A Poem by HorHay3


Hidden in a corner,
Everything is dark.
I see the world arounf me,
But never taking part.

My friends just over look it,
I don't think they can see,
The thing inside me,
That is killing me.

It tears at my heart and soul,
Eating me alive.
Sometimes im just wishing,
That i just could die.

I want someone to notice,
See that i am there.
To hold me close and tell me,
That they really care.

Everyone's so wraped up in there life,
That all they really see is there own.

I want them to see that i am sitting here,
Confused and so alone.

I want someone to help me,
But no one seems to care.
Im wasting my life on ewishing,
That i was never here.

The pain inside is cutting me,
Like a thousand pieces of glass.
Driving deeper into my heart,
When i think about the past.

Im tired of looking in hte past,
But the future doesn't seem real.
So i will sit here,
Slowly trying to heal.
For i will always be,

© 2009 HorHay3

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i like it i litteraly cried during it some how but any way i really like it i mean the idea of some one actually coming up to me and holding me close like in the fairie tales but every ones a fake in the world but no one has ever cared about doubt any one ever will but at least people think i am happy with me little fake smile and in reality i am in the bathroom crying , dying oh how i like the idea of dying to get rid of all the pain no its not emo its its ...

Posted 12 Years Ago

hehe this is my pome =)
yay i feel so happy !!! lol

-Kronic. XD

Posted 12 Years Ago

There may be a few spelling errors but overall, I loved this piece. You took us inside your world looking out. Your feelings really resignate with this poem and it screams to your reader and those you are speaking to.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Cleveland, OH


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