Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers

A Poem by R. J. North

How do you tell someone that they're the answer to your prayers?
A caged bird with clipped wings
A voice unheard
A life unseen
The demons in the room they bite and they jab
They tear at my soul until there's nothing left
They take pieces of my heart and they play for keeps
They've won this game 
I've accepted defeat
With one final plea I turned to the moon
I asked God when and he said soon
So I waited
Ever so impatiently in my corner I waited
More than watchmen wait for the morning
The water continued to fill my room
Only this time a bit more slowly
Growing weary trying to stay afloat
I guess that soon meant never
The fact is no one can swim forever
Every ounce of hurt you made me to feel
I felt it
Falling victim to the self criticisms and critiques
It overtook me
The anger the sadness the despair
I was desperate to be free
When was it my turn
When would it be me
Out of pure desperation I fell to my knees
I whispered in my defeat
God help me please
And that when I saw it
As bright as the sun and as radiant as the moon
I took one look and he was pointing to you
In my days of despair you are the outstretched hand
When I can't support myself you are my feet to stand
The umbrella for the rain
The light in the dark
You my darling are my heart
You took my hand and you called me friend
Finally a voice to be heard
That's all it took that's all I need
Like a breath of fresh air I can finally breathe
You brought me into your home and you loved me too
I know there's a God because he gave me You
How do you tell someone that they're the answer to your prayers?

© 2017 R. J. North

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I feel every line of this. Keep writing!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Well i'm not religious.
I can only advise a thank you prayer.
Great poem though.

Posted 3 Years Ago

R. J. North

3 Years Ago

Thank you(:

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Added on January 30, 2017
Last Updated on March 31, 2017