Heaven's Promise

Heaven's Promise

A Story by Honor'd

Lost senses and a supernal promise

He stood in silence with his eyes closed and his earbuds ensconced between the curvatures of his ears, allowing him to freely block all that perturbed him with a steady rhythm he couldn't hear. The earbuds buzzed ever so lightly in those ears of his, thumping along with the bass and drums. The wires flailed on top of his chest as he shook his head to a constant rhythm, mouthing the words to a song he barely knew. A smile grew on his face as his favorite part reached it's acme. The 57th second. The guitar rifted. The singer's voice changed pitch and the boy became one with the song, although he heard nothing. But he was still singing. With his mouth opening and closing with every word, and fingers contracting and moving quickly with every note of his air guitar, there was no sound in his head nor was there any coming out of his throat. His only solace were the earbuds nestled in his ears, playing music he desperately so wanted to hear.

He looked around. He was standing on a bridge. He couldn't tell where the grey skies ended and the deep seas began. Clouds swirled in a hue and cry of stormy, moist air above. Blue-grey waves swirled below, crashing into the rocky foundations of the bridge. Then the boy felt a presence. He didn't not hear it, he felt it. His head turned and his eyes searched. His eyes searched for a face he could barely see from afar. A girl strolled her way toward him. His hands balled into fists and he looked up to the sky. A droplet of water tickled the tip of his nose. The girl approached in silence. This time, when the boy peered over his shoulder, he saw something in the girl's grasp. She clutched a long stick, brimmed with red stripes at its end, where it briskly scanned the ground. She tapped the edge of the bridge and smiled, knowing exactly where to go since she had been there so many times. Then, she got so close that the stick tapped lightly against the boy's foot and the girl grinned once again. She mouthed something he couldn't hear but he understood nonetheless. She had said "hello". He greeted back, barely making an effort so it came out inaudible. A giggle built inside the girl's chest like a dam that restrained water, making her shoulders buckle. It erupted from her lips in a symphonic chime as she sniffled back tears that brimmed her eyes. But he didn't hear it. And she couldn't see the confusion that displayed itself on his face. 

As she calmed down, she slid the cane's strap around her elbow and rested her arms on his shoulders. He looked into her eyes, through the thick, musty glasses that rested upon the bridge of her nose. They were standing on a bridge like how her glasses were 'standing' on the bridge of her nose. He smiled sweetly. His arms embraced her waist and brought her closer. Her ear was cushioned by his chest and she listened for a heartbeat. She was his ears and he was her eyes. Then the pitiless rain fell without break all through the moment of quiet and the pavement teemed with shallow rivers until the wind whipped the sea below up into tempestuous waves. All its powers unleashed into a tumult of waves, roaring, smashing into the shore with unchecked fury, pounding against the bridge's support poles, swaying with might. The boy couldn't hear it and the girl could not see it. Drenched in rain water, the boy yanked her out of his grasp. Pale eyes shielded behind dark glasses searched into his own dark eyes. 

Then their lips smashed together like the waves on the shore in a beautiful frenzy. They knew each other then, as if their souls swapped places, as if they lived each others lives for that moment. They broke the kiss and he led her to the edge of the bridge. The boy grabbed her glasses and cane from her face and hand then threw it into the waters. It disappeared into the fathomless sea. The girl proceeded to search for the boy's ears and gently pulled out his earbuds, disconnecting it from his music player and throwing them over the bridge's rails. They spiraled into a grand wave. They deprived themselves of their only consolations. The only things that allowed them to "experience" the sense they lacked. Because they lacked a sense, they weren't able to truly communicate. But they told each other through their love that the place were they'd end up sooner or later would restore this lost sense. They will find it. And with that promise in their hearts, they climbed onto the slim rails of the bridge, supporting their bodies with each other's embrace.

Wind caressed their skin for the last time. Angry rain tapped their shoulders, beckoning them back onto solid ground, back onto the bridge where they once stood. They weren't going to turn back now. 

They leaped into a watery abyss. The jump lasted a second before they were forced to succumb to the mighty waves. The current dragged them far away as the sea pulled them down into its rocky bottom. They fought for breath that wasn't there and both died a welcomed death. The bruised skies that laid way above them will soon be in their grasp. Heaven promised them something and their senses will soon be restored forever.

© 2014 Honor'd

Author's Note

This was the first story I ever wrote, slightly taken from a dream I had long ago.
It was to be more of a romantic story, but I suppose it's more of a tragic kind of end... Happy, in a sense.

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amazingly written and very well put together i love your style of crafting words to paper or in this case the inter net XD Hahahahaaa :)

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you haha thanks so much
Winchester Saltgunner

5 Years Ago

your welcome i love how your writing captivates me ;)
Wow. The first sentence is simply astounding! It's not exactly romantic, like you said, but I got the message nonetheless. Love has no boundaries for these two lovebirds and their one lost sense didn't stop them from loving each other... Very catastrophic, yes, but romantic in a way. I really, really liked this story, Honor. I believe you can go very far with this. I love your descriptions (:

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

oh my, thank you so much, Mama!! that means a lot to me :) yeah, it's kind of catastrophic. i get yo.. read more

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