Freshman at High School

Freshman at High School

A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo

Olivia in now a freshman and starting her ways that will change and shape her to her unkown.Olivia Chapter 3


After her years in middle school Olivia was finally a freshman at high school.She had developed her body to be lean,skin white as seafoam in fog and her eyes weere no longer squinty.Her hair now went to her bra line,glad to have bloomed curvy and plump breasts without surgery.Olivia also had a groth spert,no longer looking eleven height wise but tall and elegant.


But she wasn't successful,Olivia still felt disatisfied.Her nails have not grown out as she hoped and she could still feel her body wieght,she could still see the meat on her bones,she could not feel her rib cage or hip bones yet.


Olivia could not because her parents forced her to eat,she did not want to draw their attention to her,she ate with a smile during the family meals.Now though,she's no longer a kid needing protection and supervision,she was a teenager and can get more time alone to herself.


Olivia was painting nail growth polish when the bell rang,class dissmissed now to the next class which was english.She loved english and found herself feeling brillant with her grade.Olivia had successfully not eaten for over four months,even though she preferred flab than to be muscular she jogged three times everyday becuase she was held back at not eating.


As Olivia plops down in her seat,Alex the student sitting in front of her,turns around and sayd"Whew,you smell like you just came from one of those nail places!"Olivia makes a sneer and combacks to say"I would never go to one of those chain linked stores that sell fake things to make women fake!"Alex stays silent and turns around mumbling"Freak,i was just playin." Olivia's face scruntches up and she thinks to herself may he be cursed the rest of his life to be single and smell as repulsive as gasoline.


It's lunchtime but Olivia never knows what to do with herself since she shrugs off others.So Olivia wonders the school halls,observing everyone around her,how they dress,the laughing and the forced laughing,the way the girls say like in every other sentence.Olivia often looks at the other girls to compare herself to them and doubles check knowing that no other girl can be as exsqisite and a piece of walking artwork like herself.


She goes to the bathroom mirror to check if she can see the bones jutting out from beneath the skin of her figure.Whenever Olivia walks in the girls bathroom everyone leaves,looking her up and down with amazed or confused expressions,amking her feel like a high and mighty ice queen that came from a snow paradise that had jagged cliffs and pilled with pure white snow.


As Olivia makes a run to her locker to make sure she has everything she needs,she passes a group of boys.They always seem to blend in but not fit,they are always in the same spot near her locker and same amount of guys.They have a nice keen fashion sense,a different outfit each time.When she passes the tallest and lanky guy tunrs and watch here everytime.Usually she doesn't make eye contact but this time she turns her head fully and looks directly into his eyes,his eyes loolike a black abyss with white surrounding them.Olivia turns her head away quickly and hurries away from her locker.


It's the end of the school day and Olivia is home now busy surfing the internet as she always does when she relaxes.One thing she does  every time she gets on the computer is instant message him.

© 2010 HoneyHoneyMomo

Author's Note

ppl motivate me to finish typing my story on hereT^T

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Added on November 16, 2010
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A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo