cavalcade stopped,
turned to face us, and as one bowed their heads,
standing stock still, respectful,
carrying on about their business only once we passed by.
Different the four young lads, 2 generations on,
they pointed, flicked v signs
whilst laughing and joking amongst themselves,
no thought, no shame, not an ounce of respect.

Looking away I caught the eye of a "mother dragged" toddler.
I smiled, he smiled back, stumbling as he did so,
this making him laugh.
He waved a bright, pastel coloured mitten my way,
this cutting through the drear of the day
as a sparkler does on a cold November night.
I waved back as they headed towards the rusted, wrought iron gates
that led into the children's play park.
Oh to be a child again...

Without warning, from nowhere,
Dad's voice filled my head, loud, clear,
reciting words he had written for the "young" me,
words that until now, thought only of as a simple, pleasant rhyme..

"The moon will cede to rising sun
night will follow day,
seasons change, tides ebb and flow
no matter, come what may.

These constants, never given thought
expected, ever there,
as parents are to innocence
to nurture, love and care."

It was then the tears came.
For the first time in my life I felt truly alone.

© 2019 Gee

Author's Note

Written from the viewpoint of a daughter watching the world pass by as she travels to bury her father.

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I have not attended any funerals, so I read your stark, realistic observations as if seeing such a scene for the first time. Even tho I love the way you crafted your title line, and there are expressions of grief thru-out, overall I'm catching more of an "observer" mode for this narrator. It could be any gender, but the narrator feels as if he/she is watching more than being involved in the scene, expressing sorrow mainly as an observation of what others look like. This is probably how I would be at a funeral, too - detached (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Thanks Margie. I attempted to write this from the viewpoint of the daughter watching the world pass.. read more
Burial funerals are always the saddest to attend; standing around the open grave in itself is traumatic.
You have captured the atmosphere well , the youngsters unaffected not knowing yet the finality of death and the child on his way to play just wanting to be happy.
For myself i have never managed to shed tears at a funeral, mine always come later... sometimes much later.

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Thanks Stella.
I've only ever been to a handful of funerals which is just as well really beca.. read more
Stella Armour

6 Months Ago

Well, i worked in care of the elderly for years and i suppose i got used to death after the first fe.. read more
Sad cavalcade of a poem that gets you on the reveal as we realise this id someone following a hearse. Flowing and sensitive and full of detailed everyday observations. Told is a voice filled with empathy. A couple of small snags perhaps:

First stanza 'sat twice in three lines?
trespassers that had been caught handed [red-handed?]

Second stanza a comma needed after 'as one'

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Thank you John. All and any help gratefully received. Cheers

6 Months Ago

Have tinkered with, hopefully reads a wee bit better now.
John Alexander McFadyen

6 Months Ago

Reads well Gee. They were tiny snags.

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