After Class

After Class

A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo

The classes have ended and she's doing her daily vice president errands.Chapter 1



Tik toc click clop The sounds of her heels make as she's walking down the hall to class

A-2 to turn in the festival papers.All signed and ready they were,Ayuna made sure of that,the earlier the arrangement and signed papers got turned in the easier it'll be to have the festival,Ayuna thought.Happy to be so determined,she would never trust anyone else with this job.


Once Ayuna returned to the classroom where her bag was,she saw a guy standing looking out the window,he glanced over at her with a sly smile.He was tall and well built,unlike the short guys here,he also had pretty boy face,soft-looking just the right tone of color and bleached blonde hair,which actually looked good on him,instead of seeing all the guys with pitch black hair.he defiantly was not my type and seemed too full of himself,a boy that could never know how to live in the real world.



She entered the classroom fast paced,and completely oblivious that he was there,he became baffled with mouth agape but quickly put his facade back on and rustled hoping she will here.She glanced up with an expression of caring less if he was there or not.Damn! How am i supposed to win the bet with me friends if she won't even acknowledge me!Usually all the girls get so over excited and flock to me.He thought to himself.So he decided he'll just make chit chat with her to get started.


"Ayuna,right?"asking with smiling brightly.Then casually he walks to her while saying"Your in my class right?I've seen you around but your never one to socialize with any of my boys."


"What boys?You should focus more on school and your own gender than chasing skirts"she replied.


He gave her his melt the girls hearts smile,while thinking yep she's definitely has never had ANY pleasure,I'm so gonna win that car from Aoi!



S**t,i made eye contact and now he's trying to stack up a conversation,what the hell could he possibly want from me?Go back to your own world,I should probably teach him a lesson or too.Ayuna tried not to show she was irritated out of kindness and just nodded as he asked.She remembers him now,His name is Shuun Takaya.The Player guy in their class,not like some guys who are just friendly and popular.


She would act as he thought of her as,a shunned nerd but she knew how to work him.She'll repel him with all her might,it comes naturally to her.Okay I'll act innocent and smart mouthed....with a blunt expression"Did you train yourself to smile like that?I'm very busy and have no time for someone like you,please excuse me and goodbye.'She bows her head and exits the classroom.



What the f**k?What kind of girl is she?How was she raised?Shuun thought to himself alone in the classroom and dumbfounded.Ayuna's appearance is definitely different from the words spewing from her mouth.Long straight auburn hair usually half up in a bun or ponytail with long side bangs.She also needs to wear glasses and has the creamiest brown eyes you've ever seen.


From her appearance she looked like and easy target, the one where you can pull into an empty classroom and f**k.what a stupid bet,no biggie though just need to be more forceful with her.I'll come early tomorrow,knowing she has to set up for the lesson and festival duties,miss vie president is always busy and is a teachers pet,I'll just jump her and get it over with.Shuun grew a smug smile on his face and went on home.


© 2012 HoneyHoneyMomo

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I like the storyline and the personality of the characters. I must read more.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very good conversation and situation. I like this girl. She had control and know who she is. A very strong beginning to the story. I will read on.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Entertaining and cute!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo

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