Morning Duties

Morning Duties

A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo

Chapter 2 of New Experiences



As Ayuna was putting the papers on the teachers desk in the right orders she was thinking if i can get people to really focus then things will get done sooner and we'll have to and now worries.



Peeking from the classroom door out of sight from Ayuna,Shuun watched and said to himself"Just as i thought,early bird doing all the work,i must jump at this opportunity."Shuun slide the door open and ran in and as Ayuna turned around and said 'What?Shuun?Why-"Shuun grabbed her wrists and pressed his mouth against her,putting his body against her,hoping his weight will knock her to the ground making it easier to have sex with her.



Shocked beyond her mind Ayuna didn't even hear him near.So that's what he wanted?to play me too?I'm not cute and easy like those girls!but why me?Oh I've never thought of what to do in a situation like this!Then suddenly something clicked inside of Ayuna,she stopped fussing,Shuun noticed and backed away nervously,Ayuna's head was down,he couldn't see her face.


Ayuna reached for him and pulled him down by his neck to kiss her.Pulled him back away,put her finger to her lips and bit it,hand to hip and said"My My,do you think your a big bad boy?"in a slow lustrous voice.Ayuna then put her foot up on his chest and pushed him down to the floor.unbuttoned her shirt,bent over slowly and yanked of his pants with such strength that his belt broke,then she place herself to sit right atop of him.


She leaned forward,pursing her breasts together to pop out in his face saying"This is the real me,I'm more than you can ever handle and better than any girl in this school combined."


Slowly Ayuna tilted her glass down to the tip of her nose,and started moving her hips up and down to get Shuun aroused until fully erected and then...too much for Shuun?



Since when did she get so sexy?Every little detail about her,her aroma,her small but full pink pastel colored lips,the fair and even skin,the sexy poses,great breast size and her voice and luring,the way she can grind her hips on me,oh man whats going on?How can she do this?be so good?Why am i feeling so-Oh on!Did i just cum?in my pants!?That easy and fast!?


Shuun scurried to stand up and away from suddenly changed sexy Ayuna with his face flushed bright red,unable to speak,baffled,he bolted out of the classroom,confused unable to grasp what just happened to him.

© 2011 HoneyHoneyMomo

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I love it! She certainly took charge of the situation.

Posted 7 Years Ago

It was interesting, but the grammatical and spelling errors were rather distracting. Thanks for sharing!

Posted 13 Years Ago

A outstanding second chapter. A real woman can handle a foolish man. I like how you set-up the story. No weakness in this chapter. She made her point and the boy ran for cover. A excellent chapter.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Still funny! Love Ayuna!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Chapter by HoneyHoneyMomo

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